MATCH PROMO 🖤 "as for you roberto, i’m holding you accountable for all this shit that sienna and i’ve had to endure this week." 🩸 road to redemption iii (uttc)

Kassidy Heart

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KASS FACT: Kassidy Heart competed in the main event of her very first EAW FPV, Terminus. The Jaded Hearts competed in the inaugural match for Empire Tag Team Championships against three other teams, ultimately losing to two disgraced whores who disappeared shortly after.

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Before I even try and decipher the latest, repetitive nonsense from Valerie, I want to touch on something both members of La Familia spoke about in separate videos. Both of these fucks had the audacity to question whether or not the Jaded Hearts had the heart and the passion for what we’re doing, and if you want me to be honest, I took that personally. How the fuck are you two, or anyone really, going to question me when it comes to heart, passion, guts, or whatever fucking else?? Do either of you truly think I would sacrifice everything in my life, including my family, in order to compete at the level at do if I didn’t care? A lot of people say a lot of dumb shit to me, and I’m mostly numb to it, but this actually triggers me because the actual nerve you have to say this type of shit to me is shocking. To question someone who’s done nothing but raise the bar for the last five and a half years is absolutely ridiculous and I’m not about to let that go unchecked. Neither of you have any right to question my heart when I leave everything I have in the fucking ring every single time I compete. In case neither of you have a clue about me or what I’m about, I don’t exactly cut corners. I don’t take the easy road. I don’t put out a half-assed effort when it comes to anything that I do, and if you don’t understand that now, you absolutely will once the Jaded Hearts beat your asses to retain our titles at Road to Redemption. If I didn’t have the heart and soul for this business that I do, I certainly wouldn’t be here competing on a full-time basis. I’m already in the Hall of Fame. I’m already a multi-time world champion. I’ve done nothing but cement my spot in the history of this business, and I’ve done so at an unprecedented pace. My accomplishments and my accolades won’t ever be surpassed, and guess what motherfuckers? I plan on being here for a long ass time because I love what I do, and I love being the fucking best at what I do. If that’s not passion, then maybe you two morons need to educate me on what your respective definitions of that are. Is it dabbling in mediocrity and hoping that one day you can get a shock win against a top tier Elitist? Because if you’re content to just waste your time doing the same shit over and over, and consider that showing heart and guts, then both of you need a serious reality check. I’m sorry but that’s not passion. That’s just being content with your position in life. You’re not trying to get better. You’re not striving for anything other than a paycheck. That’s pathetic to me, and both of you think you can question my heart, my soul, and what I put into this business :mjlol:. Get absolutely fucked.

And I know Sienna is a big girl and can absolutely defend herself, but she’s another one who doesn’t have fuck all to prove. She doesn’t need to compete anymore because she’s reached that Hall of Fame status but she’s here because she loves this shit too. The Jaded Hearts are together again because we want to continue assert ourselves as the greatest tag team to ever live. We wanted to work together again, get the record for ourselves, and show the world how an actual tag team operates. POTARA talked so much shit. They said they were going to be considered the greatest tag team of all time. That didn’t work out very well for them now did it? Don’t try and come at the Jaded Hearts this way, guys. I’m telling you now that it will never work out for you. Neither of you have any fucking clue the amount of work that Sienna and I both put into this. We constantly strive for even greater heights. I swear to Gawd I can’t fucking stand when people try and question my dedication to this business, as if I’m not here every single fucking week putting myself out there despite me not even needing too. Baseless, pointless claims. You two are talking just to talk and while I expect this kind of bullshit from Valerie, I’m shocked that you would take this route, Roberto. Maybe you’re just trying to hype your teammate up and make her feel like her words actually have merit, but in all actuality, you’re doing the bitch a disservice by backing up what she has to say. I don’t care what you’re fighting for, be it your family or yourself, but you don’t want this more than me. You don’t want this more than Sienna Jade. You may NEED this more than either of us do, but that’s about as far as it goes. If you truly wanted this, then you wouldn’t have stepped up to either of us this way. You would have waited and picked your spot, and used that contract to take these championships from us that way. I can promise you that you’re not going to beat us this way. At this point, I don’t think anyone can and considering neither of you have ever proved to be worth anything to EAW, you should realize how little chance you have this weekend. I was hoping both of you would take a more realistic approach to this match and realize what an uphill battle this is going to be. But of course that’s not how things are playing out so far. You wanna talk shit without knowing anything, Valerie, and Roberto, you want to act like you can actually take someone like me to my limit. I can’t stand a bitch that needs a moral victory, and both of you have that type of attitude. It’s fucking annoying and quite frankly, I don’t want to continue arguing over this all fucking week.

But here I am, doing my due diligence as #Kass2Beltz.

Congratulations on being a basic fucking bitch, Valerie! U thought for sure you’d take a hint and not waste my time this week but here we fucking go! The Jaded Hearts slept their way to the top!! YAAAASSSS!!! It was only a matter of time before this became a topic of conversation because you are the very definition of ignorant. I mean you said in your previous video that you didn’t really know who we are (and then proceeded to tell us who we are), so why do you think we both slept our way to the top? Let’s have a little educational moment, alright? Sienna Jade made her name in REVOLT, where she reigned as the one and only Freeweight Champion in history, and she was already known when she came to EAW. Sienna Jade and Karl Impact were never together back then. Sure, they had mutual friends, but Karl Impact NEVER had an impact on the Queen’s career. If you actually bothered to go back and do some homework, you’d see that throughout the course of Sienna’s illustrious history, she’s a self-made woman who’s never really had to rely on anyone or anything other than herself and her incredible mind. Sure, when it comes to tag team competition, she kinda sorta does need me, then again she really won us the right to contend for these titles all by her lonesome. How dare you assume that either of us had to sleep with anyone to get to where we’re at. Not everyone has to come into EAW and immediately latch onto someone else. Neither one of us began our respective careers as Valerie Hellstorm. And you know what? Thank Gawd we didn’t because I shudder to think of where either of us would be right now. I probably would have killed myself if I’m being honest because what would be the point of living if I had to live a mediocre existence?? My Daddygawd has given me a good life, and yes, he is my boss. But who established herself before she was married to the Chairman? Who captured the Iconic Cup, cashed it in, and became the first true Universal Women’s Champion before she started sucking Daddy’s lucious dick? I’ll give you a hint, Val, since I KNOW you don’t get it. Her name begins with a ‘K’ and ends with I-N-G.

That’s me… the King :blessed:!

The last time I checked, the good King Kass was able to fight her battles herself. That’s what I’m about, Valerie. I don’t really care to have other people interfere in my business on my behalf because what good does that do me? All that does is give stupid, unoriginal fucks like yourself cheap material to use against me, and that’s not something I’m okay with. I’m not here so other people can find satisfaction in their petty, pathetic arguments. I’m here to be the best of all-time and to have you people chasing me. So far, so good, amirite? But hey. Continue making the Unified Tag Team Championship match amateur hour. All you’re doing is making this much easier for me. I wish I could say I find it entertaining, but I don’t. I hate when I have to dumb myself down and speak at such a basic level, especially when the person I’m forced to speak with clearly doesn’t listen. Here’s some advice, Valerie. Instead of jumping the gun to reply to your opponent, why don’t you watch their videos a few times and THINK about a coherent reply. Stop putting your emotions into everything you speak, because you make yourself such an easy fucking target for sharks like me. I don’t recall telling you to back down, nor do I care one way or the other if you’re willing to stare death in the face :mjlol:. I am more than happy to watch you self-destruct on the microphone and set yourself up for an even worse beating. Did you think that you were doing something cool and funny by calling Sienna and myself old ladies? Girl, with all the shit I’ve been through in my life and all the trauma I have sustained throughout my career, I’m glad that I actually made it to 28 and Gawd willing, I’ll make it 29 come January. I do think it’s funny that you’re like the fourth busted butterface bitch calling me old, when I literally look younger than most of you :mjlol:. Harper Lee and Serenity both tried this shit on me, and look at where that got them. Granted, I can’t take credit for running Serenity out of this company, but I surely shut Harper the fuck up, now didn’t I? So do you really want to throw the elementary school insults at me (and yes, I get that’s probably the top level of education that you’ve had), or do you want to try and actually make me feel like La Familia will be a challenge this weekend? So far, nothing you have said to me, or to Sienna, has left any sort of lasting or positive impression on us, and both of us are kind of wondering what the fuck Roberto was thinking when he took you in.

You know that you don’t have to adopt every stray dog you see, Roberto :mjlol:.

I’m also not sure why you find it so surprising that the Jaded Hearts hate the two of you, Valerie. If you bothered to watch any video of mine from any other time besides this week, you would see that I basically hate everyone not named Ryan Adams or Sienna Jade. I’m not here to give you respect or hand out cookies. I’m not this veteran that is going to coddle you in the lockerroom, mentor you, and hold your fucking hand. I don’t want to see new talent waltz through these doors because I know that eventually I’m going to face them and they’re going to say stupid shit to me just like you’re doing. Maybe if you had more than a single brain cell that was working in your favor, I could somehow find something positive in this exchange between the two of us. But all you’re doing is proving the point that facing a team like the Jaded Hearts is well above your pay grade. Your effort this week has been beyond pathetic. In fact, I can’t help but wonder why the fuck you’ve even bothered. I remember at the beginning of the season when you faced Korey Gaines that you had the audacity to call him autistic and say that perhaps he was mentally retarded, but I think you were projecting your own insecurities onto him. You clearly aren’t of right mind, since half of the stuff you say has little to no merit behind it, and it’s also a bit of a mess. It’s like you lack the ability to form an entire thought or something. As I advised you earlier, THINK before you speak, and hire someone to edit your videos for you. You’re an Elitist (although I am starting to question why/how), you can afford a video editor. Better yet, hire a ghostwriter so they can script some intelligent and thoughtful things for you to say, and perhaps you’ll start getting to your opponents. Maybe you’ll finally start to sound like the megastar you’re desperate to be and people will start to look at you in a more positive light. I’m telling you now, that you’ve done La Familia no favors this week. You should have been one and done, or just not spoken at all. Roberto is the head of the family. Next time, let him do all the talking. This way he isn’t forced to back your silly little words up and self sabotage. Your third promotional video is literally a repeat of the shit you said in videos one and two, so I’m actually sitting here and scratching my head, wondering why you are doing this. I actually second guessed whether or not I was watching your newest one considering it’s literally just a carbon copy of every video you have ever done against a high level opponent. I almost gave you the benefit of the doubt because I couldn’t fathom the fact you would upload the same video three different times in the course of a week. But sure enough, you did, and I literally can’t deal. The sooner this week is over, the better off I am going to be, and trust me, that doesn’t have anything to do with whatever skills you think you have. I just care about preserving what little bit of sanity I have left because when it’s gone there’s no going back for me. My quality of life will drastically diminish and I’ll likely spend the rest of my days at some type of behavioral health facility. I don’t want that, Valerie. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life inside a padded room with a mask on my face. I HATE that thing. It’s not very comfortable. So why not do us all a solid and just shut the fuck up until the bell rings to signal the end of the match and the Jaded Hearts are declared victorious. Shutting up is such a simple thing to do, you know.

Not to speak for Roberto, but at this point, I feel like he would thank you.

As for you Roberto, I’m holding you accountable for all this shit that Sienna and I’ve had to endure this week. As the head of your family, it’s your job to help Valerie and nurture her, support her when it’s deserved, and discipline her when it’s needed. That’s how Ryan runs our household and you can’t argue with the results. You should have sat her down before this week started and talked to her about how she should conduct herself in the presence of greatness. It’s okay to say once or twice that she’s not afraid of this challenge, but that has become her entire personality this week. It almost seems like she’s banking on the fact if she says it enough, she will start to believe it, and you know as well as anyone that I’m not the type of person someone else can fuck around with. An opponent of mine needs to be at their very best and there is no room for error. If this is Valerie’s very best, then she’s better off making money for La Familia by turning tricks and using her body for things of that nature. Professional wrestling clearly isn’t for her and when she ultimately gets humiliated this weekend, I hope you put her in her place. Sienna and I are definitely going to do that, but it’s up to you to follow up and make sure Valerie understands the lesson she’s been taught. There are ways to handle your business and Valerie’s way is a hindrance to you. Valerie did the one thing she shouldn’t have done, and that was fuck with my very unstable mental health. I’ve had splitting headaches after every video I’ve listened to of hers, and that is not okay. Every time I get one of these headaches, the leash on me tightens just a little bit and I’m put under immediate supervision. My life is carefully monitored as it is because you know, I’m not all there, but to not even be allowed to use the loo in private really makes me feel some type of way. Headaches are triggers for me, and sometimes I black out. Pressure on my head doesn’t do me any favors, and that’s pretty well documented. Valerie is treading a very fine line and you need to reel her in. I can promise you that this won’t be the first or the last match that she costs you, and you need to think about that. I don’t like you, Roberto, but at the very least you have a title shot of your choosing in your back pocket. You can use that contract however you see fit, and the last thing you need is Valerie around, fucking up all your plans. If you don’t get a grip on her, then you may as well kiss whatever title you set your sights on in the future goodbye. She is going to be the downfall of La Familia. Mark my words, Roberto.

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