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  1. Sarah Price

    MATCH PROMO The only "Jones" I respect is Alun | Voltage 1

    I don’t get it. I have a lot of mixed feelings in my heart when I look back at the Voltage Main Event. Sure, at the end of the day, a win is a win but as I’ve learned from my short time in EAW there are always multiple implications when it comes to the outcome of a match and it’s not always a...
  2. Sarah Price


    @Sierra Bradford Your turn now
  3. Sarah Price


    Happy Birthday!
  4. Sarah Price

    MATCH PROMO Clearing the air | Voltage 1

    A lot of things to say, but let’s go in order. First of all I’m going to start with the thing I am NOT going to address nor entertain in any way. I don’t mind the interference, I don’t mind the dirty tactics, I don’t mind the edgy promos, but when rape and abuse are hinted, in any way, shape or...
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    You are a very evil man and you will get what's coming to you.
  6. Sarah Price


    I can't help but wonder... What did Visual Prophet mean when he mentioned Drake having pictures of myself on his phone? :unsure:
  7. Sarah Price

    MATCH PROMO PhD in Tomfoolery - Voltage 2

    Bethany Blue talked about Coronavirus. Get it? It’s because she is a doctor and the Coronavirus is a disease? Ha! How original and cool is that! It would be original if it wasn’t for the fact that literally half the roster already claimed their opponents are the human equivalent of the COVID 19...
  8. Sarah Price

    MATCH PROMO Hypocrite - Voltage 1

    People have been asking me how I feel after what happened at Shock Value. Well, let’s get the physical aspect out of the way first. You could argue that given the fact that I am an Elitist, my physical well being would be my first concern. In that regard, I am fine. I can proudly say I survived...
  9. Sarah Price

    MATCH PROMO Ready. | Shock Value 2

    The scene opens inside Sarah Price’s apartment. She can be seen fiddling around with a bowl of water, in the middle of her living room. The room is very quiet as the only sound that can be heard is from the TV screen, that is showing a generic comedy show. After carefully placing the bowl of...
  10. Sarah Price

    MATCH PROMO Shock Value 1 | It's a good thing that you don't care about this match. You won't care about losing either

    Oh Jalyn, you are absolutely right, I am nothing but a “bump” on your road to Grand Rampage. But trust me, this “bump” is going to hurt you. A lot. The BIGGEST match of my EAW Career You heard me. This is the biggest match of my career in EAW. It’s crazy when you think about it because it...
  11. Sarah Price

    SASS: Sierra and Sarah Supergirls!

    ELITE ANSWERS WRESTLING CONTRACT BASIC INFORMATION Team Name: SASS Sierra and Sarah: SuperGirls! Team Members: Sierra Bradford, Sarah Price Picture Base of Each Member: Tegan Nox, Liv Morgan Combined Weight: 251 lbs. TEAM INFORMATION Team Disposition/Alignment: Pure Babyface | Face |...
  12. Sarah Price

    MATCH PROMO Denied. | Voltage 2

    “Hey Sarah, you should try and be a little more mean in your promos…” … Slow the heck down. First of all, where was this energy in your previous promo? Where was this animal rage you are showing now? Have I awoken The Grizzly Bear in you? It feels like two completely different...
  13. Sarah Price


    I know a lot of Fans are wondering why the SASS Tag Team page isn’t up yet on the EAW Website... I AM WORKING ON IT ALRIGHT!!?! IT’S COMING SOONTM
  14. Sarah Price

    MATCH PROMO Stop right there, brute! The PG Patrol says you are under arrest for Excessive Spookiness! | Voltage 1

    Sarah Price is caught by the cameras as she is casually walking down the streets of London. A reporter stops her to ask a few questions and she promptly takes off her sunglasses and gets ready to answer them. Reporter Miss Price. Any comments on your match from last week? Sarah Price I’ve...
  15. Sarah Price

    Jake's Sig Sweatshop

    (Only if you have time) Graphic Type: Signature Picbase/Render(s): Tegan Nox & Liv Morgan Text: SASS: Sierra & Sarah Supergirls Additional Text: PG Patrol to the rescue! Color Scheme: Surprise me :)
  16. Sarah Price

    MATCH PROMO Rome wasn't built in a day | Voltage 2

    The scene opens inside the EAW Performance Center, as Sarah Price and Sierra Bradford are spending some time training together. The gym is pretty much empty and the only people who are still training are the two SASS members and an EAW trainer. Sierra Bradford Real tag teams like Fire & Ice and...
  17. Sarah Price

    MATCH PROMO Voltage 1 | Stepping up

    Sarah Price walks in the old Recording Studio in which she recorded The Shortfuse PAKA Diss Track, now a Worldwide hit and the most played track on Spotify in 2019. She’s met with the owner, an old man who looks like he just had a drink or two. DJ Mike Sarah! So good to see you! Sarah...
  18. Sarah Price


    Sierra lost at KOE but I won at FG so we could say... it's a draw for SASS? :unsure: Not bad, I'll take it
  19. Sarah Price

    A hell of a ride.

    I am terribly sorry to hear what happened. I wish the best for you and your family. I hope to see you again in the future.
  20. Sarah Price

    Oliver Queen