Hayley Morrow

Seattle, Washington

Basic Information
Government Name: Hayley Avery Morrow
Wrestling Name: Hayley Morrow
Picture Base: Tatum Paxley
Current Nicknames: "Black Rose Immortal" (MAIN) "The Demon of The Fall"
Pronouns: She/They
Tattoos: Hayley has a tattoo of a phoenix rising up on her upper left arm, the tattoo means to signal growth and rebirth. She also has a tattoo of flowers on her upper right thigh, the meaning...? Well. It's the same reason why she calls herself 'Black Rose Immortal'
Height: 5'5
Weight: 120 lb
Age: 22
Date of Birth: July 4th, 2001
Hometown: Manhattan, New York
Billed and raised in: Seattle, Washington

Nationality: American of English descent. Hayley's grandfather came from England.

Disposition/Alignment: Anti Hero Tweener

Gimmick: "Black Rose Immortal'

Hayley Morrow is a second generation wrestler. When Hayley was 18, she joined her father in Wrestling and joined his heel faction, doing dirty work. Realizing that wasn't the life she wanted and that what she was doing was wrong, she was kicked out. GTS by her own father. Hayley felt betrayed, resulting in her mellon collie and rather bitter personality today. Hayley then left wrestling for 4 years. Then on that fateful day. July 4th 2023, on Hayley Morrow's 22nd birthday. She got a call from EAW to join the Sunday Night Voltage roster, and she trained at their performance center to sharpen her skills and loosen off ring rust before getting properly signed. Hayley wrestles not only as a middle finger to her father and those who manipulated her. But as a chance to be someone. She wants the top prize in EAW, to be a champion or how she likes to put it her 'crown' and throne, not as a chance for glory, but to prove that she can indeed be someone without the help of her father. Hayley however, is still broken and hurt after what happened years ago. The reason why she calls herself 'Black Rose Immortal' is because a black rose immortal to Hayley is someone profound and full of hardship. Someone who's been through too much to where they're not human anymore. A shell of their former self. Withered away like a black rose.

Hayley was born on July 4th, 2001 to Avery and Christopher Morrow. Hayley was an ordinary yet excitable child. She grew up loving rock and metal music but her main love? Pro wrestling, both her dad in the indies and EAW. Hayley was 10 years old when she started watching, watching guys like CM Banks, Mr DEDEDE, Impact, Scott Diamond. Even in her teenage years she started to love Brody Sparks, Jamie O'Hara and Madison Kaline. So when Hayley turned 18, she entered a wrestling school. Oh right. We should mention this. Her dad was a professional wrestler named Christopher Morrow. He wasn't a special wrestler. Midcarder floundering, putting over young talent. However, he was Hayley's hero. He was someone nobody cared about, but to Hayley he was everything. However, according to her, she needed her own path. And happy go lucky Hayley trained at a local school. And to put it in her own words:
'I had no chance of being a star. Hell, I couldn’t even run the ropes or even hit a DDT properly.'

jDown on her luck, to her she had no chance of chasing her dreams. Then… came Hayley's dad. He offered her a chance she couldn't refuse. He took her under his wing, and made her his protege under his group. His faction if you will. Y’know, doesn’t sound bad right? Thing is, it was all a ploy. Dirty work. Manipulated. Destined for failure, despite being set up for greatness. She was taking people out. Defending her father… despite him never getting a title. The Usos to your Roman Reigns. Hayley didn't want that for herself. So when she backed down and said she wouldn’t stand for being a human shield for someone’s dirty work..
She jumped and was kicked out.

Lamb to the slaughter.
Hayley left wrestling for 4 years, before she got a call a few weeks after her birthday to join EAW. This was her chance to herself. Or more or so, an outlet of frustration for the fiasco from years back.
To her, now she should be in that crown.

Making everyone bow one by one, just like she did before.



Name: Christopher Morrow
Picture Base: William Regal
Height: 6'0
Weight: 220 lb

Age: 55

Born in London, England and moved to the United States when he was 10 years old, Christopher started training as a wrestler when he was 18 and debuted when he was 20 in 1988. He was a great wrestler, but midcarder for life due to his mediocre mic skills. When he was 33 in 2001, he was living in Manhattan, New York, he had Hayley Avery Morrow with his wife named Courtney Morrow, an American woman. As stated before, he trained Hayley and manipulated Hayley to do his dirty work. When Hayley defied him, he jumped and kicked her out. He is still upset about this to this day, and has never spoken to Hayley again. Christopher will mainly be used for character development promos.

Courtney Morrow

COMING SOON (whem im not fucking lazy)


Theme Music: "Cellar Door" by Spiritbox
Special Entrance [Optional]: N/A, however it will be a thing.

- Frustrated at what happened before, Hayley wrestles as more or so a middle finger to those who manipulated her. As well as to be something more. AKA: A star. After all, the chance of stardom was taken from her.
- Hayley wants to be someone. She wrestles to grab a chance to be a star. Be a champion. Hold her 'crown' over her head as she sits on her throne. This is not for glory, but to prove to herself that she can be someone WITHOUT her father.
Tendency to Cheat: If she is REALLY desperate, she will cheat.

Wrestling Debut [Optional]: September, 29th 2019
Favorite Match Types [Optional]: Any hardcore matches. It's a good way to let her anger and frustration out on the world. In a violent wasteland! 🤩
Least Favorite Match Types [Optional]: Tag matches. She just doesn't trust people.
Favorite Weapon: Barbed Wire Baseball Bat. Hayley loves the shine of the barbed wire.

Segment Attire
Entrance Attire
In-Ring Attire
In-Ring Achievements [Optional]:

Common Moves:
1. Forearm Smash
2. Heatseeker Piledriver
3. Snap Vertical Suplex
4. German Suplex
5. Standing Double Foot Stomp
6. Hurricanrana
7. Superkick
7. Superkick to the knee, into a Roundhouse
8. Snap Dragon Suplex
9. Michinoku Driver
10. Falcon Arrow
11. Dragon Screw
12. Spanish Fly
13. Avalanche Spanish Fly (Save for big spots)
14. Sitout Powerbomb
15. Rolling Kneebar
16. Tiger Suplex
17. Shining Wizard
18. Hesitation Dropkick
19. Springboard Moonsault
20. Corkscrew Moonsault
21. Suicide Dive
22. Diving Missile Dropkick
23. Diving Double Footstomp
24. Diving Moonsault
25. Shooting Star Press
26. Cattle Mutilation transitioned into a Dragon Sleeper
27. Crossface
28. Boston Crab
29. Fujiwara Armbar
30. Inverted Cloverleaf
31. Springboard Missile Dropkick

Signature Moves:
1. 'Feast of Fire' (Springboard Forearm Smash/Phenomenal Forearm) [X]
2. 'House of Flies' (Spinning Uranage, Jay White style) [X]
3. 'Devil Trigger' (Bicycle Knee Strike/V-Trigger, either done out of nowhere or for big spots) [X]
4. 'Call of Kthulu' (Constatin Special Lariat) [X]

Finishing Moves:
1. 'Serenity Painted Death' (Torture Rack into knee strike/Feast Your Eyes) [X]
2. 'Blackwater Park' (Suplex into a Backbreaker/End of Heartache) [X]
'Artificial Suicide' (Powerbomb into the knees/Project Ciampa) [X]
UF. 'Infernal Death' (Avalanche Powerbomb into the knees/Avalanche Project Ciampa) [X]


Hayley is openly pansexual! She may or may not be single though, due to her trust issues. 🤔
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Hayley Morrow

Seattle, Washington
woahhhh not even a month into using this character and im already changing the theme music (the lyrics fit hayley's character and story more than take shape. i also like spiritbox a lot)

Hayley Morrow

Seattle, Washington

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Hayley Morrow

Seattle, Washington
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