MATCH PROMO Challenging the Impossible [#3]


No One but New Eden.
Mr. Cash In The Vault
Now I know why Liquid Swordz got along so well. First it was Impact talking about ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ males the week he was facing me, now it’s DDD starting off his promo with a line that sounds even more incel-like than that. I honestly don’t know how men of your calibre find yourself spouting such virgin bullshit, but regardless, your analogies don’t matter in the first place DDD. You make it sound like having ‘virtually zero competition’ is somehow a more respectable lifestyle, but in my eyes having that competition yet still persevering is what’s truly respectable here. In terms of your metaphor, if your girl is somebody who is down to get with average men yet still picks you and only you, doesn’t that mean you fought harder and were better? She had a greater range of people to pick from yet you were still the guy that won, and in a way… that makes you exceptional in comparison to the rest. There you go, that’s your incel theory debunked. Cause I know what you were trying to get at with this whole analogy in the grander scheme of things, with you being the exceptional one here while I am just average in comparison, and you might not be wrong in thinking that right now, but for you to act like such labels are concrete and set in stone, that’s your flaw An average man can overcome the exceptional one and BECOME the exceptional one if he puts his mind to it, and that’s basically why I’m here. I made that clear already earlier in the week. I never acted like I’m already better than you, but by beating you, I can BECOME that. That’s the only real motivation I have for beating you. Because beating the exceptional would make me exceptional and thereby make my vision be respected as the vision of an exceptional man. Is that a ‘selfish’ goal? Maybe, but it’s a goal that I didn’t even want to have. The only reason such a goal exists is because you created this match. I would much rather this didn’t exist. I would much rather have nothing to do with you, but since you’re forcing me to compete here, I’d rather not let you beat me. I’d rather not lose because for a man like you to beat me would symbolise greed winning over New Eden once again like it did at Territorial Invasion, and I don’t wanna let that happen twice in a row. You can say that that’s me being greedy in a way, you can say that that’s the same ‘formula’ but at the end of the day this match was created by you, and I’m simply here to do my part.

But let’s talk about this ‘formula’ more, shall we? This formula that you claim remains the same even if New Eden takes charge. In a way, you’re right. For us to take rule of EAW, that would still be somebody ruling EAW, right? I get how you would perceive that as the same formula as the EAW of today, because yes, there are still people in charge, but who said there shouldn’t be? New Eden’s goal is to eliminate greed, not to eliminate the concept of management itself. The concept of management is acceptable in our Eden, but not in the way that it is now. Current management of EAW allows biased ruling, unfair decision making and the promotion of toxic traits, and we believe this is not the way that it should be. We believe if we had better people in charge, mediating what’s right and wrong while also keeping things fair, it would be a much more just society. That’s why New Eden wants rule. Because with New Eden at the helm, we’d make sure that we manage EAW in a way that is fair, unbiased and not for our own profit. We’d manage stuff in a way that is for the greater good of all. That’s what makes our formula different. Because yes, EAW will still be ruled by certain people, but if those people rule it in a way that benefits everyone, then it’s not really THEIR rule, it’s moreso everyone getting what’s best for them, but said ‘best’ being provided by three certain people. While in a technical sense, we would be considered rulers, we’d actually moreso just be providers. Providers providing people with what’s best for them. So yes, the formula remains, but it is tweaked. It’s not scrapped and started again from scratch, it’s just changed to be better. Management still remains, but better management is offered. And we are that better management. Not you. People like you have dragged this company so far in the wrong direction that you don’t even think that another way is possible. That’s why you’re so hellbent on this idea of New Eden being a scam. That’s why you refuse to understand the simple concept of us taking championships in order to stop others from being champion, and instead decide to ridicule it. You decide to make comparisons to people like Cosby and Epstein as if this is the same thing at all. Think of us taking these championships as us simply confiscating them. Like if a parent takes away their child’s electronics from them, that’s not the parent benefitting from those electronics, it’s simply them taking it away from the child. In a similar way, we do not benefit from the championships we take away from the rest of you, but we are simply holding on to them so that no one else can profit off of them. It’s a really simple concept to wrap your head around, DDD, that’s why I genuinely do believe you’re actively CHOOSING to not understand it. You’re CHOOSING to refuse it and mock it instead of acknowledging its efficiency. We’ve achieved what we wanted by taking hold of these titles and this briefcase that I hold. By holding these accolades, New Eden ensures that no other man can hold those same accolades.

Call it contradictory, but I don’t see the contradiction at all. If anything I think we’ve been very consistent in our goal, and really I think it’s foolish for you to keep acting like we haven’t. I think it’s foolish for you to stay adamant of this idea of Minerva and Drake not being as committed to the cause as I am, because as far as I’m concerned they’ve more than proven their commitment already. They’ve been crucial factors in propelling our vision to the level that it is at now, and they’ve both made sacrifices of their own along the way to do so. That’s why I hate this idea of them simply ‘playing a character’ as if they haven’t been just as committed as me. But you know what I hate most? It’s that YOU, Mr. DEDEDE himself, are the one that’s saying this. You, the guy who gags at the idea of being compared to people he deems below him, even going so far as to specifically tell me not to compare him even to the likes of Malcolm Jones and Rex McAllister, YOU, Ryan, are the one who still somehow can’t offer me anything better than shit that I’ve heard a thousand times before from people much worse than you. You think I haven’t heard this concept of my partners being frauds a million times before? You think people haven’t tried to make me think that I’m getting fooled? You’re not the first to say this kinda shit, and you definitely won’t be the last, but it sure does disappoint me that you were one of them at all. It disappoints me that you have the nerve to say that the ideas I produce are unoriginal and uninspiring, meanwhile you say the same false bullshit that I’ve heard a thousand times before. It disappoints me that you can’t help but fall in line with the same misconceptions that everybody else has, because really DEDEDE, you talk about Drake and Minerva secretly conspiring behind my back, but what reason would they have to do that? What reason would they have to fake their personalities for months on end all just to fool little old me? It’s a stupid concept, truly. And it’s even stupider for you to act like it’s already a fact simply because you said so. Drake is lying, Minerva is lying, everybody is lying to Myles, and why? Because Ryan Adams thinks so! That’s how it works, right? I know you genuinely believe you’re exempt from all reasoning simply because you’re the GAWD, but that’s not how shit works. Just because teammates turning on each other is ‘always what happens’ doesn’t mean it’s going to happen to New Eden, because you said it yourself when you admitted that you’ve never seen anything like us in this industry. We’re different from the rest, and you admitted that yourself so whatever happened to the stables of the past do not apply to us. Drake and Minerva do not have treacherous intentions, because they simply have no reason to have said intentions. Their past does not matter because they’ve changed, and again, you trying to use Drake’s traitorous history against him is also another thing that isn’t new and is equally dumb as the idea of them being traitors in the first place. Give me proper evidence or a proper reason to believe that those two are lying to me and maybe your word will mean a damn thing to me, but until then you’ve talked so much about this topic and said essentially nothing. Nothing that I haven’t heard before, nothing that actually has any form of substance, and nothing that makes me want to believe a single thing you say.

And no, you didn’t get me to admit shit, we’ve been saying it for ages now. We never hated EAW you dumb fuck. I don’t know where you even got that idea. Why the fuck would we be trying to save EAW if we hated EAW? Seriously man, you can do better than this. I know you can. Yet still, for some reason you’re over here overcomplicating the simplest concepts about New Eden, like us actually liking EAW or us confiscating championships from others, and you’re doing all this for what? To prove your point? You haven’t proved anything. All the things you’ve said has been shit that everybody else has said, or the same repeated shit about how you’re better than me as if most people don’t already think that. Most people heading into this match think that you're better than me in terms of wealth, fame, and maybe even skill, but that’s the point. That’s why I have so much more to gain from winning this than you do, and it’s why I’d say I have much more motivation in this match to beat you. A win here does essentially nothing for you, and although you for some reason think that beating me will make me have a grand emphinany and make me change my ways, it won’t. I could lose here and I’d still continue chasing my vision, so really, I don’t know why you’re actually here. You gain absolutely nothing from this. Cause it’s like you say. You’re successful. Or at least, in your eyes, you are. But tell me DDD, if you truly are as successful as you say you are then why are you here? Through all of this you’ve still failed to give me a concrete reason for this match to even exist, apart from your sorry attempt at trying to make me think that you’re here to help me realise that Drake and Minvera are plotting against me. If that truly was the reason, then you haven’t been successful in convincing me. Therefore you are unsuccessful. See how the concept of ‘success’ can be so fragile? So subjective? Anybody can be successful and unsuccessful at the same time, and that’s why your definition of success being measured by its antithesis really helps me out too, because sure, you have a house on the hills while others are homeless… but with the same logic, I have a true purpose in life that I can strive for every single day, while you have nothing. You have infinite freedom, meaning you do whatever you want all the time and ultimately have nothing greater to stand for. That in a way, I would consider to be an unsuccessful trait. You failed to have a greater purpose in life meaning that your contribution to the world nowadays means absolutely nothing. You just float around doing whatever you want instead of doing what’s important, meaning that you are insignificant in comparison. Significant / Insignificant. Purposeful / Purposeless. Goal-driven / Aimless.

And believe me Ryan, I get how the world works. I get that life on this planet is controlled by greed. I get that there’s not infinite money to go around. I get that my existence takes food from the mouths of others. I get that these are the current ways of life. But just because something is the way it is right now, doesn’t mean that it’s the right way. This is not justice. It isn’t fair. And I know you’re the type of guy to try and make me accept this cruel reality and tell me that not everything is fair in this life... but I absolutely refuse to accept that notion. Instead, I make it my mission to find another way of life. One free of greed and selfishness. One that you might think is impossible in a world like this, but even if it is impossible, I’d still rather die trying to find it, than to continue doing nothing about it. Hell, the very fact that you’ve accepted this way of life and are so close minded on there being no other way means that you have a weak mindset. Some might even call it an... 'average' one. Ryan, you’ve settled for greed being the only fuel of life, and you’ve absolutely closed yourself off from any concept of there being another option. Me, though? I have a true revolutionary mentality, a strong mind that is willing to challenge the very fundamentals of life itself in order to create a better future, and THAT’S how the fight towards change always starts. I could easily be like you and settle for injustice and accept it as the only way, but if everyone was like you, we’d never progress as a society. Challenging things that are deemed impossible is how you make them possible, but if you refuse to do that, you will never even have a chance. That’s why we will either create change or die trying.​

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