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  1. Sally

    EAW Christmas Gift Game!

    I don't know but TLA gives me the vibe of being a car enjoyer, so maybe the classic one Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider 1961! It matches his vibe, si si amigo.
  2. Sally

    If your character was real, where would he or she work?

    I don't know, maybe TJPW/Stardom. CZW works too, same as ECW and ROH, in the past.
  3. Sally

    AMA: bea valentine/BRAE

  4. Sally

    Pic Base Game

    ...Lyra Valkyria?
  5. Sally

    Pic Base Game

    Billie Kay!!
  6. Sally

    Road to Redemption 2023 Prediction Thread

    Voltage's Extreme Elimination Chamber for EAW World Championship Drake King (c) vs. Cameron Ella Ava vs. TLA vs. Mr. Wrestling XIX vs. Jack Ripley Dynasty's Extreme Elimination Chamber for EAW World Heavyweight Championship Bronson Daniels (c) vs. SOSA Henderson vs. Jake Smith vs. Myles vs. Jay...
  7. Sally

    MATCH PROMO Everything you say will be used against you in court!!!! - (RTR #2)

    Hm, ladies and gentlemen, this case requires an empty court for all this tomfoolery said that is impregnating my office. Mhm, ja! Koreckt! That's right... Let's take a deep look at this, and see the side of the accusers. CASE NUMBER ONE, RORY JULIA MARIETTA SLATE-MACHINA Y ASOCIADOS. DUN DUN...
  8. Sally

    MATCH PROMO The Sally's children, experiences, personas... - RTR #1

    THE COMEDIAN PERSONA... Clusterfuck, now the Elimination Chamber. Do I really have to do what I did before? I won a match full of idiots once, I can do it again and you KNOW I can. It's not because Rory beat me in one that was worthless that that says much. I should really put my all into a...
  9. Sally

    MATCH PROMO Average virgin Rory beta fan vs. average chad Sally alpha enjoyer, choose your side (Dynatsy #1)

    Another week, another victory, Lilith, stop pulling arguments out of your anus that you can beat me, shit them in your own hand and eat them! They don't concern me, and I've had enough of you playing games in the ring, very badly done, with your skills that I can reverse even with my eyes...
  10. Sally

    "Very Spooky, Very Sane" Zaraguzen

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:
  11. Sally

    MATCH PROMO The game of seven errors - (Voltage #1)

    oi! it was supposed to be "colorful girl". i apologize if this sounded like other thing... wasn't my intention.
  12. Sally

    MATCH PROMO The game of seven errors - (Voltage #1)

    When I was a child I loved the "Game of Seven Errors", it's very simple. There are two ALMOST identical pictures and you have to see the slightest differences, the mistakes, mark them. At the end of the seven mistakes, you've found them all and seen that the images really aren't the same as they...
  13. Sally

    MATCH PROMO Kindness begets kindness, apparently that's not true around here - (Voltage #2)

    It's amazing how nobody in this company has a shred of respect, not even for a mere ant walking across the floor. Hehe, who am I kidding? Kindness begets kindness, healthy title swaps don't matter to fans, viewers, commentators, the media... Nobody wants to see good people reigning supreme, they...
  14. Sally

    MATCH PROMO I love you so much that it hurts - (Voltage #1)

    Dun dun... Duuun... Dun... Kassidy Heart, how I love pronouncing that name and how the meeting of the R and the T sounds magical, how the name HEART is a perfect bait of what you really are, a woman like a rabid dog inside the ring, it's like I'm in the pitbull meme "Princess Heart" and I'm a...
  15. Sally


    PICBASE CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Sally

    MATCH PROMO ... What a disappointment! - (Dynasty #2)

    I don't really know if it was a disappointment, I mean, you couldn't have been more predictable with all this talk. So I guess it's not that disappointing, not least because there wasn't even time for me to create a spark of expectation about you. Fun fact, honey, don't get your hopes up about...