MATCH PROMO champion vs champion showcases just tend to adore me [Voltage #002]

Bea Valentine

The Eternal
Specialists Champion
Lost In Technicolor

Ooooookay. so I have had a few days to look back and see my match with TLA, the match it was. I saw the exact moment I first encountered Charlie Marr, but before we get to speaking on that. It goes without saying darling. I am an – artist. I actually find it unfathomable how we can dissipate art and make it one thing entirely. Art is more than just a canvas and a few colors, I consider cinema to be art. I have had plenty of wonderful performances – Such as Road To Redemption, House Of Glass. And Bloodsport! I remember words ringing in the back of my head from Bloodsport, that happen to be quite ironic for me.. I am a woman of research. I take the time to look back at the statistics, and how many people participated in a Unique and or Ultimate like mine, opportunity match, and how fast they fizzled out! And that remains the case with the Ultimate Opportunity, with the unfortunate circumstances in regards to Mr. Wrestling happening, and Ayu Megumi never even looking back, that has never been more evident. Their disappearance. So with that being said, darling. It is quite fulfilling knowing that my research wasn't in vain, there's a certain stigma about those matches. I'm glad to be on the positive side of it, but regardless of all that darling. Gloria is my baby, and I almost had a violent panic attack at the words that were started from the mouth of Charlie Marr! I couldn't believe it, some of it doesn't even sound as if it should be said! I feel like I should be eligible to sue for defamation due in part to what he said – But whatever. This is just one of those trials that all the good Elitists go through. (Or at least that's what I tell myself to avoid the narrowing headache!)

The first thing is – I dunno what you're doing, playing me down to such a sheer attempt like that, using my looks to try and degrade me! I could easily do the same mister, but I won't due in part to me being a nice lady, who would rather bring her opponent down inside of a ring, rather than say such belittling circumstances; but with that being said, allow me to go right ahead and say Charles. You're so bald, that I can see a lot is on your mind. I noticed that when you spoke up about me, it really didn't sound like it was all directly coming towards me, it sounds like you were just letting everyone in a general radius have at it! I can respect that. I would also give my exact peers a few mentions, especially had I felt disrespected by them. Cough, weird Disney Adults is allllllll I'm going to mention right now! Regardless, I think that coming after my appearance like that, while not really justified, could be quite understood. But what was dang near inexcusable was what he stated, about my daughter, Gloria! What he said, ROCKED ME TO MY CORE. IT MADE ME TREMBLE IN ANGER! My bottom lip quivered at the disaster class I witnessed, I had to control my low iron efficiency, otherwise, I would have passed out.

Calling Gloria not a real championship is disgusting, because I'll have you know, I almost fainted due to what was said about my baby. I can't even fathom it still, knowing that such a high pedestal player like Charles would have said that, really just makes me a little insecure! Does everyone think that about Gloria? NOT A REAL CHAMPIONSHIP!?!?! AGH, I'LL SHOW YOU A REAL CHAMPIONSHIP! I'll AGHHHHH! And I'll have you know Charles, comparing me to other Elitists is benign, and quite ridiculous frankly, because while you may have wasted zero time, to hop and talk about a Daryl Kinkade, or a Ryan Wilson, I'll have you know darling.. I have much more consistency and dependability than them. I won't be another flash in a pan, and it is quite frankly thanks to Elitists like yourself, that motivate me to move in an order like that! I have heard so many things about fizzling out, being the next Abel Atami, yadda yadda, all those gruesome insults that people could throw towards me, but here's the thing - Tell someone else that. Tell erm, I dunno? A Delilah Rose, orrrr a Kasai, or a Rory Slate even that! You were on the right track, you were Charles. When you mentioned my age, and how quickly, and how young I was, at accomplishing my first taste of championship gold and glory, then the book ended, wrapped right back around, and was no longer correct. The second you mentioned my age, it soon again induced me into an eternal awakening. Realizing how old I'm truly getting. But don't mind that, I always get emotional when my youth is mentioned! I am ‘The Eternal’ Bea Valentine however, I mustn't stress so much. It's just.. agh, anyways!

I don't care though, Charlie will continue to deny it, but he did cost me that match, and it is still mental to me, he didn't give me the apology that rightfully; I DESERVED! Because I absolutely positively refuse to believe anything other than the truth. (It is within my own delusion, but since Charlie likes to make random accusations, I must follow suit!). Anyways, as I was saying darling, mind games with TLA.. is so particular, I don't know, I'm sure you were trying to get in someone's head! BUT IT WAS MINE! Let me quote you to a legendary film, Charles. Frankenstein, or was it Frankenstein returns? Or? Who knows, it was one of those Frankenstein movies. You can believe me on that. And Frankenstein's monster said something very passionate. Something very empowering. He said, 'You created me’ (Don't actually quote me on any of this, I have been a very busy woman, I am just thinking of what the monster could have possibly said. Don't get offended if Frankenstein is your favorite movie! Although, you should watch more movies then.)

But yes Charles, don't forget the chapter in the story, where you created me! (Actually, I credit none of my creations to Charles. Matter of fact; it was all a one woman show. But realistically, I needed something cool and enticing to mention, and I feel like quoting something like that defining movie would be beneficial in the long run.) BUT YES, AGAIN AS I WAS SAYING! And there were no bottoms being kissed, I wouldn't even wanna picture what that may look like. I said Charlie is an unpredictable man, but that is due in part to the fact that — The man is widely unstable! He even goes over it a couple times, mentioning kissing foreheads or killing, or something like that! I then realized that in order to beat Charlie Marr. I have to put myself in the headspace of Charlie Marr, that is easier said than done, because do you know how much brain rot is necessary, in order to truly tap into that? I would need to have a steel chair bashed over my brains at LEAST.. 47 times, and that is taking into account all the hard hitting affairs I've coincided in, in my time at EAW. I have had years taken off my life, no secret about it, dear. No fault of my own, just being pinned into the ring with homicidal maniacs, they really will do anything in order to take you out of the equation, and if I had to put myself in the headspace of a Charles Marr, I would have to take an approach like none other. So with that being said, there's really no revealing the sequel, and what is going to happen on Voltage. I feel disrespected, and I feel as if my character has been decimated due to the overwhelming takes from Charles, that he tried to underplay Gloria, and just, wow! I won't bend my knee down and accept defeat, this is the proper statement win that is required from me. I will be marching into an entire warzone, that is for sure, darling. But I will come out with my arm waved higher than ever, I failed. Deeply and unfortunately higher than ever at Noche De Violencia, to establish Gloria as the big enough threat she is. But within quick retaliation, it will be ‘No biggie’. When I defeat the bloody EAW World Champion on my own! I can't seem to get enough of these whole ordeals, in regards to Champion vs Champion showcases. And this probably won't even be my last one, darling! But alas – let me just leave it at this. As bad as it's going to be for me on Voltage, it's going to be just as bad for you! You probably think you're getting the run of a mill competitor you've gotten your whole life, streak be forgotten, I say on Sunday Charles! It really is just a small statistical number, when you truly take a deep dive at it.

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