MATCH PROMO "...But... Underestimation.. Always leads to the biggest of surprises, doesn't it?" (Delilah Rose vs Milli Banks, Dynasty #002)

Delilah Rose

'The Final Boss'
Sheffield, England

Delilah Rose: And she FINALLY shows. Took you long enough.. I know, but… You act like you really know me? Really? Ms. Milli Banks thinks she knows who I am! But… The confidence exuding from our dear Specialists Champion is clear.. And yet, I don’t think it’s warranted. I know. You’re heading to Pain for Pride to face your arch nemesis Serenity Valdez in what is set to be a 5 star classic, a match that is going to be remembered for the ages! Yet.. The thing is. That’s NOT what’s supposed to be the match tomorrow on Dynasty. You’re in the ring with.. HER. The Final Boss of EAW. The Final Nail in THE COFFIN… The Scarlet Cross. I know.. You’re the one in the title match at the biggest show of the year, and I’m here sitting on the sidelines. But that’s not what this match is about.. It’s not about “arrogance” or being “egotistical”, like you said. It’s not about… Being from a country with both a bad history and a stereotype? …Still don’t know why you brought that up, but okay. Mate, this is about two women that are the bloody BEST in this company… And only one walks out the winner.

That’s me.

I mean… C’mon. It took you almost a full week to even come back, DESPITE being the Specialists Champion. Which in my mind… Frankly isn’t a proper champion. And all this… While ducking your competition. HER. Delilah bloody’ Rose. I don’t want your belt mate. I believe you are a fraud, sure.. But me mentioning all that wasn’t because I’m “jealous” of your spot. I mean… You earned it, but that is most DEFINITELY… Not it. It’s because I don’t think you have the balls to even bloody care about this match!

That’s your downfall.

Mate. Confidence is not “ego”, or “self-absorbed”, because you’ve seen it. Or at least I hope you have. I’ve improved.. Immensely these past 2 months. I was cocky.. Sure. I still believed this was my birthright. However at the time… I was in over my head. And now finally.. I’m living up to these bloody words. I’ve been climbing.. Skyscrapers above any of these new women elitists in EAW. Be it a Kasai.. Or a Valerie Hellstorm or a Madison Hansen or.. Rory Slate which I beat in embarrassing fashion to a bloody SIGNATURE. Jay I had a technical masterclass which.. Unfortunately got cut short. We don’t talk about MIDray Turner. As you can see Milli… This is my first real bloody test for a real challenge. Do NOT screw this up. Because sure, this may be your shit.. But this is my bloody LEGACY. So I ask.. No, DEMAND! Don’t fucking screw this up. Because I deserve.. That spotlight

I know… You’re not the type to lose focus on your prey. Once you have your eyes locked on him or her, you never lose sight of them. So I didn’t expect to cheat you out of this win. Because I know you’re bloody good. Great even! One of the best on the damn roster! …You’re bloody Hermes. But you can never be HER. You’re great… But I am and always WILL BE one step ahead. Milli.. I demand again! That you don’t take this moment from me. …Because, to me.. This is a regular match. Just a bigger and more established opponent. I actually don’t care about who you are. And… I thought I made myself clear. But here we go again! YOU… YES YOU MILLI. DON’T BLOODY SCARE ME! I’ve stated that before. And you don’t scare me! I just want a great match. Because with a great match.. You can prove that… You can back up your words. Your confidence, or ego.. As you called it. But, this isn’t about me! Of course not! It’s about you and Seren-ren! Serenity Valdez! Blood rivals!

…But… Underestimation.. Always leads to the biggests of surprises, doesn’t it?

She’s in your head Milli. I can tell.. I mean, I was in that wannabe tough gal Rory Slate’s head.. But… Look what happened to her… Didn’t turn out so well, right? But, I never said I wanted to get in your head right? Because I don’t need to, Ms. Milli Banks. I simply need a win.. That’s all I’m satisfied with. I don’t care about your blood feud with Serenity. Or Sierra. Or Madison. I care about Delilah Rose vs Milli Banks… Being the best match on the show because I will repeat this one final time. This is my moment.. Do not bloody let me down.. You know my next move in the ring, sure. May it be a German Suplex.. Dragon Suplex! Foot stomp! Maybe even a submission like a Half Boston Crab or STF? Whatever move it is… I know you too Milli, I know what tricks you have up your bloody sleeve.. Because this match is EVERYTHING mate. It’s my moment maker. It’s the match that sets me to stardom! The bright lights. The fame. The attention. …Of course all I have is in samples, but I need every. Single. Last. Drop. I don’t underestimate you Milli. I just think you’re not worth my bloody time. I wasn’t worth yours too, it seemed like.

But.. It’s a shame really. Sure you had flair. But.. Besides that. You grew stale halfway. I said something about me being the first chapter into the history books of EAW, and how… The chapter was about me taking EAW over as my kingdom right?

This is the first page.

After all… It’s not arrogance if I can back it up right? Don’t let me down.

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