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My last match on Dynasty did not end the way I had worked, trained, and planned for.

Facing Camille, my preparation was so I could hold my own against a former World Champion but also win against one. I take pride in knowing this match slapped in intensity and the quality of the work put between them ropes by all parties involved. Camille and I rocked the house and the fans were left wanting more and on that front, I am mighty pleased. From an entertainment standpoint, this match was perfect, on a personal level however while I left Philadelphia disappointed, I am heading into Lincoln, Nebraska hungry to go out there and deliver a performance that will grant me victory.

That is what I fight for, what I care about is winning and building myself to become not only a strong contender but a regular threat to any Championship I set my sights upon. I've already established that I can duke it out against the best, now I need to go the step above. That is the level I am at following King of Elite and it will only get better from there because I am not letting losing deter me much less stop me on the way to building a legacy I will be proud of. A legacy finally built upon a solid foundation will be covered in gold soon enough. This is what awaits me, what is becoming expected of me rather than losing again and again. I have a lot to do to truly position myself as one of the best to do this, but I am getting there, and win or lose ain't no one to stop me until I get what I want.

Last Friday I declared myself for the Grand Rampage match, I won't lie I would've rather have a solo match either for a belt or against someone who would make for a great challenge on my way to my next big opportunity. But the truth is - The Grand Rampage match IS my next opportunity. And while the possibility to not win it is there, I'll make sure to leave a mark on it. To make sure to leave it in a position that will open the door for my next bit score and that will be at the expense of a whole lot of folks including the three I am facing on the next episode of Friday Night Dynasty. Three opponents I know very well, two of whom I look forward to engaging and interacting with while the other is Ronan Malosi.

Let's get the least desirable element of this match out of the way, shall we?

Ronan, congratulations on turning your mind into something positive. From losing the Interwire Championship by taking the pinfall loss which would give the blues to any former title holder at least for a while you decided to do different and right out of the gate came out with a brand new packaging days after. A smile, a positive attitude, and a positive outlook on things are refreshing compared to former Champions who either fell into depression, went out of wack, or fancy themselves Emperor ( Of nothing, since Bronson is no longer Champion ) the Savior of something ( As if Jake is bigger than Pain for Pride ) to try and redeem themselves and get over the fact they more often than not cope very badly with the Post-Championship Blues. So what I am trying to say is, I'm impressed...

Or I would be if this whole stunt wasn't a load of crap.

As much as I'd like to send a positive vibe his way, here on Earth we are grounded, and I'm severely allergic to bullshit. If Ronan was honest and truthful about the whole thing, I would give the man his flowers. If what he is talking about since Operation Doomsday was real and he meant what he said? The crowd would warm up to him, they would end up showing him respect and they would cheer him on rather than letting him know how much he sucks. But we know Ronan, don't we folks? We know better than to trust in that rotten salad he's trying to sell us. Ronan turned from a dirtbag to a used car salesman trying to motivate us into buying a POS car that looks like it could fall apart at the slightest bump but has a 'GREAT DEAL' sticker plastered on the hood. The fact is, the man hasn't changed. Still inauthentic, still disingenuous, with an extra coating of delusion all wrapped up in the shell of a role that doesn't suit him. Ronan, you tried to be a leader before and it didn't work. When are you going to learn from your mistakes? When are you going to stop lying to yourself about being better than me? You aren't, with ample proof out there to back this fact. Do you have a more successful career? A little bit, but are you better than me? Not by a nautic mile. I'm willing to wager how sick you must feel when playing that phony doomed-from-the-start charade. I bet that smile of yours drops the moment your mug isn't in front of a camera, and I wonder how much time you spend in front of a mirror and motivating yourself to become that clown we all see on the tube now. And he's pulling it off with no make-up or ugly clothes folks. Now that is impressive. Is anyone willing to wager on how long it takes Ronan to throw a tantrum about not being able to keep a farce up anymore? I'm taking bets until the end of the week. I'm waging right after Pain for Pride, so unfortunately we are stuck with this 'Variant' of Ronan for a few months. Hold onto your butts folks.

Fortunately for yours truly and the EAW Universe, Ronan is not the only one I'm facing in the Grand Rampage Preview and both of them are superior opponents than Ronan, not to mention far smarter and more pleasing for the eyes.

First of which is someone I've been following for some time, someone I battled against this season and observed up until very recently. So Hans Grayson, let me congratulate you on your victory against Jay Jerry Johnson during Operation Doomsday. It was an amazing match, and the dub was well-earned and deserved. You showed the EAW Universe and Management what you got in your gut and you've been rewarded for it. You also know that should you do well during Grand Rampage, even if you don't win and fall short, management will find a way to reward you because on Dynasty they know how to do right by those who work the hardest. They've been doing right by me this season and the same will occur to you if you keep doing things the way you do.

This tells me that you are coming in hungry and on the hunt on Friday, looking to gather momentum ahead of the big event and I don't blame you for it because I look forward to Dynasty for the same reasons. Of course, a four-way dance is not the same as a 30-Elitists Grand Rampage, but if you can be the last one standing against a former World Champion in Camille, yours truly, and the other guy? Big points ahead making it past those who declared themselves. Unfortunately for you, I want more than just doing my best this season: I want to win the whole thing. And you have Camille as well who will want to get that victory as well for it is the fastest way to earn the next World Championship match she can get her hands on. But Hans, as we all know, this never was a sprint but a marathon and the objective is to have the best positioning possible to shine under the brightest lights at Pain for Pride! Win Grand Rampage and you get the Main Event spotlight shining all over you. But, the encouraging thing as mentioned previously is there are hidden opportunities that more often than not await those who trained and fought hard in that match. Do you have what it takes to win Hans? My name ain't Jake Smith, I will not smack the possibility down like he did. Considering he never won the Rampage, he's got no leg to pull if you ask me. The sting of being runner-up, which Jake Smith was in 2022, is far greater than being taken out 6 place before the winner like I did back in 2018 let me tell you that.

I've always had respect for you Hans, you are a great performer, an honest man whose ability to show self-awareness and honesty by acknowledging your vulnerabilities and the possibility of making mistakes is remarkable. Keep humble, maintain your integrity, and your quest for continuous improvement, those things are what I look forward to seeing translated into good wrestling inside the ring. We have a mighty competitive match earlier this season before a certain someone came in to sour things up. Yes, I was the winner of that match, but I take no pride or enjoyment out of knowing I won due to interference compared to others we know. So this Friday, I expect a great fight from you Hans, a better one than when last we fought back in August. I know there are two other Elitists between us in this match, but this is what makes it so spicy isn't it? Ronan Malosi you can dispatch fairly easily. Do you have a good chance of taking me out and Camille? Now she's the toughest challenge, which I know you look forward to tackle because of your competitive nature.

This leads to the one who defeated me clean as a whistle last Friday, the one who drank herself a hefty tab which of course I covered for as per earlier agreement ahead of the match. The loser pays the winner's tab and I've done just that. Ms Extreme.

Last Friday we delivered exactly what I advertised! A good, strong, fiercely competed athletic match between two very hungry Elitists with golden aspirations. In Philadelphia, we did what we do best: WE WRESTLED! And at the end of it, while you emerged the winner, the real winner was the fans because it saw you perform at your best against me who threw down hard enough to bring you to that level. As I said on Dynasty, your passion showed and it inspired me to throw my name in the ring for Grand Rampage, I was serious and I will be putting that inspiration to good use next month but before that, I'll utilize that inspiration to give you yet another great fight, and like last week my aim remains the same: Winning. I hope the fight I offered you, and the quality of my performance were enough to make you see that you still got it. That you never lost it and picking up a win right after that loss against Myles is the best way to feel better about Operation Doomsday. The disappointment I felt when I left the ring is gone, replaced by the prospect of another great match with you just a few days away with added elements to spice things up. I look forward to going for another tango with you Camille, because I know what to expect out of you and that is a great outing each time you have a match. I asked for your passion and your fire to blaze through during that match and you brought it just like I wanted, for that you have my thanks and of course, you understand that I am asking that you bring it out once again! This time because there is a point to be made out of this match. Since is it called a preview of the Grand Rampage, feels like the fans will need to keep an eye on the winner of our fight because they have just shown they can thrive in a multi-elitist environment and that makes the winner more credible in terms of a threat and increases their chances of actually going all in and win the whole shebang.
It won't be a surprise to anyone that this match may not be seen as having anything at stakes, just another match ahead of the Grand Rampage, a meaningless fight but the way I see it that is far from the case. Of course, the match itself being what it is the actual winner can be a luck of the draw and anyone has a chance of winning at some point. But I don't intend to rely on luck to win, I'll rely on what got to gain the favor of the fans and what makes me as serious a threat as I ever was, even during my time as General Manager of Showdown. I'm there, I made it to where I can head into a match against the best and not see my opponent as the obvious choice for victory each time. Last Friday, I had a better chance at beating you than I did when we fought over the Pure Championship and you felt it. You will feel the same thing in our next fight, only better because I am working to continually grow and improve. You should know since we train together, you know what I can bring and I'll bring it harder this week too, and not just because this match is a four-way. This is something you look forward to I'm sure, everyone wants to see a motivated and driven Camille because that is when you are at your best and this is what the fans pay good money to see. That is what competitive-driven elitists like myself are looking for in an opponent, it brings us to go the extra mile and makes us look that much better. Thus making the match that much more entertaining and will make the winner of the match have a far more impactful victory. I know I'm going to bring my A-Game to this match, I know you will to Camille I don't expect any less.

To conclude, Hans and Camille I want us to go out there and pull a wrestling clinic for the fans to witness! Let's use this match to promote Grand Rampage but also promote ourselves and our chances of victory. And Ronan? How about you leave victory to those who take the business seriously and don't embarrass themselves with a gimmick promoting values you don't care about? How about you do something you aren't successful at doing by yourself?

How about you wrestle?
Crazy idea, right folks?
I must be out of my mind.​

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