MATCH PROMO 🌟 “I’m throwing you back down the proverbial ladder and taking back what never should have left me in the first place.” 💖 Road to Redemption III

Veena Adams

Professional Wrestling Royalty👑
National Elite Champion
“I’m throwing you back down the proverbial ladder and taking back what never should have left me in the first place.”

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Oh look. He spoke.


Hand to Gawd you probably just should have read the dictionary to me, Kelton. At least there’s a chance I could have learned something new. Imagine my surprise when you opened your shitty little video talking about how deserving you are and how much of a liar I am. At this point, I truly believe that your delusions have blurred the lines of what is actually reality because you truly sound like you believe this shit you’re spewing. I’m going to be brutally honest, and maybe you can wrap the sack of shit you have for a brain around this, but I haven’t ‘forced’ any narrative this season. I have literally fucking laid out what’s happened week after week, and there are no lies. I have been pushed to the back of the line because I got a raw deal at Pain for Pride. You did not best me in a wrestling match. You fucking used the numbers game to your advantage. NONE of that makes you deserving of a championship, hence you being the literal laughing stock of this goddamn company, and I would love for you to sit there and explain to me who you’ve actually LEGITIMATELY beaten on this brand that can be considered the best. I haven’t seen you defend the National Elite Championship against Viz, Daryl, Adam Lucas, Sheridan (before she died), or any of the top tier draft picks. You haven’t defended the championship against me (yet), so excuse me if I’m not going to sit here and act like you are some fucking threat to the upper echelon. I don’t know how many fucking times I have to tell you this, but on any other brand, YOU WOULD NOT BE A MAIN EVENTER! You are where you are because of FAVORITISM! You did not get to where you are through your own hard work and effort. The vast majority of last season your effort was piss poor and there is no fucking way you can argue with that. There’s a reason everyone looked at you as the third wheel in our Pain for Pride match and it’s because that’s literally exactly what you were. Everyone discredits you because you have never done a goddamn thing but disappoint the people who have invested their time and effort into you, and you are more than well aware that you drop the ball nine out of the ten times you’ve been given it. There was never going to be any case where you walked into Pain for Pride as the favorite to win the match, and even though you don’t like to think this, there was never going to be a way or a route for you to take that would give you the clean, decisive victory. You did shoot your shot, and you scored (I guess), but how can you be fucking proud of that? That’s what I don’t understand, Kelton, and I still don’t see how you can even remotely justify what you did in order to get that win.

The way you handled yourself was low-down and truly, if you were as good as you say you are, why do what you did? Furthermore, why act like you won the match without any help and by your own merit? You’re a fucking scumbag, so the least you can do is FINALLY own that fact. Anyone with half a brain can go back through the archives and see just how shitty of a human being you happen to be. You haven’t really proven anything to anyone this season, other than they need to watch their back whenever they’re around you. You have proven to be someone who will stoop to the absolute lowest of lows in order to get what he wants, and that’s literally all there is to it. I’m not even really criticizing you for this. The shit that has bothered me for the last six fucking months is that you refuse to fucking own who you really are at the very root of your core. You want everyone to believe that your success this season is deserved and that you paid your dues, and that you straight up beat Jack and me at Pain for Pride… BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENED. Jesus fucking Christ, how many goddamn times do you we have to go over this? YOU are a shitty person. YOU stole that championship from me. You literally can’t fucking spin it any other way. The world sees right through your bullshit, and again… those are FACTS. I have literally every right to be bitter, angry, and even fucking obsessive over this situation because if it was handled appropriately and by a member of management that wasn’t so fucking biased, I would have already had my rematch. Again, I have every fucking right to voice my opinion about what’s happened to me and I do not give a single flying fuck if you think it constitutes as whining, bitching, or complaining. We’ve all had to deal with you fucking crying because you never had a breakout moment until you decided to steal it, so how the fuck is this any different? Imagine trying to paint me as this insane, delusional individual when you literally have spent years trying to tell the world you deserve more than what you’ve gotten. We’ve all had to hear you complain about your past and the way people perceive you, so really, how the fuck is this different? We’re Elitists and we’re literally paid to fucking film ourselves talking, and there is no byline. There is no script we have to follow. We can all say whatever the fuck we want, and you had to know that I was never going to let Pain for Pride go. I was never going to congratulate you and wish you well, and move on with my life. YOU STOLE THE FUCKING TITLE, STUPID! If our roles were reversed and you were me and I was you, you would have acted the same fucking way! You’d be the first person to talk about what a miscarriage of justice this whole situation is and you would do everything in your power to get back what you felt was yours.

Tell me I’m wrong, Kelton, and do it while looking me in my eyes. You can’t do it because I have done NOTHING but spoken with the utmost honesty. You’re the one telling tales and pretending like something other than what happened actually happened, but guess what motherfucker! I was there. I lived the whole goddamn situation the same as you and the same as Jack, and guess what? He was fucking bitter too. The only reason he’s not coming for your head is because he got drafted to Voltage, and has to live with knowing that he might not ever get a chance to face you inside the ring again. When Kennedy started on her bullshit, I actually had that thought cross my mind a time or two as well, and for me to even think that is really fucking shitty. I shouldn’t have to worry about being overlooked and passed up for title opportunities, especially when I have given everything I fucking have to Showdown, and that hasn’t just been this season. I’ve been on this brand for longer than you, and you damn sure don’t deserve to get more recognition than I do. You don’t deserve a pat on the back for a job well done, like literally not at all. The right thing to do was to give me another chance at the National Elite Championship and if you were able to beat me, then so be it. But that didn’t happen. Instead, all of us had multiple incarnations of Devolution force fed to us, and somehow it was expected that we should all be okay with that. I have no idea why anyone would ever think that anyone on Showdown would be alright with watching you idiotic fucks parade around like the biggest drawn on the brand, but that was seriously the expectation. You being in so many main events made Showdown a literal laughing stock. I know you weren’t immune to Elitists on Dynasty and Voltage dragging this brand through the mud especially during Territorial Invasion. It’s been awful being on Showdown, and I’m not the only one that’s felt that way. Look around at your co-workers, Kelton. We’ve all gone through Hell and that’s mostly because of you. It’s fucking a sad state of affairs but at least some of that gets rectified at Road to Redemption.

I’m not even going to deny that I’ve made this whole situation out to be all about me. It should be all about me because I was the fucking victim. I didn’t do anything wrong, so of course it wasn’t going to be about you winning, getting a moment, and all the other shit you’ve sullied this season. I was never going to shake your hand. Surely, you didn’t expect that, right? You were never going to get any sort of kudos from me, nor do I find anything you’ve managed to do this season impressive. It’s tainted due to your own actions, and how you have used Devolution to keep your name out there. You wouldn’t be anything if not for them, so hopefully you send every past and present member a nice little Christmas card this holiday season. You didn’t suddenly find talent, or anything like that, you just found a group of people who were, for whatever fucked up reason, willing to cater to you, and that almost didn’t work out. The second Serenity and Halsey joined the fray, the whole world was talking about Serenity. The soon-to-be disgraced Empress was looked at as the new leader of the group, because everyone was just so certain she was going to be the next Universal Women’s Champion. That bitch would have been straight up destroyed by my dumb ass Aunt Kassidy if Serenity would have dared cashed in her crown and tried to win the title on her own. Thankfully, I took care of that problem and now I get to watch my Uncle’s slut get her ass beat by Minerva this weekend. Life is finally starting to look up again and no amount of talking from you is going to change the course of my destiny. Put Veena and Kelton in the ring and Kelton is gunna win ten out of ten times. Little boy, you were part of The Last Stand, were you not? You really made yourself look like an asshole with that comment. Or were you trying to say in a singles match you would beat me every single time? Because we’ve never had a singles match, Kelton, but I guess we’re gunna see come this weekend. Quite frankly, I KNOW that you’re not going to walk out of Mexico City victorious or with any reason to feel proud of yourself. EVERYTHING you feel like you have done so far this season goes down in flames and I can’t fucking wait for that. No one deserves to have a more shameful fall from ‘grace’ than you do, Kelton, and I know everyone but your fellow Devolution brethren will agree with me on that.

You can’t stop flattering yourself and acting like I am obsessed with YOU. The whole fucking point of me continuing to pursue this championship is to right the wrong you done to me and I swear to Gawd, I don’t know how many fucking times we have to go through this. You have literally made this brand a shit show, and no, I won’t ever stomach the thought that you could be better than me because you haven’t proven that to me. You’ve not beaten me fairly. You’ve never wrestled a singles match against me. I haven’t been given the chance to do my thing this season, and you are not about to act like that’s somehow my fault. I don’t walk up to Kennedy Street and tell her when I can and can not be booked. I’ve literally said before this season that it pisses me off just how little I’ve been able to compete. And what you’re not gunna do is act like I have somehow orchestrated a light schedule for myself, because I almost ended my friendship with Ashlynn because she got me pulled from Territorial Invasion.I think by now I have more than established myself as a fierce fucking competitor who wants to be in the ring and who wants to continue getting better. I haven’t been doing side quests because that’s somehow what I’ve chosen to do, and I damn sure haven’t sat on my hands. I’m not you, Kelton. I’m not a lazy piece of shit who only shows up when it’s convenient or when there is something big on the line for me. I’ve been at Showdown every single week, speaking my mind, and taking advantage of what little has been offered to me, and I have done the best with that shit. You’re not going to hold me accountable for not stepping up, when that’s literally all I’ve done all season long. But hey, I’m the delusional one, right? I’m the one who doesn’t get it apparently. Get absolutely you fucked you stupid bitch. You truly are a piece of work. That is not a compliment, by the way. You literally might be the worst fucking Elitist I have ever come across and people like Shaker Jones used to fucking exist. That’s sad and for the record, I absolutely stand by what I’ve said about you. If not for Devolution you would still be a serial loser. If not for Kennedy Street, you wouldn’t belong here. When all is said and done, I will win a world championship before you do, and that’s on Gawd, Kelton. There is no fucking way you survive without this championship and deep down, you know it. You’re a sitting duck as we enter the second half of the season and I’m sure you’re going to have to do a lot of soul searching.

I also don’t think for a single solitary second that anyone has forgotten about what I did to Donovan, and if they did? It’s not like I won’t be reminding them come Road to Redemption :wow:. In fact, since you want to waltz around with this absolutely ridiculous ego, think of how awesome it’ll be for me to dethrone the almighty Jon Kelton!!! Since you have just been such an exemplary and model champion, so strong and dominant, I can’t think of a better story than plucky underdog Veena Adams taking you down! Take note of the sarcasm because we both know that’s not how the headline is gunna go. It’s will be more like Veena Adams beats Jon Kelton, water is wet, and the sky is fucking blue. You’re nothing more than a dead man walking at this point, and when you ultimately see that you haven’t outgrown the National Elite Championship, then what, Kelton? There’s not a world title in your future or any huge Marquee Live Event headlining matches. Kennedy might feel sorry for you and feed you to whoever wins the Extreme Elimination Chamber, but that’s about it when it comes to you. You have reached your peak as an Elitist. This is your ceiling and there will be no shattering it. The last six months are the best you will ever get from your career so you may as well just accept it. When most people lose, the words of wisdom they are given is that there is nowhere to go other than up, but doesn’t exactly ring true for you. You’re proud of what you’ve done since Pain for Pride and it’s because as pathetic and as annoying as it has been, this is the best run of your career; a career that has spanned two separate eras here in EAW. The very fact a tainted National Elite Championship reign is the very best of Jon Kelton that we will ever see is a pretty fitting if you ask me. Your story has been one of disappointment for those who believed in you and more important, in yourself. I have no idea how you can look at your career here and feel anything even remotely resembling satisfaction. You certainly haven’t earned yourself a spot in the Hall of Fame. These aren’t just random comments, either, at least not from me. My words hit home, because as we both agreed during Pain for Pride week, we’ve had shared a similar story in terms of struggling. At the moment, I’m not looking at my career with tears in my eyes because I’m proud of myself. I’m still fucking annoyed with how things have gone for me and the lack of progress I’ve seemingly made. I was well on my way to overcoming all of that until you pulled the rug out from underneath me. Since this, it’s been nothing but fits of anger and bitter disappointment, but as I’ve been saying all week, that is changing. I’m throwing you back down the proverbial ladder and taking back what never should have left me in the first place. It’s easy to brag about your championship reign being better than mine, when mine ended prematurely, but that’s alright, Kelton. Because when I finally get this belt back around my waist, having learned a very valuable lesson about desperate opponents, I will go on to do great things. The National Elite Championship will be scrubbed and sanitized, rid of your filth and presence. I will shine like the Gold Star that I am, and all will finally be right on Showdown.

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