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Harper Lee

The Worst
"Thanks, Alex. Clearly we're on the same page.

Like regardless of whether or not you agreed I was gonna call you an idiot that made stupid decisions and said stupid things basically every single time we faced each other, so I'm glad you at least made things easier for yourself and admitted that you were wrong rather than trying to defend yourself or make excuses. I'm also glad that you're being open about the fact that this match isn't even close to being in your favor, because there's a lot of people around here that wouldn't even consider doing that. A lot of people would rather fight for their lives trying to prove they're worthwhile competition all with nothing to show for it. A lot of people would act like there's a walnut where their brain is supposed to be and pretend they're the better team when put up against POTARA. Hell, most of our opponents at Pain for Pride are people who are gonna do everything they can to cope with the fact that they've spent their entire lives underwhelming and failing to meet anyone's standards and are gonna once again fail to change the perception surrounding them at the biggest show of the year. They're gonna be losers walking into the show and they're gonna be losers walking out of it, because POTARA doesn't exist to cater to talentless frauds. We're not here to let everyone else walk all over us and use us as some kind of platform to more success. Soul Food Sunday thought that we were just an easy way for them to make it to Pain for Pride as Champions, and now Viz is on his own dealing with Scott Diamond while SOSA Henderson's missing. That match should have served as an example to anyone that thinks they can just beat us and further their careers at our expense, and when I say that I'm not just referring to all the people that were fighting for shots at our titles. I'm talking about our opponents even in matches like this. Matches where there's not even gonna be a whole ton of significance behind it besides the obvious momentum gained from picking up the victory. Matches that probably won't even be remembered by the time Pain for Pride comes around. It doesn't matter if our Championships are on the line or if we're just here to be two of the competitors in this six-person tag, we're still going to win because that's what we do. You can't doubt that, and you know that you'd be dumb to even try denying just how dominant we've been ever since we joined forces for the first time. That's why you're taking this route, because you know just as well as we do that any other route would just lead to you being humiliated the same way you were in the past when things went exactly how we expected them to. Your options were either admitting that there's a good chance you lose this weekend, or prove that you haven't grown at all. Either way, you lose.

Sounds like a skill issue to me 🤷‍♀️.

Hans, as a rare act of kindness I'mma do you a favor and let you in on a little something. Whatever experiences you've had in the first season of your career, Elitists like me have already been through countless times. Extreme Enigma Battle Royale? Did that. Competitive matches against Impact? I've faced the guy in both singles and tag team competition and he has never pinned me. You haven't done anything that I haven't done meanwhile EVERYONE on this team has had careers that you could only dream about having right now. That's what I mean when I bring up your experience level compared to ours. It's not JUST about the fact that you haven't been in this company for years like we have, it's also about the fact that you haven't been a serious threat for as long as we've been. Hell you're still not a serious threat depending on some people's definition, and the fact that "good performances" are really all you have to hang your hat on should really be enough to tell you just how outmatched you are here. In my second match EVER, I won a triple threat where one of my opponents was the PURE Champion at the time. With no wrestling experience to my name I was able to outsmart a Champion and pick up a victory, yet even that wasn't enough to matter. Even that wasn't enough for me to become a legitimate challenge, which is exactly why I didn't win my first Championship until nearly an entire year after the fact. If it took someone like me THAT long to finally start capitalizing on their potential and finding the success that they should be finding in their career, why should I believe that you're in a position to be defeating us? Why should I believe that you're suddenly gonna shock the world and be part of the reason that your team is able to defeat the three of us? What is it Hans, do you think that we couldn't give Impact a bigger challenge than you did? Do you think that your experience with main eventers means more than our experience with them? Do you think that your few run-ins with some of the top guys on this brand compares to our years of fighting against the very best this company has to offer? Let me know, Hans. I'd love to find out if your head's working correctly or if the CTE is getting to you early, because as far as I'm concerned I didn't say anything wrong and it takes a real dunce to even try and argue otherwise. Coming close to winning means NOTHING when you're facing people who've basically been through it all. You know how accomplished I am, and my list of accomplishments would basically be doubled if I wasn't screwed out of matches in the past. None of it means anything. What matters is whether or not you're able to finish the job, because finishing the job is how you get what you want.

You're not the worst guy on your roster. You're not even the least experienced. In fact, you're not even that bad at what you do, but there's a difference between being good enough to "put up a fight" against the best and mostly thrive against the bottom of the barrel, and literally defeating Hall of Famers, former World Champions, and countless other Elitists like that every chance we get. Like maybe for one second you should stop thinking about trying to convince everyone that you belong here and think about the kind of talent you're actually surrounded by. Who do YOU think the least experienced guy in the match is? Who do YOU think the least accomplished person here is? If I'm wrong about you, then who should I have turned my attention to? Adam Lucas, the guy in a Pain for Pride main event? Alex Myers, who just qualified for Cash in the Vault in a match that you were in? I know you're not dumb enough to try mentioning literally anybody on our team, so who's it gonna be? Facts are facts, bro. If you take it as an insult that's your problem. This is your very first time getting in the ring with POTARA, and there's a long list of people that can tell you how facing us usually goes. I genuinely don't care about whatever happened with Impact, with Jack Ripley, or even with a guy like Chris Elite that genuinely might be more washed up than Michael Myers in the last Halloween movie. Unless their name is Holly Arrow or Harper Lee (or I guess Jake Smith 🙄) I really don't need to hear it. They're not us, and even IF they held any relevance to this match Jake has already beaten two of those guys in the exact same match. That alone should tell you the difference between us. When WE beat former Champions, it's because we're taking Championships away from them. It's because we're becoming the reason they're "former" Champs. When we beat former Champions we're fighting those at the very top and knocking them outta their throne, you're at the level where beating former Champions just means you won against Sierra Bradford. We really can't be compared and again, you know that. I've faced and defeated Elitists tougher than you. I've taken moves far worse than you could dish out and got back up. I am above you in basically every single way besides the little things like height and weight, and that doesn't just go for me. This is a tag team match where I have two partners, who can both say the same for themselves. In the end, there's not much you can really do here besides grasp at straws to make yourself look like a threat. Then again, you somehow haven't been the most nonsensical member of your team.

Seriously Adam, what do you want me to say?

"Jake Smith is the weakest link"? Is that what you want me to say? Okay, I'll say it. Jake Smith is the weakest link. Now what? What happens now? Nothing feels any different, was that supposed to do something? Jake knows how I feel ahout him. We've faced each other multiple times and we've probably had maybe one good interaction in our lives, that being within my very first season in the company. I don't know what you're expecting from me here when it was just before Grand Rampage that I said that BOTH members of POTARA were better than Jake. Do I expect Jake to agree with my thought process? No because I'm not slow, but what's he gonna do? Screw us over because of how I feel about him? Ruin his AND girlfriend's chances of winning because of me? Even if I go and call Jake the weak link here, what does that do for you when one of your partners is Hans Grayson and your other partner just lost to Jake back at Grand Rampage? What are you trying to do, because this is the second video now that you're trying to stir up trouble between us. Are you really so scared of facing us as an actual team that you have to spend the entire week getting us to doubt each other? Instigating really isn't the key to victory when even the blind could see right through it, and honestly I expected a lil better from you than that. This is actually a pretty pathetic tactic to resort to. Like don't get me wrong, I get why you're not cool with Jake right now and why you see him in the light that you do… But did you forget who you're talking to? I don't care about you OR Jake. I'm not on a side in the whole Adam Lucas and Jake Smith rivalry, so trying to get me to look at Jake in a certain way isn't gonna work on a week like this, a week where he's a partner instead of an opponent. I'm basically an expert when it comes to tag team competition and I have literally no personal connection to either of you, so I'm not gonna be influenced by any of Jake's actions over the past few weeks. I'm not gonna look at him funny because he said mean things to you, I'm gonna look at him funny 'cause I think he's annoying! You said it yourself dude, Super Showdown isn't gonna prove anything between you and Jake. If you really believe that, then maybe treat this match like what it is. It's not a three versus two versus one. Whether ANY of us likes it or not Jake is our partner, and lucky enough for us, he's a good enough wrestler that I won't need to worry about him not pulling his weight in a match like this. Can you say the same with your team?

You can believe what you want, but I thrive under pressure. Hell, look at our entire team and ask us whether or not "pressure" actually matters here. Grand Rampage was our one, and probably only chance to become Unified Tag Team Champions that close to Pain for Pride. We both missed out on opportunities to become Champ like a month prior, and if we failed there after everything we've said and done we had no reason to be anywhere near those titles until we worked our way back to them. We won. We all know how it went. We all know what we did to Soul Food Sunday, just like we all know that Jake has already defended his Championship against Impact, Chris Elite, Alex Myers and Donovan Duke after constantly being told that his days were numbered as Champion and that he didn't belong there in the first place. He obviously managed to shut some people up regardless of how things went outside of those title defenses, otherwise Alex wouldn't be singing an entirely different tune than they were back at Grand Rampage. See, Adam? I can have my thoughts on Jake and still acknowledge everything that he's done, because whether you like it or not, a Jake Smith that wants to win is a far bigger threat than TWO of the people on your team. The only question is whether or not he's a bigger threat than you, and even if he isn't and that leads to his downfall at Pain for Pride… This weekend he has the best tag team in the world there to make sure that things don't go south. Don't forget, we have an added incentive to win knowing that Xander and Ryan are gonna be watching at ringside. They're gonna be doing commentary, probably making a bunch of stupid comments about the upcoming Pain for Pride match while they wait for us to lose. The BEST thing that could happen to them this weekend is the very first POTARA loss, and I am not going to let that happen. I don't feel like giving them or anyone else in our Pain for Pride match any ammo to ignore everything we've done since we teamed up for the first time before Road to Redemption. I like winning, I like being right, and I like being given more reasons to believe that Holly and I are the best in the world, so at A-Day we're gonna be seeing another #POTARASweep. All three of you understand that the odds are stacked against you, and while you guys can fight all you want solely out of hope that there's a CHANCE you win this match, the three Champions here are gonna walk into Showdown and do what we're supposed to do.

We're gonna be setting an example.

After all, so many people already wish they could be us."


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