Amber Keys

Amber Keys

The Dirti Diva
EAW Hall of Famer
Bronx, NY


Wrestling Name: Amber Keys
Picture Base: Lita
Current Nicknames: Dirti Diva
Height: 5’, 6’’
Weight: 135
Hometown: The Bronx, New York

Disposition/Alignment: Tweener / An agent of chaos in every sense.

Gimmick: Amber Keys, once forced to leave the world of professional wrestling, made her return to the squared circle after a ten year absence in September 2018. Due to wrestling politics and interpersonal issues with other stars, most notably the EAW chairman, former Answers Wrestling Federation stars, and founding EAW members, Amber was never truly given the recognition she felt she deserved as a pioneer in women’s wrestling. She has had no other choice but to watch on the sidelines as the division she feels she herself developed has been brought to shame. Disgusted at the perceived lack of women’s talent on the roster, she then decided to take matters into her own hands by returning to ring action. By taking on the responsibility of redefining what sports entertainment looks like, she is determined to take back her place as the top female in this industry and be given the credit she feels was stolen from her by those formerly in power. She has made it her mission to bring down every female Elitist that fans and board members alike have placed on a pedestal, and has shown that she will do whatever it takes to achieve her goals.

In her efforts, Amber has shown signs of developing what some may consider a severe personality disorder. Possibly driven to the edge of insanity by her immense passion for and dedication to restoring "order" and bringing "enlightenment" to EAW, Amber is known for often long, unhinged, cult-like liturgies to support her belief that she is the savior of women's wrestling.

Despite being finally inducted into the EAW Hall-of-Fame in 2020, Amber insists that there is much she is owed by this company and the professional wrestling industry as a whole. It's safe to say she may never be satisfied after missing out on over 10 years worth of what should have been a more fulfilling career.

Theme Music: "All It Takes For Your Dreams to Come True" by A Skylit Drive ()

Entrance: Depends on the mood she's in. Either very high energy, aggressive, & chaotic, or much more stoic and poised. Amber has a tendency to yell at and threaten individual fans for booing her.

Amber truly believes that every Elitist, general manager, board member, and fan owes her an incredible debt, and will do any and everything within her power to reclaim what she is owed. Amber is motivated by the resentment and grudges that she has been holding onto for many years. She hopes to regain the recognition that was taken away from her and to recapture the success that once made her a household name. Throughout her time in EAW, Amber has discovered it is pleasurable for her to interact with and belittle the youngsters in the locker room, and seeks any and every opportunity to "educate" the younger generation of Elitists.

Tendency to Cheat: As much as humanly possible.

Wrestling Debut: Amber Keys' Wiki

Favorite Match Types: Ironwoman Match, Falls Count Anywhere Match, Ladder Match

Favorite Weapons: Steel chair, Brass Knuckles

In-Ring Achievements:

  • 2x AWF Women's Champion
  • 1x AWF Tag Team Champion (w/ Mr. DEDEDE)
  • 1x EAW Empire Tag Team Champion (w/ Cleopatra)
  • MVE #157: Rising Star of the Week
  • MVE #158: Match of the Week
  • MVE #158: Promoer of the Week
  • MVE #161: Most Valuable Elitist
  • MVE #167: Champion of the Week (w/ Cleopatra)
  • EAW Hall-of-Famer: Class of 2020
Wrestling Style: High-flying, risk taking, scrappy, dirti fighter

Common Moves:

  • Eye rake
  • Biting
  • Suicide dives
  • Diving headbutts
  • DDT
  • Flying heel kick
  • Chops
  • Corner/turnbuckle foot choke
  • Knee drop from top rope
  • Faking an injury
  • Using the ropes
  • Springboard dives

Signature Moves:

  • Springboard moonsault
  • Hurricanrana
  • "Suciakick" (Superkick)
  • Enzuigiri
  • Double knee backbreaker

Finishing Moves:

  • "Amber Alert" (running spear)
  • "Dirti Dive" (diving frog splash)
  • "Major Keys" (diving corkscrew stunner, bka Ember Moon's Eclipse) (x)


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