MATCH PROMO ᵢ'ₘ ₐ Fᵤcₖᵢₙg Wₐₗₖᵢₙg ₚₐᵣₐdₒₓ ( House of Glass: Fatal 4 Way ) #001

Rory Slate

Better than your favorite and the best.

The shot would suddenly be revealed as we saw Rory Slate sitting back on a black steel chair with her arms crossed, obviously looking unbothered as usual. Once Rory had seen the cameraman begin to back up, she’d lean forward in order to ask a question.

Are we on?

After receiving a nod and a thumbs up, Rory would lean back as she simply looked at the camera and began to speak.

It has been awhile since I could say that I’ve wrestled in an EAW ring and I’ll be proud to say that I didn’t miss it at all. It was fine I guess, being able to roam around on my own time and pull some strings; hell, I even learnt a couple more things about my opponents in this match up, isn’t that great? It’s no question that this match is probably the one that means the most to me and every other woman involved with it, it’s a contest about who wants it more. We’ve got a champion and two hungry challengers, I say two because Delilah Rose doesn’t deserve to have this spot anyway, but I’ll get into that later. Ever since I got here, the odds have never been in my favor, as you can see, two competitors in this match have already beaten me. And, no, it’s not Milli Banks, surprise, surprise. Bea Valentine and Delilah Rose beat me at the start of my EAW career here, yeah it was last season but they proceed to shove it down our throats, almost to the point where nobody gives a shit anymore. What, they use that thing to get an edge on me? It just reminds me about the person who I was and now the person that I am, someone who is questionably ahead of the two of you. Whilst you guys moved on to do your own thing, I did the same and during that time, I got better, better to the point where it began to become a “flex” if you beat me but you guys are over here still flaunting that win, what jokes. I mean, in this instance, Valentine…it almost makes perfect sense. It was both of our debuts here, thus meaning that it was probably important for you and what not, your brand too so I don’t know whether you were sleeping with the referee or creative was sniffin’ your shorts, I said it once and I’ll say it again, that shit was rigged in your favor. But like I said, that was in the past so it doesn’t really matter to me, it doesn’t relate to what I do currently. However, when you shift the focus over to Delilah…I don’t know whether it’s because you barely have any notable wins to your name or whether it’s because you’re begging for the attention but you decide to act as if you’re on a higher level than me when you only beat me on a Fight Grid, you yourself said it was just a Fight Grid card so why do you use it every time my name is mentioned? Are you obsessed with me? What, you wanna get to know me more or something? You wanna be my puppy or something, so I can feed you snacks like biscuits and tea? You keep using that when we cross paths…as if I haven’t bitched you every time we’ve faced off since then. It’s a pathetic excuse for you to look more threatening but it’s more cowardly, this is all a shame, I think we could have worked well together since we almost have the same ideas as each other but it turns out, you’re just shit. What am I meant to do with that?

I’m already on the topic of a failure like you, so how about I just continue with what I’m saying about you.

Sure, you may have started off on the right route but man, you just can’t stop disappointing. Even if opportunities are thrown at your feet, you still manage to fuck everything off. Why? Because you’re delusional and you can’t back it up. Throughout this rivalry, you’ve been talking shit as if you have room to talk but you don’t, who exactly do you think you are? You’re not the main person, people didn’t come to see you, in fact, I’m more confident that people came to see Valentine. You’re the crumbs of the pizza, nobody and I mean NOBODY in the world views you as somebody who should be above me, in fact, we’re so alike that I consider you to be my spare parts, do you know what that means? It means that if I get broken, somebody will be there to rip you apart in order to fix me, what I’m basically saying is that you’re useless. The more you keep mentioning that one match as if you won the damn lottery, the more I realise that I helped you get to the spot that you’re currently at. If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn't even be in this match, so thank me for it. I don’t think you understand this so allow me to make things clearer, I know the British tend to be slower. When it comes to the rising Elitists here, the “New Breed” if you will, you are not amongst that list. Kudos to you, I didn’t expect to last so long in the wild, but in doing so, you’ve gained a reputation. A reputation for being nothing more but a slacking, lazy, delusional and all the more stupid fake ass bitch. If you’re not on the list of the rising Elitists, then where exactly are you, you’re on a whole ‘nother level to us if I’m being honest. Too bad, that level is a couple feet below! This is not a movie and this is not a music, you don’t get to waltz in here and sing as if you’re some dumbass, you don’t carry any essence of a villain, you’re just a side character. It’s funny that you even carry the generic “Final Boss” nickname, I used to wear that one too like a badge of honor and then I realised that it made no sense when I was losing matches and it only meant something when you had a title to your name. I’m not even sure whether you had that name before we crossed paths, I assumed you just took it from me which I’m completely fine with, you can keep it. Like…three other people who have more worth than you are using that nickname too, so continue standing out with that, it’s doing you well. Although I find myself agreeing with you from time to time, it means absolutely nothing, nothing at all. I will step on you even get a chance to put in any offence. Times have changed, and you’ll realise that very soon. Bea was right about you, you’re not built for this and to be fair, you never were, I don’t know whose idea it was to bring you in here because clearly, they deserve a slap to the face for it. You’re a placeholder in this match, someone who’s going to be used to either take the pin, pass out or tap out or get the living shit beaten out of you. You’re a joke, you don’t deserve this platform, I’ll be surprised if you even post two videos during the build up to this, that’s how much of a joke you are. You know what I hate the most about you, it’s not even the fact that you're so delusional because I know that’s meant to be your thing. You're egotistical when you’re really horrible at wrestling and promos and all that trash, yup, seen it before. It’s the fact that you don’t even deserve to be so delusional, I do because I have feats and I can also back up my shit, I haven’t seen one new breed who has the amount of balls and courage to go up to a legend and slap them in the face, not one! I not only embarrass my opponents verbally to the point where they act as if their feelings are not hurt and they start targeting my “attitude” as if I came to play nice, but I also kick their asses which leaves them in more of a horrible mood.

As far as I’m sure, you’ve done none of that and you will continue to do none of that. All you will ever be is a footnote and if you survive here long enough in order to not become a victim of catering, you’d probably end up being enhancement talent which would still get you paid. Whatever the outcome is for this match, I’d just be glad if I get to rough you up at least once or twice. You’ve always had my name in your mouth so I’d shoot insults your way in return, well I’m here now, so try and come up with something new instead of using the fact that you “BeAT mE On FIGhT gRid”. Think smarter this time around and try not to be so…boring. I mean, at this point, we have to stop calling you “The Final Boss” and we’re better off calling you “The Random Brit” because that’s your gimmick, you’re just a boring British girl. This to me looks like a Triple Threat, you’re not somebody that I have to look out for during this match…you’re just sort of there. So in conclusion, fuck your social stream followers fuck the people who betted for you in this match and more importantly, fuck you for EVER thinking that you have a chance at becoming a champion here. Now be a good Brit and put on an excessive amount of makeup, put on them huge fake eyebrows and go be an embarrassment to society.

Let’s keep things rolling, Bea Valentine. I mean, it’s obvious here that we can’t ignore what happened at Voltage can we? What happened to your aura, I was expecting to see the same Valentine who went through a “warzone” with Valerie Hellstorm. My fingers were crossed that, that dangerous side of you wouldn’t come out that night and fortunately for me, you went down, a little too easily than I expected. But then I remembered that you had to throw Hellstorm off a cell in order to beat her whereas I had to just put her down with a move and pin her. Good stuff though, I had front tickets to that shit and although it didn’t seem like it, you weren’t completely that bad that night but you weren’t exactly so great either. If you were great, you would have walked out in the win but boohoo, you’ll get ‘em next time, right? You can’t win them all because if you did, then you’d probably be a champion already but what’s new this time? Last time we faced off, you acted all two faced and tried going for the little embarrassing “losing my marbles” act. Now you’ve got the black and white and I’m assuming that you’re trying to be posh or something? Am I missing the memo here or are you just speed running through ideas at this point? You’re an unpredictable woman so especially now, I take the time to watch the full thing, no matter what comes out of your mouth but this time around, I was surprised. Not at the fact that it was great but you were making sense for the very first time since you’ve got here. You’re finally doing the thing that you said you’ve been doing for a long time now and that’s speaking the truth…well minus the times that you said you’ll win, I think that’s bull but other than that, some great stuff. That loss that you handed me during our first match together, it stuck with me, it stuck with me for a little longer than I had hoped for. I knew at the end of the night that I shouldn’t let it defy who I am but it stayed with me for like two months until I decided to forget about it all one morning, I pushed past it, like I said before, you can’t win it all. Now I’m back on this brand, how poetic that we switched brands and now you’re in my old one and I’m in your old one A.K.A the brand where I had my first official match for in EAW. Now let’s talk about Michael because I know that you guys are usually high on life for him right now, every time I show up, you decide to comment on him as if he’s even involved in the match. I’m sure that in recent memory, not once has he tried to come down the ring and help me during my matches, he doesn’t need to and he knows that he doesn’t need to. He understands how much these matches mean to me, he knows that the only reason why I talk too much, is because I can back it up and I will. He has NOTHING to do with these matches, he’s only in your guys mouths so dang much because you’re either jealous or because he's a machine and I’m…not? But I’ll give you credit where credit is due, Bea, you’ve improved. You beat me at my worst but it made sense because you were “at your worse” too, but now let’s see where we’re at today. Neither of us are at our worst and I can’t say that both of us are at our best either, so let’s see where we fair up now. Show me my flaws, show me what I lack in the ring, try to break me down, attempt to beat the shit out of me, I’ll even give you a free hit at the start of the match, I might as well let you cheat and hit me with a steel chair whilst the referee has his back turned because let’s face the facts here, whatever you try to throw at me, I’ve probably already gone through it and I’m going to do what I know that I can do and I’m going to keep pushing forward. What you have done with yourself is amazing and great and all but, the funny thing is…all of that could just fade away. All of the hard work, that determination and that drive can get lost just by the snap of the fingers and what’s so bone chilling about it all is that you can’t determine your fate. There’s three other people in the ring, one wants to retain her championship, one wants this more in the world and the other is just there for decoration at this point. Those members in the ring, they stand at each corner and they’re ready to do anything and I mean, absolutely anything in order to hold the championship in their hands and get their arm raised. This isn’t a game about what you want, it’s a game about skill and technique, it’s also about studying who you’re up against and I can tell that you do have skill, you do have the technique and you do your homework before your matches. But for someone who has known you before this all, there isn’t anything that I have to really do, you’re just feeding more shit in the build-up for this match, more things to go by, more mental notes to take. Your character is only sending more info up there. I feel as if you have a future here, you’ll go down in the Hall of Fame as one of the opponents that I’ve beaten and then maybe Delilah and Milli can shuffle in right beside you. I was never in the right place at the right time and quite frankly, I blame you for making my Season Sixteen so shitty, that loss made me seem like a joke, somebody who will disappear after a few weeks under the shining lights of the big stage. You are right, I WAS gifted idiots to beat down so that’s why I decided to give myself a little challenge, that is one of the reasons why I did what I did to Camille, I was looking for a fight. You crawled through the trenches, that’s terrific, amazing even but have you even thought about what I have been through to get here? I had to lie about my own age in order to get my first match for a couple of bucks, I was never taken seriously, in the beginning of it all, I had to try and teach myself how to learn the ropes. And what? You think that just because you managed to climb your way to the top and had a great match with Hellstorm, that you’ve earned the right to call yourself a champion? PIPE DOWN. I had to bend rules in order to get a match worth fighting for, I almost did all of that for no reason because my ass almost had to wrestle a Bra and Panties match, do you know how stupid that is? My career was almost ruined by the hands of the people who watch this product. Thank GOD, he was listening to my prayers and we did a First Blood match. Even then, I faced off Camille in practically her own environment, anything goes, hardcore, which is something that I used to go by. Unluckily for me, there was no pinning or submitting, I had to bleed which was inevitable. At least I earned the people’s respect, at least I went out there and did my job but the next event had me stringed below you, I wasn’t even going to PARTICIPATE in Territorial Invasion, it was only by LUCK. If I hadn't done what I did to Camille, I don’t think I’d even be here. So think again about challenges, think again about me being handed losers. I didn’t choose the dang match, I only got chosen for it and it was bad news for them because I messed up their path for a free title shot. People might not be betting for you during this matchup but I can’t say that most are betting for me either, it’s been a recurring tale in my time of professional wrestling and I’ve learnt to deal with that, in fact, my first half of this season was in order for me to prove those doubters wrong. You had everyone hopping on Camille as if she was fucking Christ reborn whereas I had one man in my corner and that was Michael.

A lot of people have their money on Banks which makes me want to prove myself more. You may have your sob story, your wishes and your dreams but this means way too much to mean and I’m not afraid of crushing your hopes so don’t get them too high. I’m being completely serious when I say that I’m willing to kill for this. You may be Bea Valentine and you may love being that person but being Rory means so much more than that because I’m not just a “person”, everything that comes out of my mouth, comes from me because I’m not a character. Whether I use this “stage name” or not, what you see is what you get and I don’t change in front of people because I’m not two faced, I’m honest. Now you may envy who I am and what spot I’m at but trust me, you’ll be just fine staying who you are, remember, you’re on Voltage: there’s a lot of free ass to kick on that brand. You gotta be prepared to die for this because it’s a long way down, the mountain you’re climbing and maybe I’ll be lucky this time around, maybe this last rock will hit the target and knock you off to your failure.

Milli Banks. The champion. My Ex tag team partner for one match. The most dominant champion currently in this company and good for you, this just means that it will mean more when I rightfully beat you. Don’t you remember how things went last time we stood against each other in that ring, that one tag match? You guys did the only thing that we all knew you’d do; and that’s cheat. You guys knew that you couldn’t win so Drake had to whip out his little rich ring and hit Mike in the head with it, yeah…it was cute and cool. But when you’re on your own, in a ring with three other people, there is no cheating. You can’t do it, I don’t think it’s physically possible, so how exactly are you going to win this one? Even if Delusional Rose doesn’t do something, how can you expect to take this victory? Bea and I are ready to go and we want this, we’ve proven before and now only one of us can prove it when it comes to this match. But I’m going to keep things real and not hide behind a façade and try to please you but I respect you and everything that you’ve done here. I see myself as a modern day legend and you may disagree because you think that I’m just some egotistical wrestler but quite frankly, I don’t care about that. I got here in order to break the stigma, despite any challenges and despite any controversies, I’ve risen above them all and I have gotten here. You’re going to have to try and dig deep with your whole entire life if you want to stop me, let alone two others in this match. But no matter what, this Saturday…October 21st, not only will I give you your rightful break but when I rip that championship off of you, I’m ripping all of that respect, grit, power, wealth, blood, sweat and tears that you have put, given and taken both in the game and out of it, off your plate.

There will be no doubt that Rory Slate was always meant to be in this spot, it’s just a matter of time before it happens. Good luck to both Milli and Valentine. Rose sucks and swallows.


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