Amir Yusuf

The Heart of EAW
New Breed Champion
Amir is funny.

Amir is hilarious.

I'm the New Breed Championship.

My reign is coming to an end, but it won't be at Clash of Kingdoms.

Amir Yusuf marks a third successful title defense for me.

Amir is not the one ending my reign.

My reign won't end now.

Your respect holds no value compared to my hard work.


Amir does? Do I? Wow! WOW! I have literally heard these sentences around 350 times throughout the damn week, and Ryan Wilson says that the one repeating the same shit over and over again is ME. You know what is even more hilarious? It's the reason Ryan Wilson says that — which is me saying that leaving Kuwait City without the New Breed Championship is not an option. And you know what makes it even more hilarious than it already is? It's that Ryan Wilson had a whole damn week, and despite how many times he tried, he failed to prove me wrong or make it look like an option. I hate to break it to you, man, but you failed to make Ryan Wilson retaining The EAW New Breed Championship at Clash of Kingdoms II even seem like a damn possibility. I thought my time was at Midsummer Massacre, and I, indeed, gave it everything I had, but it wasn't my time, which is the reason I came up short, and I had no shame in defeat, and you know the damn reason. Now? This IS my time. Ryan Wilson ain't an individual who is capable of stopping me. You will make it difficult. You will make it totally hard for me. You will make it a goddamn tough fight. You will force me to be at my absolute best in order to achieve that goal, and I have no doubt that you will. You will be a tough fight, because you are a talented Elitist, and you know quite well that I ain't an individual that would find a weakness sign in admitting that. No matter how many times you were actually being a delusional, rude bully to me, I will STILL not give you the same energy in return; ending your reign and taking everything away from you is enough for me. Giving you the "Wake up, you're not above everybody." slap in order to wake you up and open your damn eyes is only what's needed. You're very, and I definitely mean VERY arrogant, Ryan; and I have to show you that your arrogance isn't what is going to get you what you want, or make you stand where you think you belong, just like how I have to do whatever the hell is needed to become The New Breed Champion at Clash of Kingdoms II. I will do both. No way I won't. Doubting that is something I can only see Ryan Wilson doing. Make empty threats all you want, but I swear that they won't save you from what I'm willing to be giving you in Kuwait City. Perhaps, Ryan Wilson thinks that screaming: "I'll leave you mangled, bruised and injured!" increases his chances in retaining that Championship, which is something I will make sure he won't do, but in reality, do these stupid, empty threats change anything of what is going to happen one way or another at Clash of Kingdoms II? Empty threats are the last thing anyone should expect to make a difference, and an Elitist who makes promises they cannot keep is the last one that deserves to have the honor of being a Champion. MAYBE, you're right coming to one point, and only one point; you are CONSIDERED as someone who is on a higher level than me or of a higher stature than mine, but did you think about the reason for a damn minute? It's that belt… the belt you won by beating a nobody, and retained against a nobody, and someone who wasn't at her hundred percent. The belt you ruined its legacy, Ryan… The Elite Answers Wrestling New Breed Championship. But, after Clash of Kingdoms II — are you SURE things are going to remain the same? Are you sure everything is going to go the same way it used to go before the event? If you do, then that's all on you, but in reality? No. Hell no. Things won't be the same. The New Breed Champion will be different. The one considered as the better individual between the two of us will be different. The Brand that the EAW New Breed Championship is going to be on will be different. What is going to take a place at Clash of Kingdoms II is what you think and hope that it won't take a place. No, I'm not going to end up as one of those who you beat, because a loss to you is what would ruin everything for me. I allow every single shortcoming I've had to get the better of me. Theron Nikolas, Adam Lucas, Cameron Ella Ava and TLA, Jamie O'Hara, and most certainly, you at Territorial Invasion. Every loss for me marks something. It has a meaning for me. It has a story. It has power that pushes me forward to achieve what I'm willing to achieve at any damn cost, even if it will require putting literally everything I got on the line. I understand how hard you want to keep that title for as many days as you can, but I can't lose this. I can't screw up this chance. I don't care about anything you're willing to achieve in your career; I care about what I am willing to achieve in MY career, and that includes winning something you have that I want; it includes winning The New Breed Championship, and I am, indeed, doing that.

Laughable… hilarious… laughable… hilarious…. LAUGHABLE! HILARIOUS! Find something new to say, bro. Repeating that what's, indeed, going to happen is 'laughable' and 'hilarious' for you doesn't do anything, but make you look like an idiot, which is what you already are, but whatever. You try to look like the smart guy, who's got the upper-hand on Amir Yusuf, without even realizing that you're making yourself look like a brainless fool in the process. I'm not an indie wrestler anymore, though. I'm an Elitist. I'm on the Elite Answers Wrestling roster, and the reason I got here, while I'm still twenty-one-year-old, is going after my dream. I've always seen becoming a Pro Wrestler as a dream I'm willing to achieve, and here we go. I've always seen making it to Elite Answers Wrestling as a dream I'm willing to achieve, and here we go. I've always seen becoming a Championship Contender in this company as a dream I'm willing to achieve, and here we go, I did it twice. I've always seen becoming a Champion as a dream I'm willing to achieve, and here we go, I'm a few hours away from doing that. Maybe, you weren't determined enough. Maybe, you weren't focused enough. Maybe, you didn't have the needed spirit to achieve your dreams, Ryan, but I see how you finally, got actually started and became a champion at Pain For Pride, congratulations. Great moment. Great win. Decent run with the title. (I would be lying to not just you, but myself if I said that it was great 🤷‍♂️.) But, now? Your time holding that belt is over. Your time as The EAW New Breed Champion is over. Your reign is over. I'm sure you will have even greater things to do after that, but as for The New Breed Championship… its holder won't be Ryan Wilson anymore. You achieved your goal, which was winning a title — no matter after how much time, and what title it was. Congratulations on that. You straight-up brushed off my point with an "I don't care, I still achieved my goal!", but alright, I won't bother to make a point out of that. Your arrogance will be your downfall. Hell, it will be the reason you lost your title to The Heart of EAW, Amir Yusuf, at Clash of Kingdoms II, in Kuwait City. Anything I call you out on for YOUR sake, but you ignore is an advantage, Ryan; an advantage I'm going to take at Clash of Kingdoms II in order to become a Champion. Some opponents made it difficult for me to know what's exactly going on through their minds, but for you? Knowing what you want to do, and what you think of doing is VERY easy… :mjlol: more so than getting under Johnny Andrews' skin. You could be all that? Alright, and? Do you even realize the fact that you're showing how many times you actually came up short, and failed to achieve any goal you had? If your mindset is like that, then my point is furthered. If I thought that way, you would have seen me always screaming: "I would have been the Hardcore Champion by now!", so you not actually complaining about the fact that you were, indeed, a failure is not something to straight-up brag about. All Hall of Famers for sure had a bigger, BIGGER number of title shots than the number of titles they won, but you don't see them screaming: "I could've been a/an [insert the number of title shots they had]-time Champion!", do you? None of what you said makes the slightest sense, and certainly, none of it will be able to save you from what you're going to get, no matter what, at Clash of Kingdoms II. You're fine with that? Amazing! Perfect! Great! But if I were you, I wouldn't have been, because I can't live with something like being a failure. Though, I, just like you, wouldn't give up, and would still always do what's needed till the moment I achieve my goal — but I would still always blame myself for every single second for wasting that amount of chances. You see, I've already wasted one, and it's eating me alive. It's eating me alive to the level that makes me sure that losing to you ain't an option. Whoops, that annoys you! But, sorry, it is what it is.

I knew it, though. As a matter of fact, I've been saying it since the beginning of the damn week. Ryan Wilson is an ignorant bastard. Yeah, I lost one title shot, and I'm not willing to lose another. Does it make me sound like a 'man-child' when I say that I won't allow myself to mess up this chance at any cost? Oh, cry me a river. Does it annoy you? I don't care. I'm not sounding like a 'man-child' when I say that I am someone who won't allow anything to push him out of the way of success. Not even at all, bud. You messing up twelve chances doesn't mean that everyone else should go through that. That's what makes me better than you, by the way. You're someone who's 'perfectly fine' with being the one that it took him the biggest amount of time to be a Champion, while I'm someone who's disappointed in himself for messing up a chance, but is walking into this match, knowing that messing up ANOTHER one is impossible… knowing that he HAS to either win, or win. I got smacked on the nose by Adam Lucas? Oh, I got smacked on the nose by Adam Lucas! I had the best match of the whole Free-Per-View with Adam, and as everyone saw, BOTH of us has put EVERYTHING we got on the line, which earned me the respect of that man and of a lot others, and you say that I 'got smacked on the nose?' Are you even watching the damn show? Do you know what is going on in the company you're working for? Shit, am I facing Jonny Airhart? You didn't 'smack me on the nose' either, Ryan. Yeah, you pinned me at Territorial Invasion clean. You could get the better of me, but it all just made me stronger; it made me better, and that's the process needed to become actually a better person. You won't do that at Clash of Kingdoms II. You won't be able to entirely break me down. Talk all you want, 'cause at the end of the day, that's all you can do; talk. I'm not fooling anyone, you're right, I'm just telling some truth. Cheap strategy, and I'm the last person you should expect it to work with. No, I'm not fooling anyone, and you know that… you know it's what I mean, not what YOU mean. I'm already brave, and that's something everybody on this planet knows. Bad try, bud. I won't 'cry' after any outcome, but… can the same be said about you? I don't think so.

Why do you have a huge lack coming to originality, though? Why can't you say something that is actually new? You straight-up repeated everything you've been saying since the beginning of the week at me, but guess what? I repeat the same shit over and over again! Bro, are you literally out of mind? How does that even make sense? I've talked about it at the beginning of the video, but still… man, you know what, I won't even waste more time talking about that. Emulation? I mean… seriously? When I talked about elevation, I was actually mocking you and how you think you're elevating that belt. Why? Because you're not. You're literally ruining its legacy, but I'll make sure that changes when I SAVE that legacy when I become the EAW New Breed Champion at Clash of Kingdoms II after defeating you. You're not elevating the belt. Oh, you will be elevating me…when I beat you and become the Champion, yeah. I already told you that last video, but you ignored it, just like everything else you have ignored. Because you're an ignorant bastard, Ryan. I'm not trying to emulate you. I have never, ever tried to emulate someone in not just my whole career, but also my entire life, and even if I did one day, would the one I try to emulate be…… Ryan Wilson? Who wouldn't tell the Champion they're facing that they're not going to lose? No one. So, how the hell would that be a similarity or even me 'emulating' you? Exactly. And that's why, bud. That's why your points make no sense. Because they're based on nothing. NOTHING makes you better than me and NOTHING proved that you are. Oh, the pin. The pin. The pin! You pinned me at Territorial Invasion, therefore, you will always be able to pin me, right? Hate to break it to you, it doesn't work like that. I said it to the ignorant bitch a lot before, and I will again; it's not so black and white. It's not like pinning me once means that you're always going to pin me whenever we share a damn ring as opponents. You could get the better of me, but you won't be able to do that again, especially this time. I ain't a 'knockoff,' and you know it. Your cheap, CHEAP strategies won't work. And despite EVERYTHING I can use against this man coming to what happened throughout his career, and he knows what I mean… :wow: he calls me a mediocre. Seriously? I'm mediocre, Ryan? I'm someone who managed to put himself on the map after just three months from my debut in a place like EAW, AND I'M A MEDIOCRE? Answer my question, Ryan… just answer it, and I will take back EVERYTHING I have said… in what world does that make sense? In what world does substance exist behind your words? Why are you that delusional? I thought Alex Myers was the most delusional person in EAW, but… you're quickly starting to prove me wrong. Be an asshole all you want. Be annoying all you want. But, will you beat Amir Yusuf? Nah, that's not the one you can do. Deal with the fact that retaining that title against me is impossible.

I know you won't, but… hopefully you realize anything.

Hopefully you will be able to recover from what's going to happen.

That's all I got to say for this week.

Last words; time for actions.

See you in Kuwait City, Ryan.


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