MATCH PROMO Bea Valentine goes to "Disney World" [KOE #001]

Bea Valentine

The Eternal
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Lost In Technicolor

Bea Valentine was sitting in a chair, as she was reading a book. Her voice could be heard over the video of her reading said book, as she monologues along.

Bea Valentine: Darling, I took a seat back in my chair, then I rightfully presumed to myself in the same breath, I said to myself. What is the appeal behind Disney World? I decided that I would go to said Disney World. First thing I did? Enamored myself in expectancies. Bratty children, even worse. Weird Disney parents that are living through their children. I decided that going to Disney World wasn't going to be easy. I needed 3 necessary essentials. Mickey Mouse ears, Sunscreen, and Gloria. I equipped myself with all of that, and then. I was prepared to set sail to the happiest place on earth, it would be a long journey – Not at all really, it only took me about 2 hours? I was there and back before I could even say supercallfragalisticout- I can't say the bloody Mary Poppins word! But yes. This was a very big day for me. Meeting all the Disney characters. I would like to take you into a deep dive of.. MY DAY AT DISNEY!

With that being said, a title card would play. Bea Valentine was standing in a busy area in front of Disney World. She had a fan blowing on her, as she was already sweating.

Bea Valentine: I am so sweaty, and I have sticky icky right now. Repulsing, and ultimately so disgusting. But erm, Civilians keep reaching out and asking me.. “Why are you wearing Mickey Mouse ears? This is the wrong park!” quickly out of my embarrassment, not realizing I had come to the Animal Kingdom or something, where mouse ears are considered offensive. I took them off. Actually, I didn't know Disney World even had a park like this, or advertised it. Kind of awful on their part– but erm. Disney World: Universal Studios!


Bea Valentine turned her camera around to reveal, she wasn't even at Disney World. She was at Universal Studios!

Bea Valentine: Oh well, I wanted to go and see capcot, but you know how that is chérie, I'll just go ahead now and walk into the park….

Bea Valentine walked into the park, peering around as she took a deep breath.. and then started heinously coughing, as she was coughing.. VERY BAD. She had to catch her breath…

Bea Valentine: Oh my god. This place has crap air pollution! Good job Princess Candice, as the French say “you're horrible at your job!” If I were the Princess of Disney World, I'd make sure this place smelled delightful, and people could smoke here! Why are we banning smoking? This is an overwhelming place, filled with stress!

Bea Valentine took a deep breath, as she continued to proceed along the path of Universal Studios, in which she led herself to believe, was Disney World. Her narration spoke over the sequences.

Bea Valentine: I learned plentiful things, Harriot Pottier, did you know he was a Disney product? You're a wizard, Harriot. Mon dieu. I saw the Lorax, I also didn't know he was a Disney product. I am absolutely bestowned. I even saw The Cat In The Hat! Did you know that The Cat In The Hat, Sam I Am, and The Grinch are all Disney properties? Neither did I. I would actually praise the process more, had I known this in advance! Gloria and I took many great pictures. And we even consumed, whatever a “HogsMeade” was.

Bea Valentine had pictures of her playing with various mascots in the park. That culminated with multiple polaroids that showed her doing different things with Gloria. Eating, taking pictures and just doing various things. That would culminate at the pin point however, as Bea Valentine was on a rollercoaster, clenching Gloria closely, in the example of those mostly fake looking photoshoots that you pay 35$ for after you get off a ride.

Bea Valentine: Mon dieu, that roller coaster was so nefarious, I almost lost my trousers from the impact. At the end of the day; I can't say Princess Candice was wrong. Disney World treated and greeted me with so much hospitality. Gloria and I were held on a high pedestal, honestly. As the French would say in the society of today.. that was a “Core Memory.” And that's all else I could really establish! I had utmost fun, but honestly I can't believe I am admitting this. I am depressed now, knowing that I made such amazing friends at Disney World, like.. The Incredible Hulk, now he stands in the corner of Princess Candice at King Of Elite. (He may not, however, I made sure to slip him an extra 20$!). However, when I got back to my hotel after a trip to Disney, it was impeccable. I do suggest delving into taking a pandering trip to Disney World: Universal Studios. As the park is actually bigger than advertised! I literally got to run through a wall on the Hogwarts Express! It was so phenomenal, that I even began reading Harriot Pottíer, and I believe that they should adapt all the books into a cinematic franchise spanning decades! That would absolutely make moolah at the box office 🤩🤩🤩!!!

Finally Bea Valentine was in her hotel room, she took a deep breath, and a relief of happiness as she sat down on a chair and rested her feet. Gloria draped across her chest. She was letting her emotions rivet wildly into the air, as she was wearing all Universal Studios merchandise.

Bea Valentine: You know as a performer, there's not many days in my life that I am per say, enjoying life. I am usually taking some sort of fall on my buttox. This was a day, where my buttox took no injuries, and it was all enjoying Disney World: Universal Studios! I can see why Princess Candice deep down isn't so much a bitter person, as I take the time to enamor and delve myself into the life of a Disney adult. If I didn't have self standards, and a child of my own in Gloria.. I'd become a Disney Adult, but unfortunately I have a regime to uphold. And also I got very tan from being in that place. I don't want to get a ridiculously ugly tan, because then women will try and state, HER TAN IS FAKE! But no ❤️!!! I do gotta say however, now that it is King Of Elite week. I want to embed myself as an assignment to Princess Candice’ culture, so that's my plan. Tomorrow, I'll watch a Disney filmmm, to give you my perspective on their cinematic standpoint. But let me selfishly divert away from Disney and Princess Candice’ for a few words.. TO TALK ABOUT MYSELF!!!!

In case you have been living under a rock, with that said. Why are you giving yourself scoliosis of that caliber dear? Anyways, spinal issues aren't anything to chat about. Let's talk more about mwah. I ensued war with none other than Cameron Ella Ava, the twin sister of Princess Candice. I was seeing double that night, two twits and it was immense! They were both using twin magic to throw me afloat! And I refuse to believe any other wise, because on Voltage, that was a solidifying moment for myself. Dispute all you want about everyone else being present. But I feel like it was a good odd evener, we should throw a parade in my honor for what I did. I was on the search to defeat an EAW Hall Of Famer! And with the powers that be, and the faith of Gloria, Cornelius and whomever else on my side, I FINALLY DID IT! AGH! I ACTUALLY DEFEATED A HALL OF FAMER. MON DIEU. I CRIED AT LEAST 7 TIMES OF HOW PROUD I WAS ON MYSELF! I DID IT! I BLOODY DID IT! I WAS SOSOSOSOSOSOOSOSOSOSO HAPPY!!! Oh. Sorry, I broke character just a little bit there. But it's okay, people in stage play can have a little fun on closing night. It's almost time for me to close the door on my experience with Princess Candice. Ultimately it may be the best and most fun I've ever had in an EAW arsenal. I have many enemies that wish to bring me down, but you know what the difference is? Many of them are watching me perform. It's nice to be facing Princess Candice in a one on one terms however, sure she may have the Lorax, Sam I Am, and Horton Hears A Who in her corner, but that's fine. Because I'll have the most evil character in Disney at my aid, Wilford The Pooh! I let it slip however yes. I will be examining that titular 2023 cinematic title. Wilford The Pooh: Blood And Honey. I will give you my consensus on it, I am thrilled with excitement. I'm thinking it will be great. Wilford being in my corner is going to be GREAT! And 2024 is looking back up. To be honest, I was contemplating forcing trauma upon myself, had I lost another match in 2024. I was going to make myself go 2 hours without seeing Gloria. That would have destroyed me, oh so mentally.

But erm yes aha, you seeee, I do find myself own somewhat of an apology to Princess Candice. I truly dunked on Disney and disrespected it. You can laugh at me however, and say.. I TOLD YOU SO! Because yes. You told me so. In fact maybe even your twin sœur was right, when she used that one word. What was it? Nostalgia? I think that's what it was. When I first heard Nostalgia, I thought it was just a term for some kind of disease people who failed to grow up and become an adult had. But I find myself nostalgic from my trip at Disney, riding the rides. Eating the simpsons donuts, it was actually the best day ever. It may have been the best day of my entire life 😟! Not to make Gloria insecure or anything, but I really did love today. I think this was the first time I ever felt humanized. I could actually come to terms with who I am- AND HEY WOAH, WOAH. PHOEBE VERONICA VALENTINE WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING! You are imploying weakness. Remember the motto, get your chin up dear, tits out, all that and then some. Because Princess Candice shall be exploited by her own nostalgia! You find yourself falling in love with the genre, but that is the penultimate trap. Immersing you in your own trap, and then BAM. The Grinch has you! And he's shoving a 10 foot pole through your ears! Alas, I don't know what I am saying. I honestly never know what I am saying. When it comes to my monologues. I get a little loosey goosey, and lost in my own thoughts. As the French say, I find it cringeworthy. I try to make sure that my development isn't as significant as my opponent. As a virtue, I wish to psychically show you how much I have encompassed and grown. And if you want the truth Princess Candice, I don't underestimate you. But there is surely a bit of a difference between yourself and mwah. How did Road To Redemption go for you? I was beating women with my fist and feet! What were you doing? Oh right. You were coping from a loss. I won't use that entirely against you. But it seems as if, for Princess Candice to get a win, she has to be in her own territory. I find that nonsensical at utmost honesty. I don't believe in what she is selling me, she needs Pluto and Minnie with her tits out to save her and secure victory! You know how Bea Valentine ensures a victory? She just beats your buttox till you can't get back up yet!
I have been in EAW for the size of a sneeze, and if you want to say I've already been here for almost a bloody year, then you could play off the fact and say it was an incredibly long sneeze, that you needed tissue paper for! But in that time, I have seen this lady Princess Candice.. AMOUNT TO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I have zero belief in her, and I have zero confidence that if she were holding Gloria in her hands, she wouldn't absolutely ruin her! She'd have bloody Pluto pissing on the belt, I ALREADY SAID PLUTO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, I CAN'T THINK OF ANY OTHER CANINE DISNEY SPECIMEN! Regardless dear, I don't give a poop what you think! You are in denial and lying to yourself!!! I just…. yuck. SEEK HELP PRINCESS CANDICE!
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