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EAW Hall of Famer

Ring Name - Diamond Cage

Nickname - "Explicit Content", "The Whole F'n Shabang" "Boss"

Weight - 225 Pounds

Picture Base: Dean Ambrose

Fighting Out Of: Edmonton Alberta Canada

1. Cradle To The Grave(Gotch Style Piledriver)

2. Murder. Death. Kill (Wrist Lock Transitioned To A Short Arm Lariar)

3. Coquina Clutch(Rear Naked Choke)

4. Cage’s Finale(One Handed Electric Chair Driver)

5. Go To Retirement(Given permission to use in honor of CM Banks who had a brief hand in training Cage)**LAST RESORT FINISHER**

Signature Moves

1. Welcome To Canada Motherfucker(Pepsi Plunge)

2. Buckle Bomb(Turnbuckle Powerbomb)

3. Diamond Saint Special(A Series Of Backhand Slaps Finished With A Decapitating Lariat)

4. Greetings From Edmonton Alberta(Argentine Backbreaker rack dropped into a powerbomb)

5. Suicide Dive

6. Sharpshooter

7. German Suplex(All Variations, Snap, Deadlift, Bridging.Used Often.)

8. Ushigoroshi(Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker)

9. Ballistic Punching Combination(A series of rights and lefts delivered at rapid succession and finished with a huge right hand)

10. Crippler Crossface

11. BitchMaker(Wrist Lock Transitioned Into a Bitch Slap)

12. End Of Story(Sets up a chair in a sitting position and drags his opponent up and piledrive's his head through the seat of the chair)

13. Headbutt(Diving or Standing)

14. Inverted Facelock Neckbreaker Slam

15. Diving Elbow Drop(Delivered to standing or down opponent)

16. Rebound Lariat

Other Info: Cage is known to use dirty tactics such as biting, eye gouging, illegal punches and headbutts and slaps in a match.

Alignment: Unpredictable but more to the babyface side
Character Inspirations: Stone Cold Steve Austin, Katsuyori Shibata, Cactus Jack and Minoru Suzuki.

Theme Music: “Smells Like Teen Spirit” By Nirvana /w Dark Leather Jacket

EAW World Champion(2x)

EAW Interwire Champion(1x)

EAW Tag Team Champion(3x)

EAW Triple Crown Champion

EAW Hall Of Fame Inductee(Class of 2017)

2014 Extreme Moment Of The Year.

Most Valuable Extremist(2x)

Number 1 On The Power 10.

Promoer Of The Week(5x)

Beef Of The Week(5x)

Match Of The Week(2x)



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