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Ring Master was enjoying his time in San Francisco and it really made him look deep into the history vault and realizing that the city itself is a survivor of many catastrophes and yet it was still not the biggest impact on this country. In his own thoughts, he realized that Grand Rampage was on the same level as one of the biggest events in American History the Civil War.

I have really enjoyed the city this week and it is far from over for me but I just thought I would give everyone a quick rundown of how the Civil War and Grand Rampage are alike. I am sure it is something no one has truly thought about or even really cared about and that is fine but I enjoy knowing everything I can about the company I work for.

He was walking along McCovey Cove looking up at Oracle Park home of Grand Rampage.

You see like the Civil War there will be many battles at Grand Rampage but together it makes a war. The battles could go either way with a lot of the matches but in regards to the main event that is the true definition of war. It will be complete chaos and even some confusion but have no fear Ring Master is here to straighten it all out. You see most of the folks competing in the rumble can be put in groups that would also signify an important rank of the Civil War.

He continues walking around taking in all the beautiful weather after storms earlier in the week.

The first set of group would be the lookouts. These are the men whose only job is to watch the back of someone else but never truly want to be part of the action. Lookouts at Grand Rampage will be the guys who hang in the corner acting like they are hurting or down for the count but in reality, they are completely fine they are just analyzing the match waiting to strike but they are indecisive and that moment passes them by. Once the moment passes they have no more purpose in the match and must be eliminated. I would call people like Lucas Johnson, Limy Monaghan and Shane Gates. They are guys who want to be someone but never try fucking hard enough to go to the next level.

The day is a lot hotter then he thought as he removes his shirt and sits by the water hoping for a good cool breeze.

After the lookouts, you have the foot soldiers. The foot soldiers are the ones who do the most damage simply because they are born to strike fast. The problem is though they wear down to easily and become an easy target. They are considered strong in the beginning by as the Grand Rampage royal continues on they become the weakest link and once they are cornered they run out of ideas. They enjoy being in control but once they lose control it is a completely different ball game. When I look at who is available for this position I would say, Terry Chambers and Shawn Sturgis fit the bill. There will attack and weaken all those they attack but they are too weak to finish the job so Ring Master will have to come and clean up the trash and show them what a real elitist does. No shame in being a foot soldier though just have to clean up your game in order to be successful in this event.

With those two groups out of the way, you start getting to the firepower of the entire rumble. You see everyone thinks they are on the same level but the reality is some of us just have to be the punching bags and the others throw punches. You see there are a lot of strong men in this thing and they would be considered the Calvary of EAW. If everyone remembers the Calvary it is a very quick unit that had the advantage of speed and the high ground. The only person I can think of that fits this description is Angel de Plata. At first, you would think this is a compliment but being quick is never going to win you a rumble of this size. Calvary are also known for their strong attack but since they stand out in a crowd they make easy targets. Now you would look at Angel and think there is no way a man of that size can have a powerful strike and your probably right but considering it is a quick strike and that is something he can relate too it makes him a perfect candidate for it. However, he is the biggest most vulnerable target you will ever see. He always gets ahead of himself and never plays defense his type is all about offense and flashy moves well you will remember that when your face hits the mat and you can flip your way all the way to the back. I get that you represent your family and your brand of wrestling style but it will NEVER win you the rumble. You will never have what it takes to be the last man standing.

Next on the list would be the second in command. These are the ones who work for the generals and give the orders to the other ranks. They have a respectful job but the greed they have to be general will get them in trouble. Rebels are dealt with to the fullest extent of the EAW law. I would consider man like Sexy Rexy one of these men. Who does not mind doing the dirty work but he wants full credit by overthrowing the leader of the pack. He will never understand what it takes to be a true leader because deep down he is a coward. Leaders are never cowards no matter what situation they are in. It is the rank that most people enjoy the most and in this case there are only two true people who qualify for the highest rank of them all.

The general is straight to the point. The position comes with the most power and respect you can show someone. I am sure there are a few who disagree but most would put Cage in this category. He will kick anyone's ass who comes between him and his goal except for one other man that's right Ring Master. We can both claim to be the general but barking orders will never work. We need to fight it out and may the best man win. Cage has been very vocal this week which is impressive since most of the time I feel like he is dying on us and dragging his brain through all this is crazy but the man loves to talk but when it matters in the ring it will NOT be enough. Cage your time is numbered and you are not alone at the top of this mountain not by a long shot. I do feel we are going to be the last two standing but just like the real American Civil War there wil only be one true winner and the idea that I will be put to rest is scary.

Ring Master looks back at Oracle Park and begins to think of the short history inside that stadium.

I believe having Grand Rampage here is perfect I mean it is a place known for championships. It understands hard work and dedication everything EAW stands for but in my opinion not every Elitist has those characteristics and it is crucial to have them if want to win. Ryan Wilson fits this mold as he has never had a sweat here in EAW. He feels that having things handed to him is a rightful way to live but for a man trying to become a powerful GM you should know that shady business will never give you the results your after no matter what you do. This event will truly keep you honest whereas other matches any of us could catch away with a small advantage but not here we will see who the men are compared to the boys yet somehow a pussy likeyou sneak into this event.

He looks around and jumps in the cove. It is cold but refreshing as it keeps him stimulated and thinking clearly.


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