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𝒟𝓎𝓃𝒶𝓈𝓉𝓎 | 02/23/2024

SLATE: Last time that I posted my video, I claimed that it was my final straw. Now assuming that this video is posted early, I guess this is all about me backing up both my and that point. I believe it’s been two weeks…or three, I haven’t really been able to keep count, two weeks since my face has been seen in an official match. Two weeks since I’ve been able to showcase my talents, you ask me, I think I’ve improved. It took a while but all I’ve been doing these couple of days is think. Think, think and think about what went well and where I went wrong. I’m convinced that all that talking has finally found its way into my head, I’m convinced that I’m not out there enough and I need to try harder. A while back, I said that I would but that was a dry, half-ass promise, I can barely keep those nowadays, it’s easier to lie than tell the truth and I took the easy way out. Instead of facing my issues head on, I hid away and I was afraid to get in the face of the truth because I thought I was beaten. For three hundred and twenty nine days, I’ve always felt as if somebody was against me, I wanted more of a challenge, I wanted to be the very best, I wanted to beat the best but some say that I bit off more than I could chew. For TEN months and TWENTY THREE days, I’ve been an EAW elitist and for those same ten months, I've gone through my fair share of ups and downs, ones that I shouldn’t have even gone through. I’ve fallen from grace, too quickly. I blame myself for that. Other people would’ve stopped, they would’ve packed their bags a long time ago but the thing about me is that I want more. I strive for success, I want to leave this place when I know that I’ve done more than beaten irrelevant folks and taken losses from big names. There’s nothing quite like professional wrestling, this sport feels like home to me, I don't know where I’ll be without it but am I going anywhere with it? I’m not movin’ up, I’m stuck in the same spot, struggling to succeed and it’s not a good feeling at all. After coming out on Fridays and losing over and over, where do you go? After losing to people who won’t amount to the wrestling world, where exactly do you go? I’ve done nothing but put my blame on others and whilst it isn’t their fault entirely, a part of me believes that some of it isn’t mine either. It’s about the people who think they know it all, when they barely don’t. They say whatever the hell they want to say in order to push their narrative and further hold up their useless point. It’s what they all do, all of these people are the same. I’ve been seen as somebody who is far away from reliable but all it is, is that I’m the wrong person, at the wrong place, at the wrong time. People have looked me in the eyes and they’ve told me that I wasn’t great, that convinced other people to push me down and that all just got into one big trend. Everybody hopped onto the train wagon pushing me down whilst trying to make their way up to the top. It came to the point when I wasn’t even involved with these people, I didn’t utter a single word to them but here they are, clout chasing, trying to get a couple more clips, it’s embarrassing, it’s stupid and it should’ve never turned into a thing. You want to talk about stars in this match, I get it, I’m surrounded by multiple but if you want a TRUE underdog story, take a look in my book.

I’m the one who had to put the hard work in to push myself. Whilst everyone else had it easy, people seem to forget that this wrestling life isn’t all about what goes down in the ring, that’s the half of it and that’s the more important side to this business but there’s also another side that other people don’t seem to care about. It’s part of the reason why the real me has been gone for so long, it’s part of the reason why I haven’t felt like myself. It’s up to me to dig myself out of that hole and prove that I am not the joke that people think I am. Why work hard tomorrow when I can work as hard as I possibly can today? A little while back, I claimed that it was going to be new year, new me, I don’t usually believe in all of that bullshit but I thought that it didn’t hurt to try, I’ve been stuck doing the same old shit to the point where I have to try if I want to see another day in this company. I’ve been mocked, people have been talking behind my back without saying shit to my face, if those same people have a problem with me, they can come and say it to my face or use their shitty device to get my attention or they can go ahead and bother someone else. This match…isn’t just about me, no matter how much I want it to be.

It’s about six other people. Three stars that are without a shadow of a doubt, the future of this business. But then you have KAI-ZEN.

I’m not going to go out of my way and say that these three guys are under or overrated because I don’t even think that these schmucks are rated anyway. I’ve had the chance to meet these three competitors in the ring already, Mig, I’ve seen him three times. Prince and Shinzo, I’ve only met them once. I’ve even had the pleasure of facing off against an Ex-member of the group, MITSU. How long has it been since you guys have been in this group, now? Five whole months? Five months and you guys have already thrown out one member, you guys couldn’t even last with your full faction for half a year. It’s been chopped down into something that people think is important yet the project isn’t really speaking volume to me. KAI-ZEN is like every other faction that comes and goes in this business, they make loud noises coming in, they talk all they can and do whatever the hell they please but it won’t be long until all of their asses will be seeing the door. When it comes to factions, I expect to see something new, something interesting and something that has never been done before but maybe I got my hopes up just a tiny little bit, after all, you guys had the same generic introduction that all factions have. The most important moment that you guys have had is that debut, it would’ve been the time when you beat the team of Joso, Myles, Limmy and Chris but it didn’t quite go as planned, did it? It wasn’t KAI-ZEN Sweep that night, it was a faction who got defeated by a team of real talent. It’s sad to see that the greatest night that this faction will have is when it inevitably falls apart after going nowhere for so long.

Let’s get one thing straight, nobody and I mean absolutely nobody listens to Tohru, Mig or Sasaki unless the three jackasses are standing right next to each other. Why? Because they’re completely boring by themselves, that’s why they were put together, to lift eachother up and not stay slacking like the rest of us. Even when they are standing side by side, it’s still a pretty rare occurrence for someone to actually sit through their garbage without reaching for the remote and pressing the fast forward button, I’m pretty sure that nobody will miss a single damn thing, they’re placeholders and if the people out home manage to skip to Rory Slate being on their screens, then they can consider that a bonus. Enough with me pissing into the wind because I shouldn’t be speaking to you as a group, I should be picking on what the hell is wrong with every single one of you…individually. Now I haven’t got all the time in the world, I’ve only got a couple more minutes left but I’ll try my best to squish all the best parts into one tiny box.

Starting off with the man who beat me not so long ago, the man who thinks he’s hot shit, the man who claims to be a technical wrestler but in reality, he’s a pretty shitty one: Mig De Decker. I can imagine that the win you got against me managed to tickle your ego just a little bit, given you the confidence boost that you’ve desperately needed for this match. Look at you, you really think that you can defeat Michael Machina and become the new champion but I beg to differ. You’ve had a great run, you’ve managed to do your best work so far but I know you, you want this but you don’t want this as much as the other people in this match do, you’re not focused on the right goal, that’s it for me. I’d speak more about you but there is no point, I can just do what I usually do and wait it out. I’ll wait for you to say the same shit that you usually say, I’ll wait for you to lose focus and say some bullshit and then I’ll correct you.

Tohru, not much I can say about this dude, he was heavily focused on beating Michael Machina and since I’m fighting for the championship and the dude is nowhere in sight, I’m guessing that he failed. At the same time, I don’t know what shot that Mig has in winning this if the other dude in the gang already fucked shit up for himself but whatever I guess, he’s just another person who’s going to go down in this fight.

Shinzo Sasaki, I don’t want anything to do with you, quite frankly, I think I would've liked it more if you never busted your way into here but I don’t have a choice. You’re here, you’re doing whatever you please, the last time that we met in the ring, it was a Triple Threat match. AIRI vs. you vs. me and if I recall the events correctly, you did win, congratulations, you’re probably proud of that one but you didn’t beat me. You put AIRI’s weak ass down, she was busy talking about her subscription on PornHub Premium, she was transfixed on me jumping onto OnlyFans, she says that I should be on the streets when she can no longer swing for the fences because her wrestling ability can not take her to the heights that she wants to go up to, she can’t reach for the stars, she can only reach for the oxygen that is two inches above her head. You spoke a ton of shit about me but you couldn’t pin me or submit me, you had to make sure that I was down for just a couple of seconds for you to pin the useless idiotic nineteen year old. Good…for you. I hope after this match is said and done, this whole group can discuss why they didn’t win and hopefully that leads to history repeating itself and this whole faction becoming a ‘tag team’ thing.

Cody Maverick, BRAE, we may not see eye to eye when Operation Doomsday roams around but that’s a whole thing that I should worry about next month, the only thing that matters is now. You want effort? This is it. You want the best? This is it. As long as we’re against these jerkoffs then it’s fine by me because I’ve never gotten the hype behind this group. They remind me of a 2010s boy band, all hype but when it comes to delivering, they come up short. Just like those same boy bands, this one will meet its end soon and at the end of the night, I’m here to have fun and to expose exactly why factions are useless. Truth is, your time has passed.

It’s our turn. And when the dust has settled and you three ass-kissers are all on the ‘former talents’ list, I’m pretty sure that Cody, BRAE and I will all be here to say; ‘we told you so’.


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