MATCH PROMO “I Do My Own Stunts, Hunnid Homcho With It!” - RTR #2


The Lyrical Miracle
Chicago, Illinois
“Honcho turns on his phone, as he begins to record vertically. He begins to react to all the harsh and mean words said by his opponents at Road To Redemption. As Honcho finishes up the last video, he grabs a liter of coke from his fridge as he takes a sip from it. He stands up and looks at the camera. As he looks at the camera, he burps and begins to speak.”

Honcho: GAH DAMN! Y’all are some mean mothafuckas! I thought we was gone have a friendly competition up in this bitch, but nah. Y’all wanna be rude and shut, hurt my feelings, and worst of all… insult MY music? Nah; FUCK Y’ALL! FUCK HARLEY LEWIS, FUCK HOLLY ARROW, FUCK ABEL ATAMI, FUCK HARPER LEE… and I guess fuck Veena Adams and shit… All I can really tell all five y’all haters is a few words.

“Honcho clears his throat as he turns around having his back face the camera as he bends over and he begins to speak.”

Honcho: Y’all can all kiss my big fat juicy voluminous bubble butt and go to hell! Come Road To Redemption I’m going to make sure the whole world learns to go to @HunnidHoncho and…


“Honcho heads towards his phone as he slips from a banana peel left over from his Halloween bash as his phone falls on his face and the screen fades to black.”

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