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Veena Adams

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:yikes: I really feel like I could just start this video with a wash, rinse, and repeat of my last one. I mean honestly, what the actual fuck is going on around here? This is my third match in a row against literal shit competition and this week’s opponent is a literal waste of human skin who can’t decide on what shitty name he really wants to go by. So for the second video in a row…


If this is the best Season 16 has to offer me then it’s going to be a long fucking year.

Jesus fucking Christ. Please strike me dead right fucking now is this is what I have to put up with for the rest of the season. I would rather be down in the deep South, sitting smack dab in the middle of an 87-degree house with no fucking air conditioning, than deal with someone who is going to do absolutely nothing this week but waste my goddamn time. And my time is precious. It fucking matters. And having to deal with Xerxes Stryfe Cloud Godfrey is not something that I should have to do. I swear to Gawd on a stack of Bibles that I am not trying to be difficult. I’m really not. But the literal disrespect I feel right now is unlike anything I have ever felt before. I’m above this bullshit and this so-called competition that has been fed to me so far this season, and even though we’re only a month into this shit, I am tired. Last season I fought valiantly to prove myself and take the next step in my career. Despite my best efforts, I was met with verbal backlash from everyone who stepped up against me, and absolutely no one wanted to give me credit for fucking anything. Shit left me mad and in a lot of ways, fucking bitter. Because of who I am and what my last name is, I am automatically labeled a failure because I don’t have 101 championships to my name. I mean, I guess I could pull the nepotism card like my Auntie Cuntidy does and get handed a bunch of shit I don’t deserve and haven’t earned, but I’m better than that. I actually want to earn my accomplishments and do things my own way. People should feel fucking grateful that I’m willing to work for a living instead of snapping my fingers and doing away with all the whores that get on my nerves literally on the daily. I’m actually doing the women’s division a favor by keeping it around but ask any of those ungrateful cunts and they’ll tell you that Veena Adams is a joke :francis:. I fucking hate it, I swear I do, and I want to make sure I squash that narrative once and for all this season.

Facing this fucking weirdo isn’t going to do me any favors. I’m sorry, but I’m not about to look on the bright side of this. I’m not fucking asking for an easy victory or anything. Maybe the old Veena Adams who was happy to skate by would have been thrilled to have another easy dub on her record, but this version of Veena has a fucking chip on her shoulder and a point to prove. I’ve been pretty transparent with my goals and motivations, and why I walked away from Season 15 with a bad taste in my mouth despite ending it with a win. It wasn’t the season I wanted, or even expected, and I KNOW that I am capable of more. I sure as fucking hell deserve more. I’m sure a lot of people are going to be put off by my comments and absolutely drag me for bitching and complaining when ultimately I was the one who couldn’t get the job done 🙄. No shit. It’s not like I’ve sat here and made excuses for my own inadequacies like some Elitists do. I own the shit and work twice as hard to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself. That’s what you do. You live, learn, and grow. Unfortunately, you can’t really grow and blossom into the star you’re meant to be if you’re facing lackluster, uninspiring competition. I mean, Xloud literally used to call himself ‘The Bleach’. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the sheer fucking stupidity of that. Absolutely, goddamn mind-blowing and there is literally no other way to describe the fact this bozo has a job here. EAW really will hire anyone and it seems like I’m destined to face them all :wow:. Fucking sucks, but whatever. There is nothing I can do but march down to the ring on Showdown and put Clerxes away as quickly as possible. Maybe then Hawk and Huxley will give me something worth my time. Not gunna hold my breath on that one, though.

Funny story about me. When it became obvious to my family that I had some natural talent and was destined to enter into the family business, I developed a sense of entitlement that because of what my last name was, this shit would be easy. I expected to pick it up real quick and become an overnight success, and never in a million years did I bank on failing, even though I wasn’t giving my full effort every single week. Sometimes that just wasn’t needed, and right there is where I went wrong. I developed a complacent attitude and lacked a true work ethic, and of course, Xavier Williams broke my fucking neck and halted whatever little bit of momentum I had started to gain. What followed after that was a true journey of self-discovery. I had to figure out what I really wanted for my life and after some trial and error, I came to the conclusion that I truly wanted to be a part of this business. I found myself in an executive role and let’s be real honest with ourselves. I fucking thrived in that role. Voltage and Dynasty were the best they’ve ever been when I was leading them and no one can tell me any differently. Both times I lost power due to situations outside of my control, but once I got the boot from the Dynasty GM job, it was brought to my attention that I could finally focus on wrestling full-time. Not going to lie, Season 15 began with Charlie and me playing some games with TLA. It was fun to fuck with him even if neither of us got the pay-off we were looking for in the short term. Luckily, Charlie was able to turn his season around and get back at the top, and he is doing amazing as the Hardcore Champion. I made a few strides and I can’t take that away from myself. But I also faced several setbacks and was humiliated in the ring a time or two. My frustration is pretty obvious but one thing I can say about myself is that I am an extremely patient human being. I know that my pay-off is coming and my work will end up paying off in spades. It’s just taking me longer than I wanted to be in the position that I deserve to be in, and that’s why I find myself facing the Season 16 class of rejects.

Cloud Stryfe. Xerxes Godfrey. It doesn’t really fucking matter what your name is. Either way, you fucking suck and I don’t see what you can possibly bring to this ring against me that I haven’t seen before. You have been here for what? A year? Maybe a little less than? But the only thing people really know you for is the fact you used to call yourself Cloud. That’s a polarizing name here in EAW and people don’t like to remember when another Cloud darkened the hallways of this company. You certainly raised a few eyebrows upon your arrival and got yourself on people’s radars, but it was for all the wrong reasons and honestly, that stigma still follows you to this day. You may not have amounted to anything here, but people still think you’re suspicious AF. I’m not really sure what my opinion on all of that is, or if I have one or not. Frankly, caring about anything that revolves around you is a literal waste of time because you’re never going to be in position to do anything of note around here. You may have won a spot in a match to compete for a ‘Unique Opportunity’ but we all know you’re going to fumble the bag. Case in point… Dynasty last season! You won a match for a special lil prize and found yourself up against Jon Kelton for the EAW New Breed Championship. That kinda, sorta didn’t work out for you, and you were left back at square one which is a shitty place even for your standards. I don’t see much of anything changing for you, especially not when you’re in the ring with me. I don’t plan to hold anything back this season and I am prepared to go the distance. Whatever it takes, I am going to get everything my heart desires and more this season, and no one is going to fucking stop me. I truly believe that all the adversity I’ve faced has prepared me for the moment I know is coming to me this season. There’s just something different in the air this time around, and it fills me up with even more confidence. Big time matches and big time wins are coming to me, and I’m fucking excited to place myself among the absolute elite of this company. That doesn’t include you Mr. Godfrey-Stryfe. At this point, all I can do is wish you the best as our match comes closer and closer. Unfortunately for you, not even your best is going to be enough to overcome a motivated Veena Adams. Ciao, for now. ✌️

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