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So….I saw what Airi had to say.

Let’s make some things clear.

Don’t take respect as a sign of weakness….that is a mistake that many people have made, and it cost them. I can chalk that up to someone who is simply inexperienced or, maybe more likely, just the difference in our ages. I can give an opinion about what you said, did, or whatnot, or agree with the fact that you’re talented and sympathize with you that you have to deal with Luis, and still have every intention of facing you in the ring and beating you by the means at my disposal.

Because I follow the rules and won’t play the game you play doesn’t mean I’m deficient in some manner. And, yes, you’re playing the same game BRAE and….you know what?

To hell with the capitalizations.

Brae and Airi are one and the same…Luis and Airi are one and the same. All from different places, all with different ways of speaking and thinking, but when it comes to this, they are the same person. No matter the length of the words, or what kind of pentameter you use. All of you can be boiled down to “I’m great, you are nothing.”

Nothing in the tank except banal self-motivation. No greater causes. Nothing except the utterly emptiness of self-loathing and longing for some artifice to glom yourself to in an effort to prove to some externality that you are greater.

Airi, you just make an effort to mask it by using big words and speaking in cerebral tones. That might mean you’re intelligent, but it still leaves you as characterless and dismissive. The problem is that when you’re actually faced with someone who is actually giving you the respect that you seem to implicitly want, you turn it around as a demonstration of weakness or find it a subject of scorn. Well, you can go ahead and play that game: Either you know the difference and don’t care, or you want to create points of contention so there is some sort of personal animosity.

Exactly what Brae does. Exactly what Luis does.

And something else that I want to share…and this goes for every one of you who feel it’s fun to disparage the United States, the military, or the Marine Corps. Continue! Again, like many other one-dimensional EAW workers that have done so, you see that as something that is going to bother me or something that you seem to think you can use to get over on me. The fact that it isn’t going to work won’t stop you.

You lack the fundamental understanding that there are bigger causes than the self.

You don’t get that liberty is not clean and perfect, and that freedom is only sullied by the lack of self-control. When people don’t adhere to laws, the social covenant breaks down. The iPhone generation acts in TikTok-length segments, with no adherence to the tenets of what made the United States great. I won’t get further into the politics of it, but the cause of liberty is just. It is bigger than me, and bigger than all of you. It is a cause, and an ideal, that I will fight and die for.

Other than your own hide, what would you fight and die for? I swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. Wrestling here, representing the men and women who also swore to do so, is an honor. Doing so as a duty to the Marines is another one. The insults you hurl at me over this is simply you not ‘getting it’. Again, either because you have no moral anchor, or you’re simply young and spoiled….you’ve never really been faced with a life where your liberty was compromised...and I don’t want to hear about the times you had issues with your parents, or you had to sleep in your car. You’re not getting thrown off of buildings because you want some sort of pronoun, or because of the clothes you wear. You’re not being hunted down by the police because of your religion, or because you disagree with the government.

You haven’t seen what I’ve seen. You haven’t been where I’ve been. So that talk you like to throw out there is meaningless to me. It’s just shit against a wall. You don’t know anything. You don’t get anything.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Mitsu….I heard you, and the respect is mutual. You and I have both had our challenges this last year, and I’d offer that if we’re in this match, we earned it by staying at the line and continuing to fight hard, no matter the challenges. You, Kirk, Korey, and I are different than the others in the fact that we have some miles under our wheels. I hate to use the term -mid-card’, but it’s probably true. All of us have been at the precipice of the upper tier, and fought the biggest names. Sometimes we come short, sometimes we get that win, but we continue to fight, scratch, and claw. We have proven ourselves resilient, and in this sport, that in and of itself is worthy of recognition. So, again, props back to you as well.

Korey…..thank you. I have your back as well….no conditions or regrets. I want to ask one thing, though….if the danger is passed, and you and I are left in that ring, let’s shake hands and fight it out like the Elitists we are. We will continue to be partners no matter what happens, whether we are both eliminated, or whether one of us wins. I will do whatever I can to back you up and I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you in that ring. You’re a special talent in the EAW, and you deserve this chance as much as anyone…maybe more. I’m as ready to sacrifice for you as you are for me, I promise. However, if it comes down to you and me, let’s just shake hands and tear it up. It’s odd to say, but it’d be a joy to do so.

I have that kind of respect for you, my friend.

Now in Mexico City, doing an inordinate amount of cardio along with the other training to get myself ready for the match. I’ll have another opportunity or two to pop in and see what everyone else has to say….I will talk at you later.

Semper Fi.

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