✩ "Miss No Fucks Given" Harlow Reichert

Harlow Reichert

⭐💫 Miss No Fucks Given 💫⭐


Wrestling Name: Harlow Reichert
Picture Base: Indi Hartwell
Current Nicknames: Miss No Fucks Given
Height: 5’10’’
Weight: 135 lbs.
Hometown: Christchurch, New Zealand
Residing: Pensacola, Florida


Disposition/Alignment: Tweener, but kinda leans more towards being an edgy heel now
Gimmick: Someone like Harlow doesn't need a gimmick per say. She is just a wrestler's wrestler. She's ready to move past all the bullshit, both personally and professionally, and focus on her career. In Harlow's opinion, EAW has not been kind to her. She's been jerked around by authority figures on multiple occasions, and her own shortcomings inside the ring, coupled with numerous injuries, has definitely left her jaded and frustrated at the very best of times. In the past, she has always been to brush off a big-time loss and move forward, but that has seemingly gotten be a little bit harder for her. She's put a tremendous amount of pressure on herself to become the best possible wrestler she can be, which in her opinion, makes her one of the very best in the world, and she wants her results to reflect that. She comes into Season 15 fresh off a huge win at Pain for Pride alongside herself mentor turned boyfriend Xavier Williams, and is looking to make the absolute most of this Unified Tag Team Championship reign. However, even at the best of times, her attitude will still leave a lot to be desired


Theme Music: “Witches Burn" by The Pretty Reckless

Special Entrance:

(The lights inside the arena dim, and the fans fall quiet. A purple spotlight shines on the stage as ‘Witches Burn’ by The Pretty Reckless begins to play across the PA system. A mixed reaction ripples through the crowd as Harlow Reichert steps onto the stage into her own spotlight.)


(After Stephie finishes her introduction, Harlow slowly removes her sunglasses, pushing them on top of her head, and looks out at the crowd. She feigns indifference, tossing her long dark, hair off her shoulders and begins to make her way down to the ring.)


(Harlow slips inside the ring, taking a moment to savor being inside her own personal domain, and them removes her sunglasses and leather jacket. Her game face is firmly in place and there is no showboating from Miss No Fucks Given. She's ready to get down to business!)

✩ To prove herself to be the champion that she has always known herself to be, despite being pretty cynical about things. Harlow knows she is great inside the right, but the mental battle is always going to be her toughest fight.
✩ To get those big-time wins. Ultimately, Harlow wants to pursue the Universal Women's Championship and add her name to the list of powerful women who have held that championship.
✩ To continue to improve, despite already being technically well-rounded, and extremely intelligence when it comes to the sport.

Wrestling Debut: 2018
Favorite Match Types: Anything that is considered a ‘pure’ wrestling match. Harlow is a technical genius inside the ring and on the mat is where she thrives.
Least Favorite Match Types: Hardcore/Extreme matches. That type of environment definitely doesn’t suit Harlow, as she likes rules and structure.
Favorite Weapon: Harlow would never use a weapon unless she was competing in a match that called for one. Even then, it would be a last resort type of thing.
Tendency to Cheat: Never

PURE Championship ( Date Won: 12.15.2019 -- Date Lost: 03.14.2020 -- Defenses: 5 )
Unified Tag Team Championships w/ Xavier Williams ( Date Won: 06.26.2021 -- Date Lost: 00.00.0000 -- Defenses: 00 )

✩ Competed in the first ever Women’s Grand Rampage match (finished 6th)
✩ Competed in the 2019 Cash in the Vault Ladder Match at Pain for Pride XII
✩ Won the 'Special Opportunity 8-Person Elimination Match at Midsummer Massacre 2019
✩ At House of Glass 2020, Serena Bennett and Harlow became the first women to ever compete in Red Wallz when Serena successfully defended the Universal Women's Championship against Harlow.

MVE Rising Star of the Week (#155, #198, #203)
MVE Match of the Week (#170 vs. Tyler Wolfe & Constance Blevins)
MVE Promoer of the Week (#189, #210, #213)
MVE Champion of the Week (#208, #209)
MVE Most Valuable Elitist (#208, #213)
✩ Elitist of the Month (January 2020)

✩ Dropkick Variations (Standing, Running, Basement, Diving. Etc.)
✩ Running Cannonball Senton (to opponent in corner)
✩ Release Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex
✩ Double Foot Stomp (standing, or running to grounded opponent)
✩ Snap German Suplex (release, but could also bridge into pin)
✩ Rollup - Superkick Combo
✩ Corner Forearm Smash, immediately followed by a running Facebreaker onto knee.
✩ Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker
✩ Stiff Knife Edge Chops
✩ Apron Kick (Running along the apron, soccer-style kicks opponent who’s standing on the ground)
✩ Double Underhook Suplex
✩ Saito Suplex
✩ Rapid Fire European Uppercuts to a corner trapped opponent
✩ Dragon Sleeper with Body Scissors
✩ Belly-to-Back Suplex
✩ Northern Lights Suplex (sometimes rolled through and combined with a Double Foot Stomp)
✩ Springboard Back Elbow
✩ Spinning Falcon Arrow
✩ Sleeper Suplex
✩ Leaping Lariat (running, or to a running opponent)

✩ 'Sense and Sensibility' [moonsault powerslam]
✩ 'Harlow's Inferno' [spinning torture rack slam]
✩ 'The Divine Comedy' [butterfly piledriver followed by a cover (will use this to try and finish a match early)]
✩ 'As I Lay Dying' [brainbuster to the knee]
✩ 'Atonement' [backflip ddt]
✩ 'One Hundred Years of Solitude’' [leaping triangle choke]

✩ 'Les Misérables' [flying knee that will catch the opponent right under the chin, followed by a 'Twister', which is a jiu-jitsu submission finisher]
✩ 'Great Expectations' [bridging fujiwara armbar]
✩ ‘Wuthering Heights’ [corkscrew shooting star press]
UF. 'To Kill A Mockingbird’ [front flip destroyer from the apron to the floor; followed up by throwing dead weight into the ring and going for the cover]

SNZ 13 COMPETITIVE RECORD: ( W - 15 // D - 01 // L - 05 )
Showdown 07.13.2019: with Thadd Blazevich vs. The Mechanical Animals ( L )
Midsummer Massacre 07.27.2019: 8-Person Elimination Special Opportunity Match ( W )
Showdown 08.24.2019: vs. Viktor Stone ( W )
Territorial Invasion 09.22.2019: vs. Mark Michaels for the PURE Championship ( L )
Showdown 10.05.2019: vs. Xander Payne ( W )
Showdown 10.26.2019: vs. Ryan Wilson ( W )
Reasonable Doubt 11.09.2019: vs. Ryan Wilson, Shane Gates, & Shaker Jones ( W )
Showdown 11.23.2019: vs. Mr. DEDEDE for the Answers World Championship ( **CANCELLED** )
Showdown 11.23.2019: vs. Kassidy Heart ( NC )
Road to Redemption 12.15.2019: vs. Jake Smith for the PURE Championship ( W )
Christmas in Dubai 12.25.2019: vs. Sapphire Estelle & Harper Lee ( L )
Showdown 01.11.2020: vs. Shane Gates for the PURE Championship ( W )
Showdown 01.18.2020: vs. Harper Lee for the PURE Championship ( W )
Showdown 01.25.2020: vs. Shaker Jones for the PURE Championship ( W )
King of Elite 02.08.2020: vs. Jake Smith for the PURE Championship ( W )
Showdown 02.22.2020: vs. Lucas Johnson for the PURE Championship ( W )
Showdown 02.29.2020: vs. Tobias Drakkenson ( W )
Under Siege 03.14.2020: vs. Lucas Johnson, Lance Blackfyre, Jake Smith, Shane Gates, & Santo Muerte in a PURE Championship Gauntlet ( L )
Showdown 04.11.2020: vs. Alexis Chambers ( W )
Showdown 05.16.2020: vs. Mr. DEDEDE ( W )
Odyssey 05.23.2020: with Xavier Williams vs. Jake Smith & Alexis Chambers ( W )
Pain for Pride 06.26.2020: vs. Xavier Williams ( L )
SNZ 14 COMPETITIVE RECORD: ( W - 11 // D - 01 // L - 06 )
Showdown 08.22.2020: vs. Cage ( W )
Showdown 08.29.2020: vs. Lucas Johnson ( W )
Showdown 09.05.2020: vs. TLA ( W )
Voltage 09.20.2020: vs. Terry Chambers & Xander Payne ( NC )
Territorial Invasion 09.26-27.2020: with Team Showdown vs. Team Dynasty & Team Voltage ( L )
Showdown 10.03.2020: vs. Jon Kelton ( W )
House of Glass 10.24.2020: vs. Serena Bennett for the Universal Women's Championship ( L )
Reasonable Doubt 11.07.2020: vs. Andrea Valentine ( W )
Showdown 11.28.2020: vs. Candice Blair ( W )
Road to Redemption 12.12-13.2020: vs. Kasey Kaos (c), Candice Blair, Alexis Chambers, Lisa Wren, & Nina Bravo for the Specialists Championship ( L )
Showdown 01.02.2021: vs. Andrea Valentine ( W )
Showdown 01.23.2021: vs. Bashar Jackson ( W )
King of Elite 02.13-14.2021: vs. Xavier Williams ( W )
Showdown 02.27.2021: vs. Jack Ripley for the Answers World Championship ( L )
Voltage 03.14.2021: vs. with Raven Roberts vs. New Eden (Drake King & Myles) ( L )
Under Siege 03.27.2021: vs. Raven Roberts ( L )
Showdown 06.05.2021: vs. Jon Kelton ( W )
Pain for Pride 06.25-27.2021: vs. with Xavier Williams vs. IDOL-GUN (Hikari Kanno & Miku Sakai) for the Unified Tag Team Championships ( W )
SNZ 15 COMPETITIVE RECORD: ( W - 00 // D - 00 // L - 00 )
Dynasty 07.16.2021: vs. Sierra ( -- )
Dynasty 00.00.2021: vs. OPPONENT ( -- )
Operation: Doomsday 08.07.2021: with Xavier Williams vs. Lisa Wren & Kensi for the Unified Tag Team Championships ( -- )
Dynasty 00.00.2021: vs. OPPONENT ( -- )
Dynasty 00.00.2021: vs. OPPONENT ( -- )
Dynasty 00.00.2021: vs. OPPONENT ( -- )
Dynasty 00.00.2021: vs. OPPONENT ( -- )
Dynasty 00.00.2021: vs. OPPONENT ( -- )


Harlow Angelique Reichert was born on July 24th, 1996 (25-years old) in Christchurch, New Zealand to David and Marilyn Reichert. David is a former professional rugby player and Marilyn once represented New Zealand in swimming at the summer Olympics. Truth be told, Harlow was one of those accidental babies that old people have late in life because they don’t think they can get pregnant anymore. Her older brother, Aron (a professional wrestler in his own right and co-owner of Combat Church in Albany, New York), is nearly a decade older than her.

Harlow was one of those people who never really had to try in order to be good at something. She was just naturally gifted at whatever she tried. Unfortunately, Harlow never found passion in anything she tried. She always preferred books to sports, and writing to training, but pursuing writing was never really an option for Harlow. For as athletically gifted as she is, Harlow’s mind wasn’t wired to process letters and numbers. She was diagnosed with dyslexia when she was young, which made learning to read and write difficult. The struggle Harlow faced growing up learning to read is what her appreciate literature more than anything else in the world.

More often than not, Harlow would lose herself in books and blow off whatever activity she had scheduled for that day. She never bothered to get a job, or become a productive member of society, preferring to read, go out with friends, travel, and drain her trust fund. This led to a lot of problems between Harlow and her parents, and the day she turned 20, they gave her an ultimatum. David and Marilyn told Harlow she had a year to find something to do with her life, and if she didn’t, they would no longer support her in any capacity. Harlow didn’t take their threat seriously and continued to march to the beat of her own drum. The day of her 21st birthday, the Reicherts informed their daughter she had to get out of their home and they removed any and all financial ties Harlow had thanks to them.

A month or so went by, and it dawned on Aron that it had been awhile since he heard from his sister. He rang his parents and asked about her when he couldn’t get in touch with her himself, and was actually furious with them when he found out what had happened. The siblings actually got along well, despite their age difference, with Aron having a soft spot for his little sister. He spoiled her, more or less. It took a bit, but Aron finally tracked Harlow down (she had been freeloading off a bunch of mates just as carefree as she), and told her to come to Albany. Harlow as hesitant at first, but then figured why the hell not, and she moved to the States.

Aron did his best to get Harlow involved in something, but nothing really interested her. Harlow’s presence and her freeloading caused a bit of a strain between Aron and his wife, Normani (a professional wrestler as well and also a trainer at Combat Church), and Aron found himself between a rock and a hard place. Harlow is far from ignorant and knew what was happening, despite her brother not confiding in her, so Harlow went to Combat Church with them both one day just to get out of the house. Harlow was sitting in on a training class, making comments about how easy it looked, and Normani lost her temper and told Harlow that if looked so easy, then she should give it a try. Harlow shrugged and basically said okay, and took Normani down with relative ease having never been inside the ring before. Aron had watched the whole exchange and that’s when he knew that professional wrestling was his sister’s calling.

The rest is pretty much history.


✩ Harlow is extremely intelligent inside the ring. She has a high in-ring IQ, and can adapt to any situation. While she definitely prefers technical matches, and ‘PURE rules’, she has proven time and time again she can handle herself in multi-person matches and hardcore situations.

✩ Harlow will never duck anyone, or shy away from a challenge. She tackles every situation head on and to the best of her ability. It's honestly whatever for her.

✩ Harlow never showboats during matches or stops to taunt or whatever. She is a professional inside that ring, and takes every match seriously. She’s very business-like and treats the ring as a sacred place.

✩ Harlow doesn’t play games. She’s never been the type of make things personal, unless someone makes it personal with her.

✩ It takes a lot for Harlow to snap. Even in the face of extreme adversity, she usually keeps her head together. She’s extremely confident in her ability inside the ring, knowing she is capable of getting the last word there. Engaging in fist fights and whatnot might become more frequent if she feels like it would amuse her though :lupe:
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