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  1. "The Mastodon" Mercer McKay

    MATCH PROMO Don't Look too Far Ahead, Because This Isn't Done Yet. (Dynasty #5)

    *The scene begins.* "It's only been an hour, slow down.... It's been two days, hurry up." - "What proves that I'm ignorant?" "If you respond to me that means I'm right!" - What a baseless thing to say. That is not the checkmate that you think it is. It's a thinly veiled straw man, like...
  2. "The Mastodon" Mercer McKay

    MATCH PROMO The Fatal Four (Dynasty #1)

    *The scene opens with Mercer rubbing on his neck in the locker room backstage as he recovers from his match with Jay Jerry Johnson.* Jay, you said that we would likely never meet in the ring again, but after tonight I beg to differ. You see, I know for a fact that I sent a shock through your...