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I don’t think I need to ask anyone about New Eden’s position of power. I’m not doubting the trio’s level of excellence and brilliance, but you’ve forgotten to mention something, Minerva. New Eden failed at Territorial Invasion. Winning at Grand Rampage was cute. Winning at Pain for Pride was even better, Minerva. But… Again… Does the title say, “New Eden wins Grand Rampage?” Is Minerva’s name imprinted on the EAW World Championship right now? Did anyone really care about Minerva’s match with TLA at Pain for Pride as much? Please bitch, I fought Amber Keys in my last match at Pain for Pride with no championship on the line and it had more relevance than the 25 wasted minutes of our lives. The thing is, Minerva, there are still people who know about Project EGO, and the only reason we aren’t as exploited as Generation Genesis is that most of the members are now fighting over in the rejecting company. Well, I’m not sure what happened to Dark Demon. Last time we saw him, he couldn’t handle his liquor, and, in the end, it was good riddance for that sorry piece of shit. Anyway, regardless of what you say about Project EGO not being remembered, Minerva, it doesn’t take away the fact we are documented in history as the most dominant faction for years. People compare us to the 2017 Golden State Warriors or the Dream Team with Michael Jordan. We couldn’t be touched and unlike New Eden, we didn’t fail our fight against EAW. We beat them at Territorial Invasion and took complete control over this company. Now of course, we were the opposite of what New Eden stands for. We didn’t want to banish championships. We wanted to make them better and we did oh so well. Every single member had the chance to raise the value of championships and it turned out the way we wanted it to. There was never a failed moment with Project EGO. As I said, we went two years straight with non-stop consistency and pressure on our colleagues. The only reason our chapter closed was because it was time to start something new and refreshing in our respective careers. I don’t think New Eden will be able to make it that far. Considering you have already failed against the EAW and it hasn’t even been over a year yet.

You want to talk about forgettable things so I’m sure after New Eden ends, you’ll want to forget about a lot of things, Minerva. Forget about never achieving the utmost success in your career and carrying the bags for Drake King and arching your back for Myles. Forget about losing out on your golden opportunities because you’re blinded by your own ignorance. Forget about losing to three men who were bitter enemies and were just thrown together at the last moment. Forget about Minerva turning soft so she can piggyback on the rising star and the current face of our generation. Most importantly, forget about losing your National Elite Championship to YOUR QUEEN OF THE NILE. CLEOPATRA. Memories are always invisible to eyes but can be felt with heart. A lot of people have missed out on the majority of our history because this is a rather new era and a lot of new people. But when you have an OG like me to teach you about the things that led this company to be great, you NEED to shut up and listen. By listening, you can feel how intense it was to be a member of this society. Things weren’t sweet back in EAW’s days and if you made it out of that cold war then you certainly deserve the praise. You don’t have any idea about it, Minerva but you speak as you were there when our times were rough. You came into the EAW at the perfect time, when everything was solidified and there were any sorts of breakdowns. You should consider yourself privileged for what women like Cleopatra has done for you. You should thank me, but I highly doubt you have enough courage inside your body to look me in the eyes and shake my hand. I didn’t give you history lessons to make it seem like I’m better than you, Minerva, even though that’s already obvious. You needed to be reminded who you’re dealing with because you had some VERY strong words, declaring New Eden as the most dominant of our history and labeling this time being your era. I had no choice but to question your words because it sounded like you truly meant them.

I’m not sure why you think Cleopatra has only ranted about her career. I did just more than that. I questioned your current state of mind. I wanted to push you, Minerva, like I was trying to do back in 2019. I wanted Minerva to feel the heat for once in her career, so she’ll know what to expect for the next time we face each-other in the ring. Hopefully you’ll have more sense by then and give it an even more valid effort to defeat your Queen. But on this course of today, you will surely lose, Minerva. There’s no doubt about it. You may as well take one more family picture with your boyfriend, Myles along with that National Elite Championship and the CITV briefcase because we’re just a few moments away from crowning a new elite champion. It would have been so refreshing for New Eden to bounce back from getting their ass kicked by SOSA Henderson, Visual Prophet and Andre Walker. But even IF you somehow accomplish this mission, it doesn’t change the fact New Eden will go back to Voltage and continue getting toyed with by Captain Charisma, who really hasn’t been much of a captain since 2008. Good grief. You would think you were having a good time going against his authority because Captain Charisma’s power is nothing to struggle against. However, New Eden will just continue to do the same generic things and give us unsuccessful promises. And trust me, honey, I wouldn’t join New Eden even if they were the last group on earth. Your morals and objectives are all over the place. I don’t have time to be included in a disoriented group of knuckleheads. But I tell you this, Minerva… If I were to join New Eden, I wouldn’t need to get on my knees and suck on Myles’ hairy balls as you do oh so proudly. I wouldn’t need to sacrifice anything to ensure Drake King came out on top.

By the way, it’s VERY predictable how you say that all three members of New Eden are equals but that’s only how you see it. What the world sees is two careers reaping the rewards of being associated with Drake King. Hopefully some day you’ll wake up and get the message, Minerva. One day you will finally get your career back to the balance where it’s supposed to be. I’ve never shown any dislike for Minerva in 2019. That is the Minerva I liked better than the New Eden, Minerva. That type of Minerva was a monster, and I don’t mean it in a bad way. I’m talking about the Minerva that would stomp your heart out, pick it up and hand it over to your family. I’m talking about Minerva who never needed company in the ring. I’m talking about the Minerva who had a better reason to accomplish her purpose. I’ve already spoken to a little girl who said the same things as you have, Minerva. She wanted to be just like Cleopatra, but I told her to live life and be herself. Please don’t live anyone else’s life. Right now, you’re STILL trying to be someone you are not, Minerva. Somewhere deep inside you know you don’t belong with New Eden. You have chances to fight for a much bigger goal, but you have chosen to shut that down. I just don’t understand your poor choices. A queen like I with much dignity and pride would never lower her standards for any mission. It just isn’t meant to be and so it won’t be. Minerva, I still do like you despite our confrontations. I’m hopeful this will be the wake-up message you need to save the rest of your career. And if you still refuse to listen, then your career will not just only be encircled by New Eden. It will be tainted by yours truly. The Black Rose does sound more fitting for you, Minerva, especially for tomorrow after the Queen of the Nile stifles you in your blood.

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