MATCH PROMO Daddy’s Home (Voltage #1)

Charlie Marr

Disturb The Peace
Hardcore Champion
EAW Hall of Famer
It’s been a while.

Over two years have passed since my last appearance on Voltage. It has been a long journey back here, full of ups and downs. I have been to the very top and I have hit the very bottom. I have main evented huge shows, I have opened the card. I was on the verge of quitting at one point and now I am an EAW Hall of Famer.

All that matters is I am home.

Voltage was the brand that I truly made my name on. While I did start on NEO and then move to Showdown, Voltage was the brand where I began to make a mark in EAW and really get noticed. I captured the hearts of the EAW fanbase while I was on Voltage during my tag team run in MarrKade. I won the tag team championships in the aforementioned MarrKade on Sunday night Voltage. Remember Daryl, there’s a reason that my name came first. I see that you’ve managed to ride my coattails even more and follow me to Voltage, I wil always be your father. Never fucking forget that. Don’t even try and come for me again because I will put you down like the pathetic dog you are. I won the EAW Championship while on Voltage. I main evented Voltage FPV after Voltage FPV. Fighting Spirit, Bloodsport and Wicked Games were all Voltage supershows that ended with Charlie Marr on top. This brand means a lot to me. The brand has done a hell of a lot for me and I have done a hell of a lot for the brand. It is like a mutually beneficial relationship. I can understand why the decision makers jumped at the opportunity to bring me back to Voltage. The last time I was here, I was the star of the fucking show. Every single week I would be constantly talked about or I would be in the main event. I was the biggest superstar in EAW at that point in time. Impact was on the same show as me, he was below me. Yeah, I was seen as being more important than one of the greatest to ever do it. I also beat him a couple of times when we shared a brand, he’s lucky that he managed to dodge me while we were on Showdown together. I know that old wanker was counting his blessings that he never had to face me again. Ah well, we’re miles apart once again. When I was last on Voltage, I dominated. I am sure you can all vividly remember the Summer of 2019. Also known as the Summer of Marr. There are arguments to be made that my run in the summer of 2019 was the most dominant stretch in EAW history. I killed everyone that got in my way and took over an entire brand. There wasn’t a week that went by that Charlie Marr wasn’t the talk of the town. I wasn’t just on top of Voltage though, I was on top of all of EAW. I was the only one who was really doing it. I changed the landscape of EAW and I changed how people did shit. We have seen so many people attempt to emulate me since that run I had. Often imitated, never duplicated. Nobody will ever be Charlie Marr, I am the one and only. Veena and I held Voltage to ransom and did whatever the fuck we wanted. We ran this show and we made Captain Charisma our waterboy. Yeah Drake, you’re not the first dude to have an issue with him. I did it first and I did it better. You did it because you’re a weird dude who pretends he’s like some anti establishment anarchist when in reality you are the establishment. Enough about you, though, let's talk more about Charlie Marr. Let’s discuss just how fucking incredible I was in my last stint on Voltage. That was the pinnacle for me, thus far. I was at my very peak, inside and outside the ring. Thus far is an incredibly important part of that sentence though, I am not done yet. That was the old Charlie Marr’s peak, this current version of myself is even better than ever. I feel more confident and more dangerous than I ever have before. Just look at what I did to Daryl at Pain for Pride, I decimated him. It’s about time I hit heights even higher than before and truly become Main Event Marr once again.

Andrea Valentine, it’s been a while. We really do have some history. That’s not saying much though as you have history with everyman in EAW, slag. Wait, am I allowed to slutshame or is Disney gonna fine me for that? I guess I will find out with all these terrible changes that are happening. How have you been, Andrea? You had any success on your own yet or do you need Malcolm Jones to help you out? Don’t think I ever forgot that you were the one that robbed my baby away from me. I deserved to hold onto that title but I had it stolen away from me. While you weren’t the biggest culprit, you were complicit and you benefited from that. Essentially, you were the person that bought stolen goods. You weren’t the criminal who stole them but you were happy to buy them at a cut price. Despite all of my incredible success in EAW, I will always be a bitter man. I will always hold animosity towards those who have wronged me throughout my career. I will forever want to gain revenge on anyone that has fucked up and wronged me. I have never been able to get the revenge I wanted on Andrea for various different reasons. One of the main reasons is that I had my opportunity for revenge once again stolen away from me by Malcolm Jones, yet again. I had my shot at winning back my EAW Championship at Shock Value 2020 but the odds were obviously stacked against me because that’s what happens to Charlie Marr. The decision makers here saw how dominant I was and knew that they needed to rig everything to stop that. For some fucking stupid reason, they allowed Malcolm Jones to become the special referee in that match. As expected, he put his hands on me and cheated me out of the match. He stopped me from winning my EAW Championship back, we all know that if the match was just Andrea Valentine vs Charlie Marr than I would come out on top. Road to Redemption 2019 just showed how much better I was than all of my contemporaries. Despite every single other motherfucker being against me in that match, I dominated. I eliminated everyone despite them all working together and I would have eliminated Andrea too if it wasn’t for Malcolm’s interference. You were a pawn in mine and Malcolm’s rivalry. You were the EAW Champion and still nobody gave a fuck about you. That speaks volumes about you, Andrea. You are irrelevant in every single way. You are also a fellow EAW Hall of Famer but I couldn’t name an Andrea Valentine match that I wasn’t involved in. I didn’t even realise that you were the Universal women's champion until you lost it at the Draft Show. How are you coping with that, Andrea? I bet you’re gutted that you’ve been put in such a difficult match right after a heartbreaking loss. I mean, talk about being thrown to the sharks. What a horrible start to Voltage this is going to be for you, Andrea. Ayu Megumi gets to face Daryl Kinkade and you have to face Charlie Marr. Sucks to be you, bitch.

I was better than you back then and I am better than you now, Andrea. A hell of a lot has changed since we last faced but the fact that I am above you will always remain.

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