MATCH PROMO disgrace to EAW

Usagi Senshi

Forever Alive
[SCREENBAR - Okinawa, Japan.]

The Scene would open with Usagi Senshi, who would be seen sitting down on the couch in the Living Room of her home in Okinawa, Japan. She can be seen cracking her knuckles, clearly not in a very good mood, as she has been as of late, as she just stares blankly at a Television that is turned off, full of nothingness.

Usagi would sit back, as footsteps could be heard walking into the Living Room. After a few moments, it is revealed to be Usagi Senshi’s Girlfriend and Partner in crime, Ayu Megumi, who doesn’t look too pleased to see the mood that Usagi is in. She lets out a disappointing sigh, as she continues to walk towards Usagi, but that sigh would cause Usagi to turn her head towards Ayu. The sigh would cause an upset facial expression from Usagi, as she turns back away and Ayu sits down on the couch next to her.

Usagi Senshi:

Ayu Megumi: Usagi-Chan-

Usagi Senshi: I am sorry.

Ayu Megumi: Hey, hey it’s okay! Usagi-Chan no need to sorry. You did great! And I still love you!

Ayu hugs Usagi, trying to calm her down. Ayu leans her head down to Usagi's shoulder while her eyes keep the focus on the blank television. Ayu tries to comfort Usagi and hugs her tight to make Usagi know she will always be by her side.

But Usagi’s mood still doesn’t change. She’s still upset, she’s still annoyed, and she is still being forced to accept the failures that she has gone through in the Iconic Cup Tournament. Being separated from The Ice Aces for a decent amount of time has affected Usagi, and it’s going to take a lot more to get Usagi out of this state.

Usagi Senshi:
I have failed to live up to all of my promises in this Tournament. I lost to Serenity, I lost to Hikari, I lost to Veena and now? I look like a liar. I’ve been made to look like a complete fool, and I do not like it. There is no hope for me in this Tournament, I am forced to wait until this Tournament is over for me to be happy.

Ayu Megumi: We both fail, what does that mean we both fail our promises, right? So if you feel bad I should feel bad too. Don't be sad, should we really enjoy every match? So don't worry, Usagi-Chan.

Ayu holds Usagi's hand. Ayu wants to let her know that she can't keep her promise either. She didn't want to see Usagi like this, she hugged Usagi more tightly than before. Ayu patted Usagi's head to make her feel better. Although it might not help.

Usagi Senshi: 私は約束を果たさないことにうんざりしています!
Translation: I’m tired of not fulfilling my promises!

The sudden outburst from Usagi causes Ayu to take a slide back away from her. Usagi quickly looks at Ayu, noticing what happens before she turns back away, hiding her face in her hands and knees knowing that right now, she simply can’t be helped, and her mood can’t get any better.

Usagi Senshi:

Translation: I am sorry.

Ayu Megumi: Usagi-Chan…

Usagi would get up from the couch, and quickly walk away, clearly upset after the outburst, and all Ayu could do was watch her go to the room. Ayu is upset from this, as she sits back on the couch, and thinks to herself, wondering if there is any hope that Usagi will get out of this mood that she has been in over the last few weeks.

Ayu Megumi:
I just hope it all ends soon…

[End Scene.]



Alexis, I know how you feel about me.

And you know how I feel about you.

I know how much you hate me.

And you know how much I hate you.

So let's cut to the chase;

You're not winning.

As simple as that, you are not winning on Showdown. I have had disappointing losses to some of the very best in this Iconic Cup Tournament, but I'm not going to allow myself to lose to someone like YOU. I'm not going to allow myself to lose to someone like Lexi — someone like Alexis Chambers. I have already beat you before, and I can beat you again. But yet you're going to deny the loss — you're going to say that I didn't win without help from The Ice Aces, and you know what? Maybe if you didn't keep trying to focus all your attention on them — maybe if you didn't aggregate them, they wouldn't have gotten involved. But what happened? You did. What happened? You did get on their nerves — you did focus on Ayu and ARIA, and you paid the price for your stupid actions. Because the truth is? I can't beat you all by myself. The truth is? I don't need the help of Ayu or ARIA-Chan to beat you, Alexis, and I don't care if Ayu-Chan is in my corner this week, if you DON'T GET HER INVOLVED, she WON'T GET INVOLVED, and guess what? I will beat you all by myself. I will beat Alexis Chambers all by myself. Do you understand that? Do you understand what I'm trying to say? They got involved the last time because you made them get involved. They got involved the last time because you decided to poke the bears one too many times, and you paid the price for it. It was YOUR FAULT. And you know? Maybe I did fail to live up to my promises in this Tournament. And guess what? It fucking hurts. It hurts to know just how badly I have failed in the Iconic Cup Tournament, and it's going to take a lot for me to just move on, especially considering the fact that the Tournament is still running — that I still have to compete in the Tournament, and I have to face the likes of you. Because, Alexis? Nothing has changed about you since the last time we met. It seems that I didn't do a very good job in making sure that you could have common sense again, and now you're still running around Showdown, you're still stalking Limmy Monaghan and making him really fucking question his life choices, and you're being a cancer to the Showdown Brand — a cancer that needs killing. And Alexis, even though I have Ayu Megumi in my corner this week, it should not be any of your concerns. If you decide to not focus on Ayu, and actually focus on ME? Then you'll get the Match you want. THEN I'll beat you all on my own. THEN I'll prove to the whole world that Usagi Senshi can beat Alexis Chambers all by herself — and that's something that should have already been known to begin with. I'm not Kristen Myers, I'm not Haruka Kashimashi — I'm not Olivia Tate and I'm not anyone who you have faced since your return here to Elite Answers Wrestling. I'm Usagi Senshi, I am the Cryptic Ace, and that's something you need to realize. You need to realize that I'm different from anyone else — that I know what I am getting into, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Because that's always how I am.

I don’t think you realize how dangerous I truly am Alexis, and that isn’t a good thing for you. And if you haven’t seen just how I have been recently, I’m pissed off. I’m upset. I’m looking to kick the head off of anyone who gets in my way, and I am looking to prove a point — I’m looking to once again turn heads, and you are once again in my way. Last time we faced off, I was the Usagi Senshi that everyone in EAW knows and loves, but right now? I am a completely different person. Right now? I am ready to do whatever it takes to, once again, make sure that I can shut you up. But even last time I couldn’t do that, because you take the easy way out — you to try your very hardest to get Ayu and ARIA involved in our last Match, and when I won, suddenly, you had all the excuses in the world, and I fucking hate that. I hate myself, and I hate you for that. And I really don’t think you realize just who I am right now. And why? Because you probably don’t even pay attention? Alexis it has been four Months since you returned to EAW, and still, you are being an absolute disgrace. STILL, you have done nothing of worth despite being a fucking creep who should be locked away in some asylum, and yet after all of that, you probably don’t realize what you are doing wrong. And I could either tell you everything that you are doing wrong once more, or I can just go into Showdown and kick the absolute shit out of you. I can go into Showdown, and I can throw you all around that ring, and then, maybe then, I will finally maybe get you to shut the fuck up for once. But I doubt it. I doubt that you will listen to what I say, despite everything I am saying clearly being the truth. I know everything about you, Alexis — whether you like to admit it or not — whether you want to run away from your past or not, that’s not how things work. You can’t just run away forever. You are not going to be getting away with any of the shit that you have been pulling for much longer, and of course you may not realize that now, but when it does happen — when the day comes that you will suffer the consequences from everything that you have pulled, I will make sure to be the first person to say that I told you so. I will make sure that I am there to watch first hand as you suffer all the consequences. And yeah, EAW is advertising this as an Iconic Cup Tournament Match, but at this point, is it really? Or are we just fighting for second place? Third place? Because that’s basically what it is. We are going to beat the shit out of each other for nothing more than a participation award, and that is why I bring more worth into this Match. That is why I will give myself a bigger motive heading into this Match, because I am not going to beat you just to be known as a second place, or a third place in Block B. I am going to beat you to prove a point.

Ice Aces not needed.

I know what you are going to do, Alexis. I know that you are going to complain that Ayu-Chan is in my corner this Saturday— I know that you are going to do nothing but bitch and cry about the fact that one singular person is at ringside for a Match that I don’t need her to be there for. I’m with you, Alexis, I don’t want Ayu down there for our Match, because I want to make sure that I can actually beat you without you having any excuses once again. That is how I want to win, not because you decided to poke the bear once again and get her involved. You want a fair Match? Then don’t poke the bear once again. You want a fair Match? Then ignore Ayu, and fight me like a woman. You can do that, right? Knowing that she won’t get involved? Or are you still going to decide to give yourself a reason to bitch a complain? I know how you work, Lexi — I know how you operate, and maybe I will be able to be the one to put an end to that. Maybe I will be able to be the one to put an end to your bullshit return run here in EAW. And Alexis, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into, but I know what I’m getting myself into. You don’t know what to expect from this new found side of me, but I know what to expect from the same maniac that I faced last time we met. I truly want you to realize just how much of a disgrace you are to EAW, and maybe I will be able to get you to realize that when I kick your ass on Showdown. This is more than just the Iconic Cup Tournament for me now — this is more than just a Tournament that I am bound to lose at this point, this is for redemption. This is my apology to everyone who I had hurt because of my broken promises, and you are not going to get in my way. I am winning on Showdown, and there is nothing that you can do about it. I am winning on Showdown, because quite frankly? You don’t have the guts to do anything about it — you don’t have the guts to stop me. I am happy to be reunited with Ayu this week, and it feels wrong. Now it feels wrong to be with her, and it is because you are going to do nothing but bitch and moan, and you are going to complain about it, throwing yourself on the ground, crying and begging for something to be done about it, because that’s how Alexis Chambers, Lexi, whatever the fuck you want to be called functions. So before we get to Showdown this Saturday, I want to personally say; fuck you. Fuck you for all the bullshit you have caused on Showdown, and fuck you for being a disgrace to Elite Answers Wrestling. Because the truth is? You’re not an Elitist. You’re not respected here, you’re not wanted here, all you are is Alexis Chambers, and there’s nothing else to it. You may not expect what is coming to you come Saturday, but if there is one thing that you can expect, it’s failure. If there is one thing that you can expect, it’s another loss under the name of Alexis Chambers- Lexi- whatever. Fuck you.

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