MATCH PROMO 🖤 "you made it personal with me and now i’m going to get nasty." 🩸 road to redemption ii (uwc)

Kassidy Heart

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Unified Tag Team Champion
EAW Hall of Famer
Grand Rampage Winner

KASS FACT: Kassidy Heart has only lost a total of one match in 2023.

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It was a long, bitter, and very fucking annoying road that I had to take to get back to this point. There is no loss greater than one taken in a main event of Pain for Pride and I didn’t handle it well at all. For weeks, I wondered what went wrong. I simply could not wrap my head around the fact that someone who was so obviously inferior to me in every single way had beaten me. It was more than humbling. It was gut wrenching. It destroyed me at the time and while I’m not going to say doubts started to creep into my head, I knew I was going to have to deal with a lot of fucking bullshit because of that loss to Andrea. By no means am I shortchanging the fact I lost a literal world championship match, because I’m not, but heading into Season 16, I knew people would stupidly look at me in a much different light. I knew they would talk shit and come for me, assuming I was weak or that I had lost a step. Probably the most insulting and downright frustrating thing people would think is that I’m just like everyone else; that I’m mortal. Saying that horrible word leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth and I just don’t want to go through that ever again. For years, I have worked tirelessly to ensure that I’m the greatest attraction in professional wrestling today. I say over and over again that I plan to go down in history as the greatest of all-time. By now, EVERYONE should understand that when I say something, I mean it. I have and never will be one of these people who talks just to talk. Obviously I love the sound of my own voice, but my words have value. My promises and threats aren’t empty and meaningless. I’m not like everyone else and that’s a proven fact by now. That can not be disputed, no matter how hard anyone tries to do that, and I’m sure Minerva will do her best to do that this week. I know she wants to walk these halls as the greatest to ever do it but unfortunately for Minerva, she came up in the Kassidy Heart Era. There will never be another Elitist like me and try as she might, she will never come close to leaving her mark on this company like I have. No one has changed the game like I have, and no one has consistently raised the bar like I have. Everything I touch turns to gold, that's why I’m a double champion right now. And trust me, I plan to walk out of Road to Redemption with both of my championships. I fought a fucking war to get myself back in the world championship picture and a dumb fucking cunt that Minerva willingly associates herself with almost ended that quest last year. Thankfully I’m a hell of a lot tougher than any of your stupid fucks give me credit for and after that minor setback, I went on to win Grand Rampage. Name another Elitist who could go through what I did, then turn around and win the most competitive and difficult match in EAW history?

Don’t worry. It’s a rhetorical question. There is no answer because the only person capable of such a feat is King Kass herself. I would love to see Minerva try and do that, and her ego probably allows her to think she can. This is the biggest problem I have with someone like Minerva. She’s good, but she’s not great. She’s not in my league, no matter how many fucking titles she wins. She will never be considered the greatest because I fucking exist. And you people know how seriously I take my place in EAW history. Someone like Minerva isn’t going to come at me, thinking she can even try and soil my legacy. The mark she leaves on this place, whatever it may be, won’t come close to mine because I’m not done. I’m not even close to being done. I’m living the life of a double champion and now that I’ve gotten a taste of it, I’m not about to surrender it. I feel like I was born for this role, even if it took a lot of trial and error to get to this point. I had to go through Hell, learn a lot of lessons, and deal with shit I never should have gone through in the first place. My story aside, I’m where I belong now and I’m going to stay right here. Nothing Minerva says or does this week can change that. It was inevitable that the two of us would find ourselves pitted against one another. She’s desperate to be mentioned in the same breath as me, and the only way she’s ever going to do that is to beat me. That’s a near impossible task and while I don’t doubt for a moment that Minerva is up for it, I’m not letting anything stop me from retaining the Universal Women’s Championship. I have nothing to prove, let’s be fucking honest. I don’t need to beat Minerva in order to cement myself as some dominant force because I’m already there. Minerva needs this more than I do, but my ego wants it. I hate losing, which is why I truly don’t entertain it. I know what I have to do in order to beat Minerva and I have no doubt that I can. I possess the ability to beat anyone. When it comes to Minerva, she’s got to prove herself to me and do it in some way that not even I can question. And trust me, I plan to wrestle this match perfectly. I know that there’s no room for error because this bitch is going to be chomping at the bit for this. She’s literally waged her entire season on this match against me and there’s nowhere else for her to go after she loses this.

Needless to say, I’m expecting Minerva to compete with a sense of desperation. I expect her to go above and beyond, and exert every fucking resource she has in what will no doubt be a losing effort. That’s why I know I have to go into this match not holding anything back and teaching Minerva a lesson she clearly needs to learn. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact she decided to cash in like this, but it is what it is. It’s her season to sour and I meant what I said earlier in the week. I’m not giving her a second chance. She’s not getting another shot at this championship while I’m holding it, and I may just hold it for the entirety of 2024. At this point, I can do whatever the fuck I want because no one has proven capable of stopping me. This is why I’m not worried about Minerva. This is why I refuse to see this match as some all-time clash of titans. As far as I’m concerned, this is just routine for me, while it no doubt means everything to her. As it should, you know. There is no bigger win for anyone in this sport than one against me and that’s not something Minerva can argue. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in her position, but I can remember that it wasn’t fun clawing my way to the top. At times, it was downright annoying especially when you consider the type of cunts I had to deal with. But I always said that once I reach the top, I’m not ever coming back down. And since I’ve been at the top, I’ve continued to climb even higher. I have set a standard that can never be duplicated. For someone, even of Minerva’s caliber, to think that they have what it takes to put me down at this stage is laughable, and at Road to Redemption, I’m going to make sure the gap between us widens even more. I’m prepared for her best. I expect her best. I expect her to approach me as her greatest challenge because that’s exactly what I am. I’m more than Drake King. I’m more than Jamie O’Hara. I’m more than anyone else on this roster and that’s a goddamn fact. Minerva will have to be PERFECT if she expects to threaten me. She will have reach above her station to even get me in a position to topple me. I’m not interested in just holding one championship and I’m certainly not interested in starting some dumbass climb back into the world title picture. I’ve been through that before. I’m not going back. I will NEVER again experience what I felt after Pain for Pride 15. I don’t find anything enjoyable about that weekend, not even now. Do you know how fucking awful it is to be the headliner in your Hall of Fame class and get beaten that same weekend? I want to claw my eyes out when I go back to that. I felt fucking humiliated. I won’t give Minerva that kind of power. I won’t ever give another useless cunt that kind of power. This match is mine to lose, and that’s really all there is to it.

Do you hear that, Minerva?

I’m not going to act like I’m excited to directly address you, but at least this will be somewhat better than dealing with Valerie and Roberto :mjlol:. Not sure how you can stomach being on the same brand as them, but I’m not here to try and relate to you. You made it personal with me and now I’m going to get nasty. I was never going to spend the week kissing your ass or giving you praise. I was never going to come at you with any semblance of respect because you haven’t proven to deserve it. You have done nothing but shit on me and act like I haven’t done a fucking thing worth mentioning in this business and you should know by now that I don’t take too kindly to that. Imagine my surprise when you began your first video bitching about a no contest. I could sit here and pretend to be shocked, but if there’s one thing you’re good at, it’s complaining. How many years did we have to hear you complain about your first Universal Women’s Championship run? Pretty sure you were in your feelings right up until you won the EAW Championship, and I’m shocked that you don’t find fault with that reign too. Then again, you could have made your first reign better, but you weren’t good enough back then, were you? You got outclassed and outmatched by Serena Bennett, of all fucking people, and I know that eats you alive. I can’t relate to what it feels like to lose to someone like that. Maybe if something goes wrong at Road to Redemption and you manage to overachieve I’ll know what you experienced back then but I don’t foresee that happening. But you think of yourself as above Serena, don’t you? Nevermind both of you are disgusting, toxic fucking individuals who find fault with everything. You do realize that the only difference between the two of you is that you haven’t quit (yet) because of your own pride and ego, right? I know you so badly want to believe you’re above all these bitches who have come along and left for whatever reason or another, but you’re not, Minerva. You have the same mindset as the rest of them, and before you try and paint me to be a hypocrite, I know I’ve been guilty of the same things in the past. The difference now is that I can see where I was going wrong and I’ve certainly learned how to right my wrongs. I’ve changed my attitude, and while I still don’t like losing, at least I don’t go around crying because I got a no contest. I’m pretty sure Captain Charisma does not give a single fuck about what happened in your match against TLA. If nothing else, he probably enjoyed the shit because it added even more drama to his chamber. To have the audacity to complain about a no contest on Voltage, of all brands, is hilarious all things considered. No wonder you and Bethany are friends; birds of a feather :wow:.

It’s also funny that you think I have no reason for my ego, or at least that was your tone before you suddenly decided to contradict yourself. Why the fuck shouldn’t I feel like I’m on top of the world? I’ve done more in this business than anyone else on any roster and that’s not something you can deny. You’re welcome to try, but you’re just going to make yourself sound stupid, then again, it’s not like that’s something new for you. You also seem to think that you’re going to be my greatest ever challenge and you have to know better than that :mjlol:. Imagine calling me egotistical when you’re placing yourself on the highest possible pedestal. Considering I’ve faced a who’s who of EAW legends, how can you possibly think you’ll be my toughest ever challenge? You’ll be a challenge but you damn sure won’t be the toughest opponent I’ve ever faced. I know you pride yourself on being sooooo different from me, but it seems like you’re walking around this week with a very inflated sense of entitlement. Of course, I’ve always said this about you and have never sugar coated my feelings towards you or how I believe you to be, so why do you feel like you can call me out without looking in the mirror? You came into EAW wanting to kill all the Barbies and that hasn’t changed. It’s funny, because the same people you were considering great back when you arrived are still the ones that are considered great now. You’re still chasing me, trying to catch up, and I’m still winning titles and dominating whatever division I’m a part of. I find it a bit insulting when people call me the face of the women’s division. I’m so much more than the face of one singular division. I’ve conquered every aspect of this fucking sport and you need to fucking respect that. No matter what you do, Minerva, you’ll never be number one. You’re not number one in any division, or even on your brand. I’m always going to be the face of the entire company for as long as I want to be it. I’m not someone who comes and goes, drifting here and there. I remain steady in my ascent to immortality and I dare you to deny that. You know good and well that EAW is MY turf, and you deserved what you got on these past few episodes of Voltage. It’s not going to get any better come Road to Redemption, either, because those little attacks that laid you out are the least of the damage that I can do. And you can spare me a lecture of what you’re capable of, Minerva, because I’m well aware. You have this sadistic side, but who doesn’t? Some people just don’t want to acknowledge the fact they’re fucked up in the head, but you are keen to embrace that and guess what? So am I. I want you to bring your best to the match because you need to know that your best is never going to be good enough when it comes to me. Try as you might, Minerva, you’ll never be up there with me. You may have proven yourself in your own way, but until you find a way to usurp the King, you won’t ever be considered the greatest. Even if the upset win happens for you, I don’t stay down for long. And deep down, I think that scares you. Even when I’ve experienced a significant setback, I rose above and quickly reclaimed my place. That’s the beautiful thing about a competitor like me. I’m never truly down and out. As debilitating as a loss is for someone such as myself, it means very little in the end. You know that when this match happens, you have absolutely everything to lose. Your entire 2024 is on the line because if you falter now, you have nothing to look towards. Voltage has a deep roster and you couldn’t even get a win against TLA. Poor wittle Minerva and her wittle no contest. I guess you should have figured out how to finish things off before Drake and Mr. Wrestling decided they wanted to play.

And I’m going to keep harping on that because I know how much it’s bound to piss you off. I’m not afraid of making you angry, as you can see. The angrier you are, the more fun it is for me. I don’t consider myself to be a mean girl whatsoever, but I’m not shy about the fact that I’m not a very good person. It’s my job to tell people the truth and remind them of how little they actually matter here in my world. And it’s MY world, Minerva, not yours. It will never be yours and I surely fucking hope that gets through your head. You are no different from anyone I’ve faced, in the past as well as the future, and that’s why I don’t see you in any sort of different light. You didn’t want to speak on my marriage, but you took a shot anyway. You’re not different. You spoke of my DID as a ‘gimmick’, when it’s in fact a legitimate diagnosis. Your classless friend violated the hippocratic oath she took as a doctor in order to show the world just how damaged I am. So if you choose to go down the road of me living a gimmick, remember that you’re not any different. Same arguments as everyone else, but you’re a cut above the rest? You’re capable of being greater than me? Give me a break, bitch. You call me delusional when you’re the one currently living in fantasy land. It’s honestly pathetic that you paint yourself in this wonderful, beautiful light but there’s nothing special about you, Minerva. You're literally nothing to me. That’s why I don’t see this as a dream match, at least not for me. It may be the match you want, and the match the EAW Universe wants, but I don’t really give a shit what anyone wants. You should know by now that I’m the only one who’s wants and needs matter around here, and that’s just how it’s going to continue being. Imagine being so fucking arrogant that you believe someone like me would have spent the last few years avoiding you. Bitch, you could have stepped up and challenged me whenever you wanted. During my Answers World Championship reign, I literally begged people to step up and fight me, and I said anyone on any brand could come for me. You are exactly right when you say I’m not going to suffer any repercussions for my actions so who was going to stop me from defending against another brand? I’m not going to chase competition, so if you expected me to come to you then you don’t know me at all. I was never going to beg someone like you to come face me, especially when that door was already open. You waited until you felt like you were ready, hence this match happening now. You wanted to feel invincible and like you had finally arrived, so you could use this argument that I’m worried about you and that my ego is fragile. Congrats on once again proving you’re no different than my other opponents, at least in terms of how you speak to me (and I’m supposed to take you seriously as a Promoer of the Year, fucking whatever :mjlol:), and further hammering home the point this whole match is a waste of fucking time because you don’t have shit on me.

Like honestly, I feel like I’m dealing with Chris Elite since you really expect me to sit here and explain to you that I’m not the same Elitist I used to be. You want to talk about how you have evolved and matured into who you are today, and literally, bitch… same. I have too. Once upon a time, I used to get upset over the lack of respect that was shown to me by my peers and the fans. I felt like I had something to prove and that I needed to go above and beyond in order to get recognition and praise. That type of energy is what ruined my initial run on Dynasty a few years ago because I was hyper-focused on all the things I didn’t have. I didn’t respect myself enough to live in the moment and appreciate the history I was making as the first ever female National Elite Champion, and even though I try and not have any regrets, I can’t help but wish I would have handled things differently. You live and you learn, and I’m just glad Daddygawd took control of the situation for me. The best thing I’ve ever done for myself is kneel at the feet of Gawd himself and allow him to lead me. Can’t really argue with the results, now can you? I’ve learned how to be a more complete Elitist and an even more ruthless competitor, which is kind of scary since I’ve always been pretty vicious. I was taught how to properly channel my energy and because of that, I have more than come into my own. I know my value and the very fact of the matter is, I’m priceless. I’m once-in-a-generation and these days, my matches are actual spectacles. You’re either watching because you know I’m about to make history (again), or you’re waiting to see if someone can finally knock me down. Either way, you’re watching and that’s fucking power. There will never be another wrestler capable of doing the things I have done, and will continue to do even if you pull off a fluke of a victory and my reign comes to an end. There’s a reason I sit at the very top and look down at everyone else, including you, and it’s because I know where I’m at in my career and it simply doesn’t matter to me what the rest of the world thinks. You know how highly I think of myself and as long as Daddy is happy, there’s nothing wrong in my world. If the entire world wants to scorn me and throw their support behind someone else, then so be it. I need nothing other than my Master, my bestie, my family, and my championships. The rest of the free world can continue to be green with envy knowing they will never be able to duplicate my success or even come close to touching me. In a way, I don’t blame you for wanting this match with me even if it was all in vain. As I have said for the last couple of years, there is no bigger win than one against me. Your stock has already risen simply for calling your shot. You put yourself in the limelight and got your picture next to mine, and that can be the moral victory you take away from this match, Minerva. Instead of dreaming big and thinking that you’ll be able to take the Universal Women’s Championship from me, you can go back to Voltage and challenge people more suited for your capabilities. You can try and get a win against TLA. You can face Rex McAllister again and hope that no one shows up to throw the towel in for him. Maybe we can all be bored watching you and Drake King face each other one again. Either way, I’m sure Captain Charisma will find something for you to do once you fail your cash-in.

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