MATCH PROMO Can't Help the Ones Who Won't Help Themselves (Showdown 2)

Donovan Duke

The Oklahoma Storm
You know what? As much as I pride myself as being the “Gentleman of EAW” handling everything I do with a little bit of class and decorum, there’s also the Southerner part of me that has had moments where it explodes through and my temper easily shows. I can admit that Adam Lucas has a much better skill of keeping a stoic demeanor through everything he has had to endure throughout his career is admirable and that’s saying something coming from the likes of me. So if you can cause somebody like Adam Lucas to break even just the slightest has to show either how amusing, how ridiculous, or how ludacris everything y’all have been saying has to be. To be quite honest, Adam, I have been having pretty much the same reaction as you, but I bet my stifling had a few more eye rolls than yours did. So I applaud your attempts at staying professional to the best of your abilities, Adam. The people who claim that you will never amount to anything are the same people who think I’m a failure. The people who say that they think that you got opportunities that belong to somebody else who thought they earned it are the same ones who think I didn’t deserve any opportunity in the first place and that I should learn my place. Adam, you hit the nail on the head when you said that people who make those sorts of comments just showed the world that they don’t have the first clue about what kind of person people like us are.

But I can agree that when something doesn’t go a certain person’s way, a horrible case of revisionist history tends to appear. They try to change the story to make themselves look better than what the true story presents them as. Their stories tend to have more twists and turns than a damn roller coaster at the amusement park. From my experience, that just means that they only have one card left to play in the deck: the desperation card. They have come to the realization that they are running on empty when it comes to their arguments that they have been left with no choice but to twist the actual truth in such a way that it fits whatever delusion they have going on at the moment. Yet WE are the ones with our heads up our asses completely oblivious to the truth. This is what I think. The more they talk crap on us and the more they get angry at us, the more they are projecting whatever issues they have with themselves onto us. Hell, I’ve been dealing with this type of crap day in and day out… and I bet that you have too, Adam. They know the truth, Adam and they just don’t want to admit it. They don’t want to admit that what we have to say does have some verifiable merit. They just want to keep up the tough guy mentality. They want to puff out their chest to be some sort of Billy Badass or something.

I normally don’t like bringing in anything within my personal life, but when someone who has gone out of their way to defend me deserves the same in return. It’s the least I could do. People, when I say that when you become friends with Adam Lucas, he is 100 percent loyal. I might not have the exact same relationship with Adam like Amir has with Adam, but I can tell you that Adam is one of the first people to check on a person. He texted me after our Elimination Chamber match at Road to Redemption. Hell, he gave me a quick call after King of Elite when my ass was not unconscious by Veena Adams. Did he have to do that? No. He could have gone on with his wife and celebrated their huge victories, but he took a few minutes of his life and made sure I was doing ok. The man went on to become King of Elite and his wife won the Universal Women’s Championship, but he took time out to check on ME! That speaks volumes for people like Adam and Bethany (I think I still owe you two drinks, by the way). So for a person to even ATTEMPT to slander Adam’s name by making up horrible lies about not checking on a friend is bullshit. It says a lot more about them than it ever would about Adam. You want proof? Check MY phone and I will show you all the proof you need. Unlike others, I have no reason to lie about anything. Never have and I never will.

Normally, I would take so much thrill in the process of belittling a person, especially if that same person deserves it. Even though those comments have been thrown all about me most of this week, I made sure to take a different approach regarding this match. I don’t need to go into extreme measures to make either one of my opponents tomorrow night feel foolish. The comments they are making themselves are doing a much better job than I could this time around. But they have yet to come up with anything original to talk about me other than comments that have been made about me day in and day out because apparently jumping on bandwagons is a much more efficient way to get the job done and is a much better tactic than coming up with fresh insults. It is what it is because it is their opinion and they are allowed to express their opinions. But when I express MY opinion around here, I am criticized and called an asshole because they don’t like to hear what I have to say. Guess what, folks? That ain’t gonna change just because someone gets a little hurt about what I say. I don’t sugarcoat and I never will. Those people need to learn to grow and realize that some people are going to mince words. You either take what I say at full force or you can wipe your nose all the way back to the nursery to get over it.

I wanted to say the same thing, but Adam beat me to it. This Devolution group is almost exactly like a reincarnation of Insurgency two years ago. A group who is trying to make a change for the better in EAW. Unlike Insurgency, we didn’t have our General Manager pulling the puppet strings and giving out the orders before you go into battle. We did everything on our own and that’s what we wanted. Did it work… hell no. A strong start did not lead to a strong ending… to say the least. Again, it’s not one of my proudest moments. But do you really think that Devolution will fare any better than Insurgency did because you have an authority figure calling the shots. How about I ask this question. Would you guys have better results than New Eden? Three World Champions in one group and even THEY couldn’t fully get that mission accomplished. Are you guys going to do better than three World Champions? That remains to be seen. Here is my opinion about that. I think Devolution is getting geared up for a serious reality check. I think that a fall within Devolution is inevitable. Why? Because every group gets some momentum, then an egotistical attitude eventually shines through and then we hear the “Crash… Crash… BOOM!” of an internal implosion. Yet, Devolution has the gumption to call me out on my morals. Oh no. Donny doesn't play that way. People who do that need to take a long look in the mirror and need to come to the realization that maybe I’m not the one whose morals should be in question.

At the end of the day, I would much rather die staying true to myself. I’d rather stay who I am and know who I want to become rather than living a lie and selling my soul to a bleached up bimbo. Do you really think that you guys are going to help Kennedy Street make her dreams a reality? In my opinion, she is stubborn and she will try everything in the book, but I don’t think her dreams will see the light of day. As much as I would love to say that Devolution will begin their crash tomorrow night, tomorrow night is just the beginning. Tomorrow is the start of seeing your true reality. Grand Rampage will be when things start to come to light for Devolution. You don’t have to answer to us, but that time will come when Dominion and Ms. Extreme give y’all a good lesson that none of you will ever forget.

Jon, if you keep playing clips of my promos, I am going to start charging loyalty fees. But to answer your question, that same guy is going to be standing across the ring from you tomorrow night, more than ready to fight. More than ready to give you and Amir the receipts that are most definitely coming your way tomorrow night. I am still the same asshole that took your ass out of the contender’s match. Don’t you worry about the faith in myself because I always have faith in myself and the choices that I make in my life. The reason you gave to me about attacking me might be a viable reason in your eyes, but I don’t buy it. Things change. People change. Feelings change. That is one of the biggest cop answers that I have ever heard. But that’s your reasoning and we can’t change that. Don’t you worry about the apology that was never going to give me because I wasn’t expecting one in the first place because people like you who pull stunts like that never show remorse for their actions because that’s exactly what you want. You want the results you desire no matter who you hurt. I know exactly how people like you act. The joy you got by pulling the rug out from under me last week is the same joy that I am going to get whenever the bell rings tomorrow night.

“Where’s my commercials?”

“Where’s my advertisements?”

“Where’s my merchandise?”

“Where’s my baba?”

“Where’s my blankie?”

It should be ME! What about ME! Are you done, Jon? Oh come on! You are much better than that. You are a grown man who doesn’t need to throw a damn temper tantrum because Jon Kelton isn’t getting what he believes he deserves? I’m not in the opening intro video EAW and you don’t hear me complaining. The Grand Rampage poster is my first major feature since I debuted almost three ago and you don’t hear me whining and kicking up a shit. It’s that same entitlement that leads you to call me a fraud. Am I not allowed to get frustrated every once in a while because I hold myself to a high standard of a Gentleman? Does deciding to not bottle my frustrations inside of me make me a fraud? Does that make me any bigger of a fraud than the way you are acting right now? People can treat me like that heart and soul of Showdown, but have you ever ONCE heard me refer to myself in that matter? NO! Did I ever refer to myself as some high and mighty deity or anything of the sort? NO! The only thing I say is that I am just a person who doesn’t take shit off of anybody and the same person who is getting tired of getting browbeat left and right by people who want to push their aggressions out on me. Now I’m starting to fight back and call everybody out on their bluffs because it is just tiring hearing people blame me for one thing or another. You have a problem with what’s going on with your career? Do not be blaming ME! I’m not stopping you from doing a damn thing. The only person who is stopping YOU from reaching the levels you want in your career is YOU!

Another thing I am getting tired of hearing is all this revisionist history and people putting words in my mouth saying that I said shit when we all know that I didn’t say it. Did I once say that me and Adam were going to be the ones to stop Devolution? NO! That was bullshit and you know it and for you to even attempt to say shit like that as reality shows how desperate you are to prove a point against me and Adam. If anybody has a better chance of ending Devolution right where it starts, it’s Ryan, Xander, and Camille. We’re just the first step for you guys. Me and Adam are just going to do whatever the hell we can to win this match and prevent you two from achieving victory. We are NOT guaranteeing the win like you and Amir have been doing this entire week. We know that the cards can always tell a different tale whenever they are dealt. Anything can happen and we are aiming to gain momentum towards our ultimate goals. If it comes at your expense, so be it. At the end of the day, at least I can go to bed knowing that I didn’t turn into a fucking sellout like you did.

I could go on and on right now about things, but at the end of the day, you can’t help the ones who aren’t willing to help themselves. Yes, I have made a few remarks about the choices you have made, but those choices are on you and any input I have about the matter is my opinion. After Reasonable Doubt, I have learned to not guarantee a damn thing because NOTHING around here is guaranteed. LET us beat you? Oh come on, at this rate there might not be anything you can do to stop us. Of course, you guys would feel very confident about our match because of the simple fact that it can easily be considered five on two against us. You two. Your girlfriends and then we have Impact at ringside who really doesn’t care much about Adam. There’s no doubt in my mind that you two think that you have the match all wrapped up, but that’s just a bigger weakness. You guys are OVERconfident. The moment you think that the numbers and having Kennedy’s support guarantees your team victory is the beginning of the end. You guys are cocky and it is that egotistical aura that is going to cause your inevitable downfall.

When that happens, don’t come crying to us when all you are left to do is pick up all the broken pieces.
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