Astraea Jordan

Astraea Jordan

The Empress

Wrestling Name: Astraea Jordan
Current Nicknames: "The Empress", "The Power of Empire", "Chiraq Savage", "Ms. Thursday Night"
Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
Weight: 150 lbs
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Date of Birth: September 5, 1989
Disposition/Alignment: Anti-Hero
Tendency to Cheat: Never
Motivations: Astraea's top priority at this point in time is to protect Empire and represent the brand to the best of her ability while still being her unique self. Feeling slighted by the end of 2018, she has put in even more work to be the best competitor she can be, her goal being to become the absolute best - no contest. Her previous motivations also consisted of gold, money, and influence but since then, she has made plenty of money to support her and her family and friends, gotten her first taste of championship gold and a tournament win, and become one of the top names in the whole company. So, for now, she's pretty pleased just doing this out of love for the game.
Gimmick: Headstrong and highly competitive, Astraea is a beast of an athlete possessing amazing strength, agility, and endurance. She is never afraid to be herself and is authentic as can be, which is a problem with many: she's loud and vulgar and proud of it - but don't take that as her being weak, ignorant or easily angered, Astraea is smarter than that and knows what she's doing. She prefers to work alone after the events of the latter half of 2018 and is determined to take back her spot at the top of the Empire brand as she feels like she's being pushed aside in favor of others despite putting in her best effort consistently. Not even 2 years into her EAW career, Astraea's impact is undeniable and she's already seen as a leader of sorts both in the locker room and on the screen. 2019 will be Astraea's year whether you like it or not and the culmination of her years of hard work will finally be realized when she wins the Unified Women's World Championship.

Picture Base: Naomi
In-Ring Attire:
Examples (but not limited to)
Entrance Attire: Rotates between denim jacket, leather jacket, sleeveless hoodie, and military style jacket (all custom-made). For a big FPV, she will wear something similar to an outfit Prince or Michael Jackson would wear to fit the occasion.
Segment/Out-of-Ring Attire:

Theme Music: "Party Goin' Dumb" by Rico Nasty
Special Entrance: Coming soon

Trained By: Texas Wrestling Academy, Mr. DEDEDE, Ronn Banks, Diamond Cage
Wrestling Debut: 2009
EAW Debut: August 14th, 2017
Favorite Match Types: Hardcore
Least Favorite Match Types: Tag Team
Favorite Weapon: Her fists
In-Ring Achievements: EAW Unified Tag Team Champion (with Malcolm Jones as Drillmatic), 2018 EAW Empress of Elite tournament winner, Consejo de Lucha Universal Champion, Divas All-Stars Champion, Maple Leaf Wrestling (MLW) Champion
Other Achievements: 2018 Female Match of the Year (vs. Madison Kaline at Pain for Pride XI), 2x Beef of the Week (vs. Tyler Wolfe, vs. Kassidy Heart), 1x Most Valuable Elitist (with Malcolm Jones as Drillmatic), Member of The Gawd Complex with Mr. DEDEDE and Malcolm Jones, Defeated Madison Kaline at Pain for Pride XI, Top woman in the 2017 EAW Combine

Common Moves: Minimum ten (10)
Handstand headscissors takedown
Middle rope Guillotine choke
Pop-up powerslam
Running handspring moonsault
Military press rib breaker
Sitout powerbomb
Over the shoulder back-to-belly piledriver onto the knee
Big boot
Snap scoop powerslam
Bodyscissors choke hold
Ground full Nelson head slamming
Hand stomp
Standing Shiranui
Avalanche Spanish fly
Modified surfboard stretch
Springboard moonsault
Gorilla press drop followed by a standing Moonsault
Split-legged moonsault
Springboard Stunner
Kata-Gatame suplex
Multiple deadlift suplex variations
Avalanche Ricola bomb
Apron back suplex
Running Shooting Star press
Rapid strikes (punches and kicks)
Spinning Heel kick
Abdominal stretch
Rolling bodyscissors pin
Handspring elbow
Top-rope Frankensteiner

Signature Moves: Minimum of two (2), maximum of five (5)
1. Can You Count to 10? (10 sequential, rolling vertical suplexes)
2. Thot Breaker (Foot-pressed-on-the-head Boston Crab)
3. Power of Equality (Elevated double foot stomp)
4. Chiraq Flowsion (Emerald Flowsion)
5. Spear -- in tribute to Mr. DEDEDE

Finishing Moves: Maximum three (3) and one (1) optional ultra-finisher (UF)
1. Free Smoke (Reverse roundhouse kick)
2. Late Registration (Snap powerbomb cutter)
3. Air Jordan (450 Splash)
UF. Cradle To The Grave (Vertical suplex piledriver) -- given permission by Diamond Cage to use in tribute

In The Ring
- Surgically-repaired right knee
- She has started taking mixed martial arts classes and tries to incorporate what she learns into her moveset if possible
- Taunts: Dancing, Moonwalking, ass smack, waving off, head shots (multiple slaps to the back of the head and side of the face of downed opponent)
- Notable Phrases: "Astraea better", "Getcha merch", "Sure, Jan", "Sis", General Chicago slang (ex. "goofy", "fugazi/fufu", "lames", "on God"

Outside The Ring
- She has recently been seen out and about with NBA player, Jimmy Butler, leading to rumors of their dating
- In the New Year, Astraea has finally moved her immediate family out of Chicago and to Orlando, Florida. She herself still resides in Chicago currently as she works very closely with officials to improve the city with volunteer efforts and appearances at special events (mainly political - gun violence, Black Lives Matter and the like) when not in an EAW ring.
- Sponsorships: Nike, Foot Locker, Metabolic Meals, Fashion Nova, Amiclubwear, Skullcandy, Halo Top Creamery, Prettyhairweave, Dutch Masters
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I ain't even seen u with this character before so imma be pumped to see what all that hype be about. :blessed:

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