Donovan Duke

Donovan Duke

The One Man Rebellion
National Elite Champion


Wrestling Name: Donovan Duke
Birth Name: Donovan Michael Duke (after his maternal grandfather)

Picture Base: Chad Gable
Current Nicknames: The Oklahoma Gentleman, The Gambler
Height: 5’10’’ Weight: 212 lbs.
Hometown: Stillwater, OK

Disposition/Alignment: Face (Yet mouthy who takes no crap).
Gimmick: Came into EAW as a Gentleman and Professional Gambler. He still holds those parts of his life close to his heart, but now he's more than that. This Oklahoma Country boy has started to find the confidence he lacked in the beginning of his EAW career to find the success he has today and he's not afraid to fight to get more success or to keep what he already has.

Theme Music: "The Outsiders" by Eric Church

Season 15 was the season of a lifetime for Donovan. He fought the odds and was able to keep his 24/7 Contract all the way to King of Elite and win the first Championship of his career, the National Elite Championship. Ever since then, the target on his back has got bigger and Donovan is ready to face whatever challenges come his way in Season 16.
Championship History: Donovan didn't think making history would even be possible to get close to making history. Now that it can be a strong reality, Donovan would love nothing more than to become the longest reigning National Elite Champion in EAW History.
Respect: He's still pretty inexperienced compared to most of the EAW roster. Most probably don't like him because of the whole Insurgency thing, but he wants his wrestling to do the talking and help him earn the respect of the veterans in the locker room.
Competition: There are many heavy hitter names on the roster that he wants to either wrestle for the first time or get a rematch against. It's his gambler's personality: Go Big or Go Home.

As the youngest of 3 brothers, Donovan grew up on an Oklahoma ranch and learned very quickly about having a good work ethic. Donovan always wanted to be a wrestler since his older brothers were high school wrestling champions and then became a successful tag team. He wanted to start training when he graduated high school, but his parents discouraged and opposed the idea because they didn't think he could handle the pro wrestling environment like his brothers could. Donovan was just as athletic, but no matter how hard he tried, baby brother couldn't escape the shadows of his brothers. He ultimately got fed up with the arguing and the ridiculing of his dreams, so Donovan went to college and decided to make a career out of his second love--card games.

At 18, Donovan started playing blackjack and poker at local Oklahoma casinos. He quickly developed a reputation as a prodigy around the casino circuit. After a year of playing in the Sooner State, Donovan took a chance to try his skills on a worldwide level when he decided to enter a World Series of Poker event in Europe during a college study abroad trip. It was a gamble that paid off when he won the tournament (and his 1st of 6 WSOP Braclets) at 19. After taking the casino world by storm winning poker and blackjack tournaments under the moniker "The Decimator", Donovan got a chance to give his wrestling dream another shot when his older brothers offered to let him be their manager.

During his time as a manager, he was able to enjoy both things he loved (he played poker to supplement his income while he was a manager and took college classes). For almost 2 years, Donovan managed his brothers to tag team success, but Donovan always wanted to do more. He didn't think he would ever get the chance to get in the ring, but he would soon about realize his dream when EAW wanted to sign him as a wrestler. He knew that signing with EAW meant that his poker playing would be limited, but he was happy to risk his first career to have a chance at his childhood dream. Donovan is ready to break out on his own and do what it takes to live his dream, tell his story, and prove himself in the world of wrestling.

Wrestling Debut: 2018 (As a Manager), 2020 (As a Wrestler)
Favorite Match Types: Ironman and Submission Matches for his appreciation of technical wrestling.
Least Favorite Match Types:
None. He is determined to do whatever it takes to prove his point, be successful, and keep the spotlight on him. That means competing in any match thrown his way.
Tendency to Cheat: If needed. If they start it, he will finish it.

Attires: Segment Attire In-Ring Attire

In-Ring Achievements:
24/7 Contract Battle Royal Winner (Pain for Pride XIV)
National Elite Champion (King of Elite 2022- Present)

MVE Awards:
Rising Star of the Week #243, #254, #283, #290
Beef of the Week #296, #303, #310, #314
Match of the Week #301, #310, #313, #314
Champion of the Week #314, #332, #336
Most Valuable Elitist #301, #314

>No Fear: Donovan is not afraid of anybody and will never back down from a fight against any opponent no matter how much bigger or stronger they are.

>Adaptable: Donovan considers himself an all-around wrestler. He can change his style to match or get the advantage over his matter the size or experience level
>Underestimated: Some opponents immediately underestimate him because he's one of the smaller members of the EAW roster. He knows it too and takes full advantage of that when the match begins.
>Reading Opponents: His years of poker playing have given Donovan an uncanny ability to read opponents by their eyes, body language, or movements. That helps him stay two steps ahead of his opponents and keep them off-kilter.
>Never Say Die: Very persistent/stubborn. Will keep fighting until he absolutely has nothing left.
>Powerful: Even as one of the smallest men on the roster, he can show off his power and feats of strength against his larger opponents when given the opportunity.

>Mouthy: Donovan isn't afraid to speak what is on his mind (good or bad) and that can either help his cause...sometimes get him into trouble.
>Small: Donovan is one of the smallest men on the roster, so that gives his larger opponents an better chance of overpowering him.


♦️Common Moves:

♥️Suplex Variations♥️
Donovan can do any suplex, but his favorites are:
1. German

2. Northern Lights
3. Belly to Belly
4. Dragon
5. Tiger

6. Double Armed
7. Rolling Chaos Theory
8. Superplex
9. Delayed Vertical (If he wants to show a little bit of strength)
10. 21-Plex
11. Japanese Ocean Cyclone

♠️Acrobatic & High Flying/ Top Rope♠️
1. Corner Handspring Elbow
2. Somersault Leg Drop
3. Springboard Handspring Elbow
4. Cartwheel DDT
5. Handspring Stunner
6. Hurricanrana

7. Headscissor Variations
8. Moonsault (Can also do a standing variation)
9. Shooting Star Press (Can also do a standing variation)
10. Suicide Dive
11. 450 Splash
12. Top Rope Crossbody
13. Dragonrana
14. Missile Dropkick
15. Tornado DDT
16. Frankensteiner
17. Tope con Hilo
18. Superplex

1. Military Press
2. Powerbomb
3. Spinebuster
4. Running Powerslam

5. Fallaway Slam
6. Sitout Dominator
7. Cliffhanger DDT
8. Vertebreaker

1. Roundhouse Kick
2. Superkick
3. Spinning Heel Kick
4. Dragon Whip

5. Dropkick
6. Pele Kick
7. Savate Kick

1. Bow and Arrow Hold
2. Triangle Choke
3. Ankle Lock
4. Boston Crab
5. Fujiwara Armbar

6. Rear-Naked Choke
7. Haas of Pain

♠️Other Moves♠️
1. Swinging Neckbreaker
2. DDT Variations
3. Sitout Facebuster
4. Fireman's Carry into Sidewalk Slam

5. Running Knee Lift
6. Sitout Jawbreaker
7. Clothesline Variations
8. Lariat Variations
9. Sitout Full Nelson Facebuster
10. "Ole Reliable" Right Hook to the Jaw
11. Spear

♣️Signature Moves:
1. “Dealer’s Choice”, Spinning Back Fist
2. “Drawing Dead", Michinoku Driver
3. “Southern Hospitality”,
Headlock Lariat into a Backbreaker
4. “Gambler's Roulette", Giant Swing

5. “Stack the Deck”, Phoenix Splash
6. "Place Your Bet", Double Chickenwing into a Swinging Reverse STO aka Hurts Donut

♥️Finishing Moves:
1. “Royal Flush”, Widow’s Peak
2. “Bankrupt”, Guillotine Choke Submission
3. “Duke of Hazard”, Fireman's carry back-to-belly piledriver (
Hiromu Takahashi's Time Bomb)
UF. "Utter Decimation",
Grapevine Dragon Sleeper

Has a bit of a nerdy side. He does play video games on his down time when not playing cards or training.

Hates the thought of submitting during a match. He will do whatever he can to fight through the pain, but he's realistic and doesn't want to risk injury. If he sees that there is absolutely no chance for survival, he will give it up to fight another day.

A student of the game. Does varying types of training to keep in shape, tie everything together, and diversify his wrestling arsenal. Outside of wrestling, Donovan loves to do MMA (training his grappling, striking, and submission skills) and occasionally gymnastics (training his high-flying and acrobatic skills and accuracy).
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Hello, I realize your thread hasn't been responded to yet so I just wanted to bring you up to speed. We are at the end of the season and in the middle of the buildup to our biggest show of the year Pain for Pride, therefore the new sign ups can't be assigned to a brand because following Pain for Pride the season ends and everybody becomes free agents up until the draft which occurs a week after Pain for Pride.

With that said, you'll be sorted to a brand on the fourth of July weekend and you'll be booked in a Fight Grid match on this coming Sunday following PFP against an opponent we'll inform you of when the time comes along with deadline information. Thanks for bearing with us and welcome to EAW!
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Donovan Duke

The One Man Rebellion
National Elite Champion
Thank you! I am very happy to be here. I completely understand with everything going on. I do appreciate you keeping me informed.
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Hello, welcome to EAW! I hope you enjoy your time, you will be drafted on Saturday when the EAW Draft comes. But until then you will be booked against @Mason Massacre and @Hevel in a Fight Grid match this week, promo deadline this Sunday at 11:59 PM EST of NXT

Donovan Duke

The One Man Rebellion
National Elite Champion
Did some cosmetic changes, added a few more common moves, and rearranged/reorganized a few things.

Donovan Duke

The One Man Rebellion
National Elite Champion
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Donovan Duke

The One Man Rebellion
National Elite Champion
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Donovan Duke

The One Man Rebellion
National Elite Champion
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