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  1. Katheryn Wicked

    MATCH PROMO Too many rules - Voltage #1 8/4

    Smiling as the camera begins filming we see Katheryn Wicked sitting in a dark corner. In her laps rests the head of Melissa her captive for the last couple weeks. katheryn pets Melissa as the abuse woman surprisingly smiles and let's of a soft moan. Looking down at Melissa Katheryn grins wider...
  2. HellFighter

    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT "Taking Your Victories As They Come."

    (The scene opens inside the hotel room in New Orleans, Louisiana where "Invincible" Miho Li lays on her big queen sized bed looking up at the ceiling. The eighteen year old rookie rising star is wearing a long black nighty t-shirt that has on the front "It sucks to be under 21", and big large...
  3. HellFighter

    MATCH PROMO "It's Time To Finally Be...THE TROUBLE SEEKER" (PFP#4)

    (The scene opens inside the master media control room of what will ultimately run all of the links and camera at EAW's Free-Per-View event Pain For Pride VII live this weekend at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA.) (There appears to be no one inside at the moment except for one familiar...