MATCH PROMO Bronson Daniels eats corn the long way

Jake Smith

The Process
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Atherton, California
This is the beginning of the end for you, Bronson.

Are you prepared?

I know I am… because I have been waiting a very long time for this. From the moment I returned to Elite Answers Wrestling and Friday Night Dynasty, you have done nothing but ride on my coattails to no end. You leeched onto every ounce of success that I had, and especially when you lost the World Heavyweight Championship, you became desperate. You grew to realize that you may never get the same opportunities that you did before again, and that’s when you tried everything that you possibly could to get there. I was an unfortunate casualty to your havoc, I allowed myself to get embroiled into it and at the same time allowed it to compromise my career. Now, if you know me, there is nothing I value more than my professional wrestling career. There is nothing I care more about than my own success and my own accomplishments in EAW. So when I sacrificed that to look out for you, to have your back like any other friend would, you took advantage of that. You manipulated me for your own personal means and expected me to just stand by and take it, is that what you wanted? This is why I hate being vilified for my actions, this is why I despise being painted in a negative light for doing the right thing. Let’s make one thing painfully clear, Bronson, and that is that we are all innately selfish in our own ways. Some use that selfishness for good, and some use it for evil. I don’t consider myself having used it for evil, not when the person that I have turned my back on was doing that himself. All I ever cared about was the betterment of my career and the fact that I have gone out there and shown time after time again that I would do anything in order to get it just shows how much I want it. You can’t say the same, Bronson, because you don’t want it more than me. You can say what you want to say to try and cope with it, say that I deserve it even less than you even though I’m more of a commodity than you ever would be in two lifetimes, it doesn’t make a difference. I’m sure you’ve heard so many times that there are levels to this game and now more than ever it could not be more prominent.

Because you and I are not on the same level.

Don’t get it twisted.

For months now, you and I have seemingly been coaligned with our trajectories. Your successes have been my successes, and more importantly… your failures have been mine. Road To Redemption, King of Elite, Reckless Wiring, and now Grand Rampage along with everything in between, it seems as though you and I are intertwined. I have been associated with you, the lesser half of The 420s, for too long now, and personally it makes me sick. I told you from the very beginning that you should be indebted to me for everything that you have done in this company because I brought you in, and even then none of it amounts even close to what I’ve managed to accomplish. I said from the moment I even considered giving you the time of day that you are nothing in comparison to me, and the narrative that you try to spew that you’re somehow above me in a sense is repulsive. Maybe it would be even worth my time to consider if I was on the level of one Ryan Joseph Wilson or Ronan Malosi, and I had nothing to my name, but everyone knows exactly who the hell I am. Everyone knows the legacy that I’ve created, the Hall of Fame caliber career, and most importantly, the people that I have faced and beaten. You have never, ever been able to size up to me and the only times you’ve had the slightest bit of a chance is when it’s not just you in the match, and even then you’ve failed. You fall flat on your face just like the failure we know you to be, it’s not even funny anymore. It’s not even funny anymore either when you try and justify it by claiming you didn’t luck out with the World Heavyweight Championship, but we already know that it was thanks to a Limmy Monaghan who we far established was a foot out of the door, and took losing to a Myles that was already two World Heavyweight Championship losses deep. Once again, hypocritical, I know, but we are not comparable, Bronson. I can’t say the same for myself because I know that becoming a two-time World Champion is frankly inevitable. It’s always been a matter of when for you, meanwhile we don’t know if it’s even possible for you again. It’s hard to catch lightning in a bottle, and it’s easy to say that you were just a flash in the pan, but needless to say, those are not words that you can use to describe me. I am adamant on you stepping into the ring finally with me one-on-one so I can finally have the opportunity to shut you up. It’s the same narrative as it was the past three times, that while you have grown weaker, vulnerable, allowed your feelings to take hold of you and eat you alive, I have become stronger. My mind has become bulletproof, and I will not allow myself to be compromised by the likes of you again. I say that and furthermore have become the best version of Jake Smith that I have ever been in my career. Roadblocks are a part of the journey to the top, especially when it comes to someone like myself, but they are not the end all be all. You can say what you want to say, Bronson, but you know deep down that you will never be me, and you will never reach the amplitudes that I have in this company no matter how much you want to try and chase after it.

I say this a lot, but most of the time it comes up with the level of idiocy and the caliber of opponent that you end up facing, but how you and I approach this match is very, very different. While fighting for this means everything to you, and I know that if you lose your entire narrative about me comes crashing down (which it will), this is just another match for me. Win, I prove a point, laugh to the bank, and expose you for the fraud that we all know you to be (which is what is going to end up happening). Lose, nothing changes, I still have a career worth two of yours, and I win the entire Grand Rampage match. I told you this before, but if you gave your everything that you could have possibly could to win that match and didn’t even scratch the final two while I did a third of that and reached it, what makes you think that you’re even going to be considered in the running? Short answer, you don’t. Short answer, it doesn’t work like that. I welcome you by all means to give it your all, and just like last time, it’s going to amount to nothing because that’s just the type of person that you fucking are, Bronson. You will never succeed especially when I’m around, and that is why I said specifically that this was the beginning of the end. I know it will not be the end just yet seeing as we have one more encounter that I am certain of, but once that is through as well, I will never see you again. While I make my ascension back to the top of the card like I deserve, you will fade into obscurity like we expect you to. You will become nothing as you always have been, and the failure that is Bronson Daniels will stop living in this fairytale of bullshit that he has lived in this entire Season. The honeymoon period is over, and it’s time we start getting real with ourselves now Bronson just as I was with myself all that time before. It’s a cold world out there, and if you don’t know how to survive, then don’t even consider yourself a factor in the realm that we call Elite Answers Wrestling. You mean nothing to me, you are nothing, and on Dynasty I will personally make sure this all comes to an end at my hands.

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