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Alexis Chambers

Motor City Goddess

The scene opens backstage hours after Grand Rampage is off the air. The scene opens inside Terry Chambers locker room. Terry is showered and ready to leave the arena, and Alexis Chambers is across from him and the two are having an argument it seems. Alexis came to say hi to her older brother in person because they don't see each other much being on separate brands. Alexis all of a sudden loses her temper and screams "TERRY PLEASE, YOU NEED TO STOP! I'M MORE THAN CAPABLE OF MAKING MY DECISIONS!"

"Alexis, I knew it was a gamble training you and getting you started, but after seeing your first match and win, and then seeing your performance at Under Siege in the Universal Women's Title match, I was having a change of heart, until you sided with Jake Smith. I never knew someone as hard hitting as you are would ever need to team with that idiot. I'm absolutely disgusted with the shit you pulled out there in the PURE Title match. I'm not telling you what to do Lexi, I'm just giving you some brotherly advice that you don't need him. That guy does not a give two shits about you and will only drag you down." Terry says with disappointment in his voice.

Alexis bites her bottom lip slowly before sighing. "Terry, Jake went through so much trouble to train me, I figured there was no harm in giving him a shot." Alexis replied back trying not to be intimidated of her brother. "Lex....he's only using you, I don't know how you don't see that. You're truly brainwashed! I want nothing but the best for you but it's hard when you're making dumb decisions like you have been lately Lex!" Terry says back to her as she turns her head and begins to get annoyed.

"I am NOT brainwashed Terry! I'm perfectly capable of making my own decisions and know what kind of man Jake is and what to expect from him. He is just helping me and that's all! I came in to say I miss talking to you and to tell you to keep your head up after the Grand Rampage match, I know you're gonna bounce back. Terry, I gotta go but please, I need you to look past this and accept it. It's gonna be better for my career and you'll see that soon." Alexis says softly. Alexis walks and grabs the door handle to leave but Terry clears his throat which stops Alexis in her tracks and she looks back with her hand on the door handle.

Terry faces a locker with his hand on it as he slowly begins to speak. "Remember when I said you had a lot of growing up to do Lex? THIS is the kind of shit I was talking about."

Alexis takes a second to take in what Terry said before she opens and slams the door hard and the scene transitions out in the hallway, Alexis wipes a tear from her eye looking a bit sad before walking away looking a bit angry letting out a tiny scream. Alexis walks away from the scene and in the background several seconds later you see the newly crowned Interwire Champion Consuela Rose Ava entering Terry's locker room before the camera transitions elsewhere.

The camera transitions into a different area as Alexis is walking down the hallway still with some tears in her eyes and she's stopped by Jake Smith dressed in casual attire. "Woah! What's wrong buddy?" Jake asks with obvious concern in his voice. Alexis takes a deep breathe and wipes her tears once more. "Oh nothing, it's just my brother...." Alexis answers before being cut off by Jake Smith.

"Let me guess, the usual stuff, saying you're making the biggest mistake of your life aligning with me, and saying you're gonna be an absolute failure in this business, right?" Jake says. He knows he's overexaggerating the stuff he's saying but he's trying to get his point across. "Don't listen to that negativity, that's why I'm by your side to make sure you don't go down his path going 5 years without a championship. Speaking of that, you're facing Sarah Price next week on Voltage for the right to face Darcy for the Specialists Championship." Jake says to Alexis as Alexis looks up at Jake.

"Really?" Alexis says as she cheers up a tiny bit after the tough love Terry gave her a moment ago. "Yep! And I'm gonna be in your corner to make sure everything runs smoothly, I always have your back just like you have mine, you know that!" Jake says as he places his hand on her shoulder. Alexis looks at the hand on her shoulder. "Thank you Jake." Alexis replies back as Jake smiles at her.

"Now let's get out of here and go have a drink or something at the hotel to celebrate what we did to Lance tonight." Jake says as Alexis shrugs her shoulders. Jake places his hand behind Alexis and motions her forward with an "after you" motion.

The scene fades away.

LEAVE ME ALONE! What I did last weekend is none of anybody's business nor do I owe anyone anything. People are so quick to judge me saying I'm Jake Smith's slave or I'm brainwashed when it's the farthest thing from the truth. Are people forgetting I had my own issues with Lance Blackfyre as well?! The guy who treated me like garbage when we were tag team partners. The guy who attacked me for no reason when I told him not to interfere in a match, That's right, I didn't do what I did to protect Jake's reign, I did it for my own satisfaction because me nor anybody else can bare to see Lance Blackfyre as a champion on this brand. I did everybody a favor but everyone's too caught up in the negative energy to see that. I really have to repeat thus for the hundredth time, that this is strictly a business relationship between me and Jake, NOTHING more. I'm not Bethany Blue level of stupid to have intimate feelings for somebody like Jake Smith. As much as I don't like Jake personally, he's not too bad of the mentor type. The main thing I needed to know was I was going nowhere with the "nice girl shtick" just like a certain someone.....

Sarah Price, yes I'm talking about you. Jake has taught me I need a more aggressive side when fighting and do whatever I need to do in order to achieve victory and that's exactly what you're gonna see from me Sarah. I was pushed around way too often early on in my career and it was why I always ended up with the short end of the stick. I'm done with that shit, I'm done being pushed around because of my size and my experience. You may be used to that shit by now Sarah but that doesn't fly with me. Back when you debuted last summer, I was just a fan of the product like everyone else, I thought you had so much potential in you and the sky is the limit for you. Sarah, I thought you would be leaps and bounds better than you were then, and nothing has changed with you. You're still the nice girl happy to be here who's afraid to step out of her comfort zone just a little bit to secure the victory. I mean, I just signed my contract three months ago and I'm right where you are on the EAW ladder, how sad is that Sarah? Such talent wasted by you being scared to pull the trigger in matches. If I were to guess I was in this spot last summer in this match, I would not guess you to be the one I'm facing because I thought you'd be on to better things in your career. But you're still where you were, looking to make a name for yourself but failing each chance you're given. Sarah, unfortunately you're literally the female version of Korey Gaines, always satisfied with putting on a good match despite always losing rather than getting what truly matters....the W.

Let's be honest here Sarah, someone like YOU could never beat somebody like Darcy. You don't possess that killer attribute to WIN! You don't have that mamba mentality to better yourself both mentally and physically. Honestly deep down Sarah, I think you're scared of someone like Darcy, scared of what someone like her will do to you in the ring, her exposing you further more than you've already been. I know exactly what I'm walking into unlike you and I know how dangerous Darcy is. She is the one who ended Andrea's legendary run with the title for a reason, she's been on a tear since dethroning Andrea for a reason, and I know I have what it takes to dethrone her. I have the drive, determination, and hunger which is something you're lacking. You are gonna counter and say listen to the fans and critics when I say that but I ain't drinking the Sarah Price kool-aid like every clueless fucking person. I also have big match experience under my belt with the spotlight primarily on me. I competed in the Universal Women's Title match at Under Siege not too long ago and oh man, I was so close to becoming champion, I tasted it Sarah. That was only my sixth match in the company and that was without the tutelage of Jake Smith. I was seen as an asset to this company that night despite taking the pin and I haven't looked back since. I vowed that night that was only the beginning of my journey. I vowed I would scratch and climb to another championship opportunity and not let it slip through my fingers again. It's good I got that experience in because I know now what it truly takes to become a champion in this company. I see that Specialist Championship in the distance, and I see this is my chance to finally break through, and I ain't letting you be the one who trips me up and I'll be damned if I sit back and watch somebody else take something that belongs to me.

You lost respect for me when I aligned with Jake Smith? You want my honest reaction Sarah? I don't give a shit. I did what I had to do in order to take my career to the next level, If anything, you should side with Jake as well instead of dragging your feet in this company and being trapped in a dead-end tag team with your one-legged weak link. If I honestly cared what Sarah Price thinks of my recent actions, I would still be competing with the TNT's of this world. You gotta block out all the outside noise and just focus on yourself which is exactly what I'm doing. This may sound a little bit harsh Sarah but it's the truth, which doesn't get told often these days much anymore. I don't give two shits about anybody's respect from people I don't give a shit about nor do I give two shits about putting on a classic match, the only thing that matters to me is victory, something you're not too familiar with Sarah. You're gonna join the club and associate me and Jake as an item? Alright Miss Goody Two-Shoes, if you're gonna go that route I'm gonna go this route and say you're a backstabbing friend who pleasures Drake in both of your guys' free time and then tells Sierra you were "working out." Oh it's not true? It's not so fun when the shoe's on the other foot is it? Why shouldn't we believe it? Drake has pictures of you on his phone, it's a heavy rumor in the mill, and we all see the way he looks at you. You may be one of the most selfish people I have ever seen. Underneath all that "nice girl" bravado, there really is a Regina George in there isn't there Sarah? Not only are you blowing your best friend's man on the off days, but you forced Sierra into a match where neither of you knew what you were really up against and you fell into Viz's trap. You forced her into a match with her boyfriend when she was having doubts, all for your own personal needs of adding a championship to your resume. Be honest Sarah, you KNEW that SASS had zero chance against a team like Vizzy and Drizzy, you wanted that match solely to watch Drake and Sierra's relationship implode. You're a terrible friend. Grand Rampage wasn't your night just like most nights neither will it be this Sunday as you once again watch your championship aspirations go up in smoke.

I'm not scared or intimidated by you in the slightest Sarah. I'm not scared of some bitch ass girl who ran and created a weak tag team because she couldn't hack it in the singles division on this roster. Talk yourself up all you want Sarah, you DO NOT in any way want this Specialists Championship shot more than I do. You want this shot because it would give you something to do. I need to shot to prove I can hang with someone like Darcy and prove I can be the one who finally dethrones her off her Specialists throne. You don't belong in the match, and I'm out to prove you don't belong in the same ring with me. You have months more experience than me but that's literally it Sarah, I've eclipsed you in everything else and I'm gonna show that when I put your ass down this Sunday. I can guarantee you everybody is gonna be seeing an entirely different Alexis Chambers than they've seen in recent months, one who isn't taking any more shit. You're the first target Sarah, and once I knock out down, I have Darcy and the Specialists Championship in my sights. People like you may not like this new aggressive attitude I've been sporting around lately, but it's what needs to be done in order to be a success here. I refuse to just sit on the bottom of the card forever and just hope for a championship to fall in my lap like you Sarah, I'm going out there with my "bad attitude" and I'm grabbing opportunity by the fucking throat. I'm on a mission to do exactly what you pointed out, stepping out of that role of "Terry's shy little sister" and that's exactly what I'm gonna do when I walk in on your yellow turf that is Voltage and show up one of their most beloved elitists, and if that makes me the bad guy, then so be it.

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