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We open up on BRAE who is just after doing an intense workout, you can tell by the sweat drenched hair. He let out a deep exhale as he sat down on a bench in front of the camera. Looking directly into it. You could tell he was exhausted but he was just trying to put himself in the best position, he saw himself slipping into a dark hole, and he didn't want to be there, as he spoke.

I like to start my mornings after a successful week with an input that will overall allow me to produce better. I said before that I was tougher on myself, and in some statements that is true. But in most faucets? I remain at a tempo. I am trying to get myself the most prepared for this week, as I have just gotta keep on my grind. Again, again, again. That's all I can do, that is all I want to do. This is a challenge for myself, how much can I make when I am giving something so slightly? I have to bring home something with the small notoriety MITSU has given me. I have the benefit of being in the ring with MITSU prior, so I can examine that as a basis. But when my focus transforms back towards now. I want to be honest here, I was expecting a long week when I first saw my opponent was MITSU, but so far with the expectation of all these words, I have only been given nothing. I have to assess what has happened the last couple weeks. It's not really an exciting process, especially when you try to gun for a victory. Because there is really no predictability to what MITSU might go ahead and say or do, but I acknowledge that he has some eternal issues lingering in his armor. And I won't waste the opportunity to call him out on them, I have tried to take a different approach, but in order for you to come out of your hole seemingly, I am just gonna have to be upfront and outspoken about it. Do we think MITSU is already reverting back to his old ways? I doubt it. I know eventually in this week, he will emerge with statements. He cannot rely on no words forever, but let's look at it like this. I do feel as if there could be just a little bit more passion there, at least some showcase. How am I supposed to believe that MITSU really wants it, and at the same time, how am I supposed to believe that he isn't tired? He's been running to this same old beat for years now, we are almost finishing up with this season, and MITSU has not made this season the one that he could usher his legacy in. Time is only drawing more and more near, and we all have to take what we are given. I mean this coming from me, 100%. Facing you? I know that I have to get you before you can stand. But you are allowing me to continuously stab you with this dagger, MITSU. Doesn't it get tiresome at some point? I am repeatedly making an attempt to call my shot. But I know that you aren't afraid of doing the same, you are a man who has done this before. So, it's going to be interesting as to how you expand upon it? Will you be angered or impressed? Either way you're already in a tough position MITSU. But honestly, I would feel honored if I were you. I have given you this much material to capitalize and work on, you should be able to have a field day, but let's look at it like this, MITSU. Somebody like Drake Armstrong is a heavy hitter, I shouldn't have to be coaching you through this, but if you think that I am giving you a hard time, just watch and see what he would do. I know that he won't cut any corners, and he won't be fearful of doing whatever he must. Consider this a lesson both in the ring and outside of it. Because I will mold you in that ring, and give you the most preparation that you can possibly have. But at the same time, I am digging in this for myself, I am not backing away or playing the afraid game. I need this win just as much as you do, and you being on the chase is good, because I am on my own chase, that I have been trying to figure out week by week. But I am on the path for something, and a win over MITSU will get me closer to that. So let's look at it through the lens — Do I think that MITSU is doing a palpable job right now? I believe that MITSU could be doing just a bit more. Making man wait on words, just to come firing in as much as you possibly can before time runs out near the end, isn't truly a recipe for success. But again, you haven't been that man for a while now, but we never know when you might become that. I am giving you the advice right now, MITSU. Lock in, you gotta lock in. And don't take this from a man you can overlook and chalk out to being just another "new breed". You gotta lock in, and I have found failure varying when you aren't well and truly locked in. I still think about being held back by Cody Maverick, the pain was immeasurable, and as I said last week. Even a win there wouldn't fulfill the gap that loss left. I take this very seriously now, when we first met MITSU? I wasn't a man who truly took this seriously enough. I may have beaten you at your lowest point, but that was also my lowest point. It's hard for me to look back on that, because even if it's been a couple of months really, the embarrassment was ridiculous. To be embarrassed by your own work? Not fun. But I feel like in a way we are both embarrassed when we look back, you are embarrassed by your performance, I am embarrassed by who I was back then.

That probably sounds like a dream problem for others to have, looking back at a prior version of themselves and being disappointed in their victory and upbringings. But it's not that, it is what represents and follows that. When I was in that period of my career, It was as if I didn't give a damn about this industry. I would rather be elsewhere doing other precarious things. And it was the reason why — after that match, MITSU. I got humbled almost immediately, my career was flipped upside down and I didn't see a victory for basically the rest of the year. You saw me during my worst at Road To Redemption, but ever since then. I have been striving to get better. But I found myself back in that hole in the lead up to last week. But I don't feel out of it, and that feeling is going to have me on edge for a while. Maybe this is why I am trying to go for the kill when I have you, MITSU. But you know, at the end of the day it's whatever. I just don't want to be that performer again, because it isn't a valuable assessment on me anymore. I want to cover that life up, because ultimately, it didn't belong. But at the end of the day, being that person for the most part, is why I am struggling today. It's why I wasn't on King Of Elite, it's why I haven't found my footing where I want to be. I just need to keep winning in the trenches, and when we face. I am going to make sure I bring you down to those deep waters as much as possible. You can come back from MITSU, but do I have the entire faith that you can come back from this? I have no idea. But with the dagger in my hand, if you really asked me, am I going to feel remorse as I drive it deeper and deeper into you? Not really, no. Because you would have done the same thing to me. You would have been in the position if I allowed you, MITSU. But that is a reason for me being on edge. I don't like giving my opponent an advantage, and when I gave you that advantage at Road To Redemption, it was something I thought of for a long time, it was truly me at my lowest. But this is me after being at my lowest, but I am nowhere near the top. I am one slip away from tumbling back, but If I go down, I'll make damn sure to bring somebody else with me. In the ring, we are going to be at war. But at the same time — I will go for the kill when the opportunity presents itself. I will go for the shot when I can, MITSU. I am putting myself into your shoes, because I look at this from your perspective. The idea is to overwhelm your opponent with questions and thoughts. I want you to answer me this question, have you really thought of what you are going to do? Have you really made the assumption of what you may garner? I'm sure you aren't afraid of mentioning the reality, MITSU is still on a dry spell when it comes to holding a championship in EAW. But you know something man? We don't really realize how fast time is going until it has already passed us up. I have already been in EAW for nearly a year, and time just ascends so quickly. I don't know what the experience is really gonna be like. Pain For Pride, Grand Rampage, all that stuff. But I do know that I am going to keep my eyes open for viewing, because I can't keep missing out on these sort of opportunities, It's man eat man out here in this world, and if I have to bite off some kneecaps on my way to the top, then I'll do just that. So I am going to paint this picture for you MITSU, and I want you to paint one in return. What do you get when you put a hungry competitor up against another hungry competitor, one of them has to cannibalize the other, metaphorically. Too much of a good thing creates a negative. I can beat the hell out of you, but most of all. I just have to survive and allow you to tire yourself out. I am going to get to new horizons and landscapes, and stand where I wanna stand. This isn't your average fight on Dynasty, I have collected and watched the skills of other people, and this is me overwhelming you as much as I possibly can. I want you to feel a certain way, I want you to feel behind, and with a need to catch back up. You find yourself on the other side of that, I am not playing games, and I hope that shows here. I am going to use whatever tactic I can in order to secure a victory, and if that sounds desperate that is unfortunate. But you don't get far unless you show a little bit of desperation. I am locked in, and I know how this trajectory goes. I want to fix all my mistakes, but I have to do that moving forward. I don't want to revert to that same man I was after this match, I have been running so far from that. But it still haunts me, I am just gonna have to push myself up the mountain even further, and deny anything that tries to stop me.

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