MATCH PROMO 0-5 - Voltage RP1

Mary S. Atlas

Most Wanted
St. Louis , Missouri
It's been an annoying week for me this past week with Lisa Wren and Kensi, Miku Sakai, and Cleopatra. Which one is good? Let's just say I'm going to talk about Lisa Wren and Kensi first. You want to face us at your place. I took the challenge and let's see what it's like when both of you are going to be embarrassed in front of your audience in Dynasty. House of Glass, it's going to be proof that you guys aren't any better than me. I'm not afraid of you no matter where you fight. I'll get your blood out of your heads. I will defeat you And I'll let you guys know that no matter where we fight, I'm better than you. I don't want to care too much about you, but let me show you that hell is real. House of Glass won't be the place for you. I've eliminated Lisa Wren from Clash of Kingdoms in Dynasty once, but this time I will. Destroy both of you, but not at Dynasty, but House of Glass. It's funny that you were the one who chose your place of death. Well, let's just say I'll help you bury them with dignity in front of the fans watching House of Glass. If you hope it's hell for me, you're wrong. Good luck idiots! Hey Miku! I don't understand your thoughts but anyway, you choose my friend. I'm not attracted to anything. I'll wait to see the look on your face when my friend raises the Specialist championship and you'll learn that you shouldn't play with MaryBecca. Good luck Miku, we'll see you later!

Who is my opponent after me through a hectic and frustrating week? Sebastian Garcia? I've probably heard of it, but I'm still wondering who Sebastian Garcia is? After his first match, where is he now? Oh, okay, he's my opponent. But lately, I think I don't want to hear his annoying voice too much. Now, I'm talking to you, Sebastian. I hope you listen to it. Oh okay, I think I remember you. You had a match the same night I joined the voltage team. If I'm not mistaken, you lost to Jay Jerry Johnson and you couldn't win. And a week later you lost 0-2 to Danny Tanner, after that you lost to Shane Gates and lost 0-4 to Kelin. Look at your record, Sebastian, how pathetic you haven't won. Whoever and loses even the one who came after you. Do you think you can beat me now? The answer is no, Sebastian, your consecutive losing records will be counted to 0-5. Don't be sad, Sebastian. It's not too bad for you because you deserve it. Unfortunately this week, Sebastian, I'm not in a very good mood. I've had a lot of headaches since last week so you'll be the one to ease the pressure a bit after I beat you. Honestly, Sebastian, I don't want to insult you, but I'm just saying what I see and. You have to accept the fact that I can only say that because you can be like that. Have fun with the 0-5 records.

You want to be a winner, but what you're doing is not enough, you have to try harder if you want to break free from the pathos you're living. I don't know how you can put up with your pitifulness like this, Sebastian, but I don't think it has to be as pathetic as you are now. Are you satisfied that you lost 0-4? Believe me, you're not happy. It's me. I'm not happy to lose to Sebastian. The best bet is not to stay silent and say nothing. That's not a good choice. Trust me I've been through it before and I've never been counted 0-4 because I try harder after every time I lose. You'll never lose forever. Sebastian, if you try hard enough, one day you'll be a winner. Wouldn't it be strange for people to remember you as a loser forever? If you want that, you don't need to listen to me, Sebastian, but if you want better, here's some advice from someone who's been through a situation like you. before So choose if you want to be better. or as pathetic as you are now All I can tell you is Sebastian, it's up to you. If you're not stupid, then you can choose the right thing for yourself. Sebastian, I've helped you very rarely, I rarely speak to my opponent before I meet like this. 'Cause I can see the disappointment in your eyes when you lose But I have no hope for you in this match. I'm not going to give you victory. Don't think I'll be that kind to you. Because what I definitely won't give you in this match is victory.

You'll find me in this match you'll find me who's pissed me off Cleopatra, I've been overlooked. I was challenged so after all this stress you will be the lucky one to see me in this version again. If you were expecting to win this match, then you would have to wave goodbye. 'Cause I'll make you feel hopeless. That being said, this will be the 5th match you will have to lose in a row, Sebastian. I'm not going to give you any hope in this match and I won't deny it if you say I'm an idiot. But how can it not get me mad after all this happened to me in a week, right? And yes, I'm determined to come and win this match, Sebastian. I'm determined to give myself a boost before the House of Glass. Either way, Sebastian, you've been quiet all week or you want to talk. What is it about you? It depends on what you choose. Sebastian, I don't care about you, the only thing I care about is victory. I won't be the one who walks out of this match disappointed, I'll get rid of you. I have to get what I deserve. Even last week I was only able to do almost nothing, but this week it's almost nothing for me. It's embarrassing if I'm going to lose someone like you, then it won't happen. Sebastian, you can prepare to count your record further. And remember that you will never be better than me. Have fun with Sebastian's 0-5 record.

Lisa, Kensi I hope you watch this match and remember that this is what will happen to your team. I don't care if it's in your rules. But I will kill you even in your place.
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