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Nick Hart

*Nick Hart starts his schedule live stream in his studio set up.*

Hello patreon subscribers!
Thanks so much for tuning into another patreon exclusive, for you, my most dedicated fans!
Wow the channel has grown so much these past couple months!
I truly love and appreciate how much you guys are spending to watch my stuff, wear my brand, and how much you guys are talking about me.
Last live stream we were top #10 trending in North American viewers (using Microsoft Edge)! That's a huge get guys.
A ton to get into today. First we recap Pain for Pride.


I did not win the battle royal. That is unfortunate. But overall I was happy with my performance. I lasted longer than a lot of competitors. But hey what are you going to do? These idiots wouldn't see the bigger picture in the match. Roberto De La Rosa I tried to work together and you were too fucking stupid to listen to me. So yeah I smacked some sense to you and was punished for it. I get that. But you didn't win...You could have if we had worked together. But nope you thought with your small brain and are a loser same as me. Great fuckin job, guy. You've made an enemy out of me, just so you're aware. You dumb fuck.

Anyways moving on.

Amir Yusuf and Ryan Wilson.... I listened to what you guys had to say and I have a note right away. It's an incredible self-own to whine about facing someone like me. You've both been here for years and yet, you're stuck fighting someone like me on the first Showdown of Season 16? Wow what fucking legends. You must be very close to the Hall of Fame right? Being relegated like this? I wouldn't run my mouth about facing some "nobody" like me, because I would be too fucking embarrassed to be facing someone as fresh as me. Imagine spending years are a job to just be kept on the same undercard as people who have been here for 3 months. You fucking losers....Face it, the reason you are facing "The lowest names on the bar" is because your names are right there with us. Sick burn though.

But hey side note, I do actually agree with you guys about my partner. If I had been here for 4 years and had literally zero success idk what I'd do with myself. It's pathetic. It makes me shiver thinking about how fucking empty and lame one must feel to have wasted such a long amount of time. Yikes.

Amir, you seem to want a lot of stuff. Championship gold, of course. Why wouldn't you? That should be everyone's goal. You seem to think you're destined for great things. But unfortunately you already had your chance. Your time has come and gone and just to explain broadly...Your career has already peaked, my man. There's nothing up from here. It's all downhill. You've seen the best days you'll have here already. But hey I'm glad you can admit that your downfall was your own stupid fault. At least you know you're a loser. I'm not sure Ryan Wilson has figured that out about himself yet. He'll catch up one day. Yeah I've had two victories so far. Xerxes stole a pinfall from me after I did all the hard work, and one of the only times I've had a legitimate and fair fight, I crushed them into oblivion. If you did any more research you would see that I have continuously been cheated and screwed out of victories. Xerxes has stolen two from me. Really though great job making a statement as a rookie though? It's pretty cool that your best year was your first. Not something I'd brag about personally but hey, I guess some people are inspired by a Tyreke Evans type story. Not me though. Your careers probably have a similar trajectory. I could easily see your careers fading out in a parallel way.

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Ryan Wilson! You see that? Raid Shadow Legends paid me an insane amount of money just to sponsor a promo where I talk shit about you. It's incredible. Thanks for the advice on having them sponsor me. Maybe you're better off being a manager instead of a wrestler? The fact that your career highlight is a loss speaks volumes for just how fucking lame you are. You're seriously bragging about that? Your peak is a loss??? Idk how many times I can ask this question because it's just insane to brag about that. Could never be me. My career highlight will be winning any world title or eventually going into the Hall of Fame. I don't care what some geek online or in some newsletter, rates my match. I don't care about winning match of the year. As stated before, you are also seriously bragging about your name and so called "star power" is being moved down the card. Seriously think about it. If I'm a loser, if I'm scum...why the fuck did they both book you in a tag team match against me and a stale ass wrestler? IN WHAT WORLD IS THIS A BURN ON ME!!!??? What are we even talking about here. Bragging about being a MID-game boss? You are the lamest fucking dude I've ever seen in my life....You like comparisons....Well here's one. You are Scott Gomez. He had a couple highlight years but are inconsistent and nobody understands how a team like the Montreal Canadians could be stupid enough to invest that much money into him well past his prime. It's fucking pathetic man. You might be Morgott The Omen King, but I promise to show you I am the fucking Elden Beast.

*A graphic shows up reminding viewers to tune into the Elden Ring stream later today*

You guys can play nice with each other all you want. "Oh I have no issues with Amir Yusuf. He's a cool dude! Wow we're all friends here on the midcard! It doesn't matter that who took the biggest peak in my career away from me". Yeah I'm sure. You guys will get along great. Ryan, you're cool with tagging with a dude who refers to you as "The dude I took the New Breed Championship from" ?? Amir you realize that Ryan Wilson is saying he doesn't think you're a threat. I'm just saying you guys obviously have more anger and issue toward each other than you're letting on. Let's see if either of our teams can co-exist!
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