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"Seven-hundred and twenty two. That is the amount of days that it has been since I held the EAW World Heavyweight Championship. Let’s break it down even more; nearly twenty-thousand hours or two years has elapsed since what many, even myself, personally, considered the most triumphant and financially successful chapter of my career. I am not in the mood today to rewind my greatest hits, but all in all, it was a very prosperous year for myself, but it has been on a downward slope ever since. There has not been a single moment in these past two years where I have returned back to that crescendo, with so many opportunities slipping through my fingers, that it has brought me to a point where I have to celebrate these little victories here and there. These wins over Theron Nikolas, over Devolution, even over The Ice Aces–they were so miniscule in the grand scheme of things, but this sense of achievement has been so sparse for me, that it was needed for me to celebrate them and maintain a positive outlook. All of this was executed with unwavering patience, an intentional withdrawal from the world championship conversation, but there is a point in time where it inevitably and eventually wanes, where it thins, where it dissolves into a no tolerance policy… and the greatest test to my patience was not against Henderson constantly invading my privacy, or CM Bank$ burning my hard work to the ground, or working with Jake Smith and Adam Lucas–no–it was gaslighting myself into believing that I could be the one to fix Ryan Wilson. It was fooling myself into thinking that I was more capable than all of the groupies he has been with. It was bypassing all of my logic and believing that if there is one individual who could rescue him from his life-long trance in his career and propel him into stardom, it would have been me. It was me, who initiated this partnership and allowed him to hitch his wagon to me. It was us, who fought and forged a brotherhood in combat. It was me, giving him an easy entry to being next to a Hall of Famer and to enjoy all the little things in life that come with it. It was him, who took all of that for granted and failed to hold his end of the bargain at every twist and turn. Now that we are here, a year after making this decision–I have to face the outcome of my decision and what lies ahead of me is not a beautiful result. It is not a result of what I had hoped for. Far, far, far from it. What I see is a horrifying disaster in the shape of a human who remains unchanged with the same swiss cheese ideologies and who remains consumed by the temptation to act like a petulant child on the net’ for clicks. What I see is my most profound regret, the greatest blunder of my existence, the biggest waste of time, and my worst investment of all time. What I see is a nonchalant mongrel who turned my own countrymen onto me, who got me unceremoniously booted from the brand I wanted to anchor to, who had me looking like this for a year straight. What I see is Ryan Wilson, whose only signs of career progression in the past twelve months is his hair growth and protruding belly. Same man, same mindset, same resume. Meanwhile, what you see is Xander Payne, a man whose only sign of progression is concussions and grey hairs."

Before you cast your aspersions and the media throws even more red tomatoes at me, make sure you mention that Xander Payne gave Ryan Wilson the world. A year ago, no one in that locker room would have given them their time or day. No one would have batted an eye or even utter a word to him. No one wanted to give him a chance. It was me who would be the odd one out because I saw the untapped potential that was inside Ryan Wilson and thought that it could have been me who could compel him into accessing that potential. I provided him invaluable guidance, through the perspective of a grizzled veteran who has done it all in this industry, all in the hopes that Ryan Wilson could break his compromise and steer himself into the right direction, and all I wanted in exchange was to aid me in my quest to craft a flawless masterpiece of what dominion should look like, to build a safe haven for professional wrestlers worldwide, maybe have a little share of his profits. This was, of course, with the assumption that Ryan Wilson was capable of learning from me, of incorporating my knowledge into his own recipe, and eventually brewing a recipe that would work for him, and that is where he fell short. It was everytime that Dominion was faced with its biggest test, it was Ryan Wilson himself who fell short. It was Ryan Wilson who let Dominion be held back under a glass ceiling. It was Ryan Wilson who couldn’t play his role as promised and there is a point in time where enough is enough. What other option was for me to exercise? It had to be done. I had already given him enough benefit of the doubt for the first time around, but when you are unable to show that you are learning from my teachings, and in turn, being unable to hold your end of the bargain, for two more times, something needs to be done. That is when you are met with a decision; either continue to move the goalposts, add inflation to that benefit of the doubt, and give him one more chance, or cut them loose. And cutting them loose is what I did… and it was not a simple, definitely not an easy decision for me to make… but it had to be done… for the sake of my own mental health… and some people are acting as if what happened was a history reenactment of how the Wildcards imploded, but before we jump to conclusions, understand that the way I let go of Myles compared to how I let go of Ryan Wilson; it is apples and oranges. I let go of Myles thinking he needed a reality check, that he was too comfortable in his leisures, which is what led us to losing our championship titles, but that release was also in a way where I felt no qualms about it. I felt satisfied when I let go of Myles. Not in the manner of shedding dead weight, but in the manner that I felt that Marco did not need me anymore at that point and that he was ready to be sent into the jungles and come back as a champion. He was ready because he showed that he learned from my teachings. Was our encounter early this season show that he survived being thrown into the harsh climate? Was it not proof that he learned from me and that I was right to let him go? What I did to Myles felt like a right choice for me because I didn’t feel like my time was wasted and that I didn’t invest all my time and resources for nothing to happen.. and that is why this media comparison is apples and oranges because I didn’t have the same feeling that I had letting go of Myles, when I let go of Ryan Wilson."

Put one and two together and you will understand why that is. I was selfless for a year, pushed my pursuits to the side to shine more spotlight onto the future, Ryan Wilson in particular. This was in the hopes that he would use this knowledge to follow the footsteps of a Drake King, of a Myles, of a Bronson Daniels, of a Limmy Monaghan, and so, and so. I had hoped he would have appreciated and taken this investment seriously as equally as me, but it is apparent that he did not. All you must do is take one look at how he carries himself and hear one sentence from him and it will prove my point. Everyone wants to villainize me, paint me as this bad guy, but does anyone know how I have been feeling the past couple of weeks? Do you not think I feel like shit pulling out of this investment? Don’t you think I have been staying up at night, overthinking because I put it all into this, just to get nothing in return? Don’t you see it? I gave Ryan Wilson the world, the universe, and beyond. I devoted the twilight years of my career to him… and I lent a hand to him when no one else did, and he spat it in, and that is not what you do to the hand that feeds you… He says that I never cared about him, about making this work, but he must have not seen… Don’t you see what I have sacrificed? Don’t you see what I have forfeited? Don’t you understand the risk that I took? Does no one understand how I feel.. because this is all Ryan Wilson’s fault. Blame it on this and that, blame it on me only, blame it on Xander Payne because that is the only narrative that fits. Is this what insanity feels like? Does ANYONE KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE TO GO THROUGH A YEAR OF THIS? I HAVE HAD TO GO HOME, BLOODIED AND BATTERED, TO MY LOVING WIFE CHILDREN, KNOWING THAT I AM FAILING TO GIVE THEM SOMEONE TO LOOK UP TO AND PROVIDE FOR THE TABLE AND THAT IS BECAUSE OF RYAN WILSON! I HAVE HAD TO FLY BACK INTO MY HOME COUNTRY IN SECRECY BECAUSE THEY DON’T ACCEPT ME NO MORE AND THAT IS BECAUSE OF RYAN WILSON!I MY BRAIN, MY BACK, MY LEGS, WERE ALL SACRIFICED FOR THE SAKE OF MAKING MY INVESTMENT COUNT AND NOW I AM PHYSICALLY A SHELL OF THE GREEK GOD THAT I USED TO BE AND THAT IS ALL BECAUSE OF RYAN WILSON… ALL OF THESE SCARS!! ALL OF THESE CONCUSSIONS!! ALL FOR NOTHING AND ALL BECAUSE OF HIM! EVERYTHING BAD THAT HAS HAPPENED TO XANDER PAYNE IS BECAUSE OF RYAN WILSON… DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? YOU ALL WANT TO TALK ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO XANDER PAYNE? WHY IS HE NOT THE PAYNEKILLER ANYMORE? WHY IS HE NOT A GOD ANYMORE? WHY IS HE NOT THE CHAMPION ANYMORE? IT IS BECAUSE OF THAT SCOUNDREL.. THAT SCALLYWAG! THAT DAMN RYAN WILSON!! ..AND NOW HE HAS TO DEAL WITH THE REPERCUSSIONS THE SAME WAY THAT I AM DEALING WITH MINE… HE WILL UNDERSTAND MY PAIN.. HE WILL UNDERSTAND MY MELANCHOLY.. HE WILL PAY DEARLY FOR WASTING MY TIME.. FOR WASTING MY INVESTMENT.. FOR RUINING MY LIFE…. and understand that I will do whatever it takes, go to any lengths, to exact justice and make you feel every itty-bit of pain that I am feeling right now… because you will not get away for wasting my time.. and win or loss, I will haunt you until the ends of the Earth.. and once I put you down before you waste anyone else’s time.. I will return to the man that I once was. I will restore my past. I will find peace in myself… and I bring back what this company has been missing.. The real Xander Payne… hahahaha..hHAHAAAA..HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!"



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