‘The One Who Left It All Behind’ Shisui Tategami

Shisui Tategami

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Kyoto , Japan


Wrestling Name: Shisui Tategami
Picture Base: Ketuyori Shibata
Current Nicknames: The Banished Devil , The One Who Left It All Behind ( primary )
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 6’0
Weight: 180 lbs
Hometown: Kyoto , Japan


Deposition/ Alignment: He’s an anti hero like character with a heel lean , he’s cold and calculating believing that the only way to make statements is to brutally beat his opposition leave no loose ends he blurs the lines between what’s good and what’s not leaving a gray moral area.


Shisui comes from a well rounded wrestling family with some of the best names in the business over where she is in Japan as they have carved out a legacy for themselves over in Japan. His mother and father both have raised her together in Kyoto where she was training within her dojo to live up to her family name but facing mounting pressures from her family more so her strict father who only wanted the best out of her pushing her to her limits on a weekly basis to live up to the standards of his family name the pressure was getting to him. He wanted to become a professional wrestler. It was what he always wanted to do but his father was driving a wedge between them pushing him too hard. Things would eventually boil over between them which would result in a fight between the son and the father with the mother being in the middle wanting to defend her child as she was the softer parent. Things would come to blows and Shisui was banished by his father from the rest of the family until he made his family name proud wrestling in EAW.

Now being banished from his family until proven worthy , he’s out on his own looking to make his way to America leaving home looking to set out on his journey as a professional wrestler and prove his family wrong not doing this for them but more so for himself with his past experiences and the people he loved in his life pushing him too far they wanted to treat him like a devil then he’s gonna act like a devil.


Theme music:
‘Psycho CEO’ by Yeat

Special Entrance: When he makes his entrance to the lights go off for a moment as it focuses on the entrance stage as the light shines down on Shisui as he then makes his way down to the ring followed by pyro on the side with a cold and stern demeanor on his face as he makes his way for his next match.


After being disavowed and banished by his own family Shisui’s main motivation is to succeed for himself and not for them , he doesn’t believe in the idea of fighting for others approval and he doesn’t believe in the need to appease others if he was never accepted in the first place. Him coming to EAW and setting out on a path of his own not wanting to succeed for his family after what they’ve done to him he’s fully determined and motivated to want to prove them wrong and stick to them where it hurts. But with the past experiences with his family he wants to take great pleasure in hurting his opponents and all who oppose him with his Japanese strong style prowess and technical proficiency in the ring. He’s an individual who respects the mat and the ring and he believes it should be honored and respected by doing battle to the death. He has no issue in being the one to brutally beat and make his opposition submit to him, cross him and see what happens.



Pure wrestling matches , strong style matches , kings road.

Any match type with weapons he doesn’t believe in the use of wrestling to respect the sport , but he’ll use them if he has no other choice.

He is the weapon.



  1. Turnbuckle powerbomb​
  2. Curb stomp​
  3. Thrust Pump Kick​
  4. Discuss Clothesline​
  5. Spear​
  6. Japanese Destroyer​
  7. Sharpshooter​
  8. Snap Tiger Suplex​
  9. Package Piledriver​
  10. Sit Out Piledriver​
  11. Spinning Tombstone Piledriver​
  12. Detonation Kick​
  13. Minchnoku Driver​
  14. Discuss Clothesline​
  15. Anaconda Vise​
  16. Rings Of Saturn​
  17. Diving Double Foot Stomp​
  18. Eat Defeat​
  19. Discuss Big Boot​
  20. Clothesline From Hell​
  21. Rebound Lariat​
  22. Ground Mounted Punches​
  23. Knee Trembler​
  24. Powerbomb Lungblower​
  25. Lumbar Check​

Signature Moves:
  1. Penalty Kick ( Blade Of Wind )​
  2. Fastball Punch ( Serious Punch )​
  3. Springboard OsCutter ( Izanagi )​
  4. Corner Meteora ( Kagutsuchi)​
  5. Shotgun Dropick ( Getsuga Tenshou )​

Finishing Moves:
  1. The Hidden Blade ( Totsuka Blade )​
  2. Corner Running Spear ( Yata Mirror )​
  3. Kinshasa ( True Death )​
  4. UF. Tiger Driver 91 ( Kotoamatsukami)​


He doesn’t discriminate when it comes to in ring competition whether you are a man or a woman you’ll be defeated by him just the same. He holds a strong resentment for his family and anyone else who may doubt his undying will. His motivations are clear and to the point he’s a goal oriented individual as well as a vengeful one. He’s learning to harness and control his emotions as he’s become more tranquil but still cold at the same time.

Shisui sometimes lets his emotions get the better of him which could lead him flying off the handle in a fit of rage and anger which could be a detriment to him in certain circumstances. Either he’ll harness that anger and frustration which could guide him to a victory or he’ll lose control and hurt his opponent but this instance may happen every so often not all the time. But with the time he’s spent away currently as taught him to be more tranquil with his emotions now realizing there’s a time and a place for everything.

Shisui is a very cold individual he trusts very few people , with his heart blackened he really feels no remorse for any of his opposition. He prides himself on his pure in ring skill and choice of ring style he may be an individual driven on revenge and anger but he’s a smart individual as well who knows his way around the ring.

Zuko - His backstory is similar to Zuko’s in a sense with the banishment and how he uses it as a source of motivation to carve his own destiny not one thrust upon him.

Eren Yeager - How he’s determined and doesn’t quit with his intensity and cold like rage guiding him every step of the way. He’s cerebral and physiological in a sense.

Toji Fushiguro - He epitomizes Shisui’s mindset of altering him from a once compassionate and caring person to somebody who will dispatch of anyone who stands in his way.

Megumi Fushiguro - Showing Shisui’s potential to succeed with his persistence and thoughtful thinking when not provoked or driven to a certain point.

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