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  1. AIRI Evergarden

    MATCH PROMO Second-Hand Embarrassment

    Everything appears to be falling apart. On and on. Feeling like this is the lowest point I've ever experienced. Even if I have to dismantle much of what I've constructed, the thing that terrifies me the most right now is failing in my purpose. I sense that I'm not the optimal version of...
  2. AIRI Evergarden

    AIRI Evergarden

    quick updates on a lot of things but not too much
  3. AIRI Evergarden


    Power makes pain. Power kills people. Everyone in this world has their own unique power - a power in creation, a power in protection, a power to move forward, a power to shape something, a power ... in destruction, a powerful one, an efficient power aimed at destroying something to...
  4. AIRI Evergarden

    MATCH PROMO Calamari Catch King

    Fundamental education for our humanity: the more you listen, the broader your thinking, the deeper your perspective, and the greater the benefits from your actions. I don’t consider any loss I suffered against Mig De Decker as a setback, especially when Mig himself was closer to facing...
  5. AIRI Evergarden

    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Viewfinder (Post-Match)

    After the match between Mig De Decker and AIRI Evergarden entered the scene, AIRI sat down after being defeated by Mig De Decker. She sat exhausted, took a breather, and massaged her temples with dissatisfaction over what had just happened to her today. People passed by, the muffled sounds of...
  6. AIRI Evergarden

    MATCH PROMO Heartbreaker

    Let’s be hypothetical here. If you have grown, what went down at King of Elite? Why didn't you clinch the victory? How did you let BRAE take it? Just because of his surge of energy that he had and you didn’t? If you've evolved, why are you still here duking it out with me when you could've been...
  7. AIRI Evergarden

    MATCH PROMO Lost in the Shadows

    Making a difference is futile if there's no imminent growth to metamorphose you. Admit it, this is the same man I have faced in the battle royale—no doubt about it. Confidence, attitude, focus, and ambition—all weak and low. When I asked you to respond with intelligence, it still seems like you...
  8. AIRI Evergarden

    MATCH PROMO Heat Seeker

    I've taken a moment to look back and capture everything that has occurred in my career so far. Sad to admit, the opposition took the initiative. Perceived superiority over things often results in a defeat that occurs in the blink of our eyes. Overconfidence becomes the silent adversary in this...
  9. AIRI Evergarden


    Got the deadline wrong, apologies for my imprecision.
  10. AIRI Evergarden


    Seed of inspiration that I am has kept on growing to bring their true selves to the forefront of their abilities. My match against Ms. Extreme is yet another proof of what occurred, telling no lies that slipping through my tongue. Once she proved to me that she wasn't what I had initially said...
  11. AIRI Evergarden

    MATCH PROMO War That Never Ended

    Divinity visited me in a dream that night. They told me it wasn’t my end. They told me death was not yet prepared for me. AIRI stands tall in front of the camera with half of her face veiled as she gazes stoically into the camera before a burst of white light streams passing her, displaying...
  12. AIRI Evergarden

    MATCH PROMO Pro Wrestling AIRI

    Time keeps passing by. All I receive is the same admiration that I have earned throughout my life. That’s life. That’s what makes AIRI Evergarden the greatest. One person told me that I am talented and respects me for what I have done. Another person told me that they can't deny me. Others...
  13. AIRI Evergarden

    MATCH PROMO Messenger of Yahweh

    Voltage remains Voltage, a constant fixture that doesn't warrant much consideration from us all. Moving on to what somewhat matters, if you don't rely on talents that all just a motley crew of people cohabiting and sounding like a hamlet of trailer park living hillbillies. Showdown. I have the...
  14. AIRI Evergarden

    MATCH PROMO Lapis Philosophorum

    Among these three brands, Voltage is evidently the worst. A dearth of stellar talents. A scarcity of sagacity in decision-making. Considering we have Captain Charisma up there, it's no doubt why no Voltage talent will win and cast disrespect upon the name of the Extreme Enigma. Luis De La...
  15. AIRI Evergarden


    ? Who are you? Do I know you? Who is this? Who is the person that just spoke my name? Were they supposed to be in this competition, or did they lose in delusion? Where did they come from? There were 19 competitors in this match, but was this person even part of it? No memories linger in my...
  16. AIRI Evergarden

    MATCH PROMO MITSU is a lolicon

    75 hours have passed. A very few out of 19 elitists have been able to bother me with what they have to say. None of them speak with meaningful substance, sense or quality to me. Pathetic, yet laughable. What else there to talk about? Surely not any entitled lowlife that can’t keep my name...
  17. AIRI Evergarden

    MATCH PROMO Notice Me, AIRI-Senpai

    That’s why I am here. One truly disheartening aspect of this competition is that I'm the only grown woman in this match discussing adultery and getting things precisely in the place where they're supposed to be. That's why we have to finish college, get a job in office, make a family, or...
  18. AIRI Evergarden

    MATCH PROMO Mirror's Edge

    God. Was it real? For the first time in my life, I find myself running through the wires and landing on the hard, cold reality that hits me in the neck with a loud click in my head. It makes me understand why people doubt me and why what I have been promising and saying is now starting to...
  19. AIRI Evergarden


    This is why the land of the elite is so much different? I love competition. My thoughts on Milli Banks have yet to change, but even so, there's something I'll give to Milli Banks. I thank her for proving to me that the land of the elite isn't just a place for all the timorous weaklings. One...