Madison Kaline

Mistress of Death
EAW Hall of Famer
New York
Okay, so I’m convinced the only reason I was put on showdown was to make my life miserable! Well MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I hope Kennedy Street is very proud of herself, she has succeeded in making me miserable! I mean she legit wasted her first round draft pick on me because she refuses to give me what I want, she refuses to put me in positions to succeed. All I wanted to do was have a one on one match with Raven Roberts, all I wanted to do was to show my dominance over Raven yet again and keep my undefeated streak against her going, but instead I’m thrown into this stupid “Blind Faith” thing. Not only that but she pairs me with “Candice Blair” a woman with the brain development of a child, I mean she runs around here thinking she is a Disney princess. If that is not a clear desperate cry for help I don’t know what is. Now as if being paired with Candice wasn’t enough, but then when I go down to the ring after Candice’s match she has the audacity to punch me in my face after SHE lost her match. So rude Candice, I was out there to motivate you, being how you are my partner I wanted and I expected better from you. I can see it already, with your horrible attitude we will not be winning this Blind Faith thing. I mean don’t get me wrong I want to win it however I just know you will cost me it in the end. You see Candice I’ve seen this movie before and it never ends well. So here’s the thing though Candice you have a chance to prove me wrong you see if you actually want to win this Blind Faith tournament thingy, you need to shut your mouth and listen to me, because I am the experienced leader in this group and you need to listen to my words of wisdom! Don’t think for one second I will be taking orders from a delusional little girl who thinks she’s a princess. So if you just straighten up your attitude young lady I just know we can go all the way and win this thing! I will not be holding my breath on that happening though, you are what we call the typical millennial. You just think you know it all, but in reality you don’t anything. If you actually knew anything about anything you wouldn’t feel the need to run around thinking you are a Disney princess. (Madison sighs) of all the people I get paired up with, the little fucking girl who thinks she’s a Disney princess just my fucking luck! I just don’t understand why I have to be treated like this, me Madison Kaline! I am a legend in this company, I have done just about everything there is to do, I helped build this company into the global juggernaut it is today and how am I repaid for my hard work and loyalty? I get forced into teaming with an actual child. It’s so unfair, and no matter how many complaints I submit, no matter how many times I call Kennedy’s superior nothing ever gets changed around here. I have come to the realization that I am stuck here until the next EAW draft (Madison sighs) oh my god that is like so many months away too, and I swear to god if I get drafted to Showdown again I am suing!

So after a few weeks off from competing inside the ring, this Saturday will be my first match back since the King of Elite fiasco, so who does the great Kennedy Street book me against? None other than “KASAI”! Okay now look I don’t mean to be disrespectful but WHO the fuck is that? Am I really supposed to know who that even is? Am I really suppose to even care who that even is? It’s obviously some pissant of a person who does not matter in the bigger grand scheme of things. Man it’s just so frustrating literally a year of my career will be wasted all thanks to Kennedy Street. This was suppose to be the season of Madison Kaline instead it was the season of pain and suffering! I should be world champion right now instead I am facing “KASAI”. Like what??? How does someone with my amazing abilities continue to get treated like this. Like I said before all I wanted to do was face Raven Roberts in a one on one match and I can’t even get that! That is how little I ask for! A measly one on one match against Raven and I can’t even get that. Can’t say I’m too shocked this, this is Kennedy Street we are talking about though. This is the same woman who through a hissy fit because I asked for Fiji Water, this is the same woman who got mad because I negotiated in my contract to have my own private locker room and a special parking space right near the entrance. So the fact that I can’t request a match and not have it granted is not surprising at all. But as everybody knows I am a trooper, so I will play along with whatever is thrown mine way. So anyway nice to meet you KASAI, I look forward to facing you this week. (Madison laughs) yeah even I didn’t believe that and I said it. Look KASAI I don’t know who you are, I don’t care either the only thing that I care about is beating you this week. I mean you might be an amazing wrestler and perhaps you have won all these championships but here’s the thing I don’t care, because what have done in the past is irrelevant to me, the only thing that matters now is me and you and there is no possible way a loser like you could ever beat somebody like me. Let’s be real for a second here, I never heard of you until like two days ago when I found out you were my opponent, that must mean you fucking suck and never made a real impact in EAW. Sorry but it’s the truth, you see because I only care about successful people I don’t pay any attention to anything or anyone that is beneath me. You are an unworthy opponent for me, I know it, you know it and Kennedy knows it too however she refuses to give me a real chance and I’m fucking sick of it. If Kennedy Street actually cared about me she wouldn’t put me in matches against random losers such as KASAI and I’m sorry KASAI you might be a really cool person and I don’t mean to insult you but this is just me letting out my frustrations, because this is almost a years worth of frustration because of Kennedy Street. Regardless of if you are offended over my comments KASAI I really don’t care at the end of the day, I look forward to beating your ass on Showdown this week. Hopefully Candice Blair watches this way she can see what a real winner looks like.

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