MATCH PROMO drop a gem on 'em | dynasty no.2

Harley Lewis

The Don of EAW
Manchester, United Kingdom

It seems as if Terry has no idea what Harley is capable of, and yet, Harley isn’t in the least bit offended by it. As a matter of fact, he laughs at the mere mistake that Terry is making, one that might permanently leave a stain on his career for ages to come. He’s prepared, and as a matter of fact, he’s been prepared for every single match and every single opponent he’s booked against. Harley studied the play by plays, the calls and the typical playbook of every opponent, together with his team. However, he’s alone now. He prefers it that way, as he knows that Terry is a man who needs a direct and cold answer. Terry wants to play the game by bringing up poker, a sport Harley is all too familiar with. Rich kids play card games in their pastimes, and Harley is no exception to that claim. A round table with poker markings and poker standards, as the Heartthrob is right in the middle of it all.

His butler begins sorting the cards and preparing the game, and as it starts, he begins playing it with skill and ease. He bet quite a lot on the game, and it’s only by winning that he earns double that. As the game plays, Harley wins and takes the chips for conversion. Everyone around him stops, as he leans forward, elbows touching the table. With a firm, classy and elegant-sounding English accent, he begins to speak to the camera.

It’s hard to swallow, isn’t it?

I know it’s easier to just dismiss it, though.

I’m not going to say I expected more or less, because I expected just enough. Just enough eloquence from a veteran, yet too little awareness to be considered anything but washed. You know, Terry, I’m not like these other young guns. I’m not looking to take you out, I’m looking to make a statement. It just so happens you’re the unlucky man I’m facing. Now, it could’ve been anyone else and I would’ve done it the exact same. It’s not like I begged and prayed for this day, because quite frankly— I didn’t. Don’t act like you’re some final boss in a video game, Terry. You’re just a side quest thinking a few accomplishments erase his present failures. Unfortunately for you, everyone— including I, see you for what you are now. It’s quite funny that you consider every single claim I had against you to be overdone and cliche, but maybe you should consider taking it as the truth? If other opponents have said it about you, perhaps it’s time to take a step back and reassess. Reassess if coming back from retirement was a smart decision. Reassess if making empty promises made you look stronger or weaker. I know the answer to that, but do you? Do you know thyself, Terry? I know who I am, what I am capable of and I build promises off that. You, on the other hand, over exaggerate how good you really are. There’s no dismissing that you’re good, Terry. You’re one of the better stars in Dynasty, but that doesn’t seem to translate to the big stage. Sure, you’re a former Interwire champion, but the keyword is former. Former implies the past, the before and the yesterday. When I look at you, I don’t see a championship calibre wrestler. The moment I lock eyes on you, I see a man carried by his past. I see a man carried by two championships he won before half of EAW’s audience was even fucking born. At King of Elite, I was there to see you try and fail again. I saw how badly Viz made you whine and scream like a bitch, and for a minute— I paid close to no mind to it. Sure, it was embarrassing, but now that you and I are set to face each other, I’m damn glad I didn’t forget it. You may have beat Sosa, but this is a different time. A different era, and I’m going to show these fans just how obsolete you are. You’ve survived long enough, Terry. For years, you’ve tried to get back up on your feet but you keep stumbling. It’s about damn time that you give up, Chambers. Give up and give in to the fact that you are facing the best New Breed there ever was, and there ever will be.

Deep down inside, you know that my chances of winning are through the motherfucking roof. If I lose, I’ll accept it and move on. I’m not you, Terry. I’m not a man that just forgets a loss happened and shrugs it off like it’s nothing. These losses I’ve received help me grow, moulded me into a superstar like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and you want to talk about Pain for Pride? You want to act like Mr. ‘I Don’t Miss’ is going to run circles around me? Go ahead, think that way. Doubt me, because after I’m done sending your ass through hell and back on Friday— you’re going to give me my respect. You’re going to be the first one to congratulate me after I’m done showing Joso that he is nothing compared to me. The funny part is, you’re going to pretend like you’ve wanted me to win from day one. Funny how fake you can be, Chambers. If you faced Joso, you would’ve said the exact same thing. Don’t act like you mean your words, Terry. You don’t mean them, you eat them, and you wonder why you had one foot in the grave during your Season 13 run. Every statement of mine, I don’t retract. I don’t take it back and I stand by it because I’m not a pussy. If I don’t like you, I don’t like you and it doesn’t matter. I’ll give you your respect, but I damn sure won’t start shaking your hand or kissing your ass after you’ve won. I’m a consistent man who keeps the energy level consistent, while you? I’m sure you’re going to be talking about how Joso isn’t as good as me real soon. I’m a more technically proficient talent than you, a smarter one and a younger one— and you still think I’m going to see the lights? No, you will. You’re going to be looking up at the operating room’s lights as they’re repairing your achy brittle knees. Since you want to get violent, allow me to get wild. You talk about wanting to shatter my career, make sure I got knocked out and all that nonsense, when your bones are going to shatter at a mere kick. After your bones shatter, your motivation shatters, fat boy. You don’t have the discipline to make it in season 15, and if I can’t show you the shining, shimmering and bloody reality now— I’ll make sure your eyes are opened soon.

I’m not looking at the box score, I’m calling it how it is.

A loss is a motherfucking loss, no matter which way you put it. You had all that momentum going into the Grand Rampage match only to get your head kicked out of the ring by Jake Smith. Maybe that’s why you’re not thinking very straight, Terry. I’m not poking fun, I’m simply stating how shit you are, compared to how much you gas yourself up. Your ego is larger than mine, and that’s saying something. You may not know it yet, but it’s so blatantly obvious. I’m sure you confuse being stubborn with refusing to give up, but they are not one in the same. You keep losing when it matters and you don’t play it smart. Instead, you bludgeon yourself with losses that, if I was you, would have never happened. I’m not telling you to cherry pick, I’m just stating that you need to be smarter. Be smarter in dealing with talents, otherwise you’re going to lose to Miku Sakai for the second time and cry about it the next day. Yes, Terry. I did say you train yourself to run your mouth, and I’ll gladly die on that hill. Turns out, you’re not very good at it as well. While I’ve been being consistent, being undeniably hard working and doing things you’re afraid to do, you’ve had a few moments of silence. What’s the matter, Terry? Did you headbutt yourself so hard that you forgot how to speak? But, I’m glad that you could give it your best shot against me. I’m glad that when I beat you, I get to say I beat Terry Chambers who doesn’t have two sticks up his ass and a gag in his mouth. You may not be the best version, but I’ll take it. However, like I said in the past, beating you isn’t the end goal. Winning the New Breed Championship is, and you’re just in the way of that. Joso can ask me ‘what if I lose?’ for all I care, because I know I won’t. I know I can’t fail when it comes to facing a dickhead like you, and I know I can’t fail when it comes to beating Joso at Pain for Pride.

By the way, Jos. Did you ever consider what would happen if you lost to Nariko? The moment you get cocky, I know your weaknesses. I know that all this spotlight, all this shine is going to get to your head, and when you get quite possibly pinned, you’re never going to live it down. There’s three types of people in this world, there’s the Harley’s, the Terry’s and the Joso’s. A man like me is a man on a mission, a man with a set purpose to rule the world by way of pinning down the other two men. A man like Joso is the bigger man to take out, the more important victory and the one that isn’t just a potential shot at being a New Breed Champion, but one that solves a blood feud since the moment he and I have arrived in EAW. Now, you on the other hand, Terry— are a man who thinks he’s even remotely important to my journey, even though he isn’t. Humble yourself, Chambers. Take some time off to recollect, and come back only when you’re ready. Had you done that before returning, maybe we would’ve seen something much, much better from you. All that weight loss and I’m still wondering if your conditioning is top level. Just because you last from first to last doesn’t make you a man with an elite gas tank, it just means you have a limit that you’ve never tried to push through. Not only do you not have the determination in training, you also don’t seem to have the determination to make your title reigns look good. You couldn’t lead Team Dynasty to a win, and you expect me to take you seriously? That was one of your only chances to prove that you should be a top star, and you flopped. How do you get eliminated second in a match where you’re the leader? When you could’ve had a Hall of Fame ring, it slipped from your fingers like it’s the Lord of the Rings. I think it’s only fitting that I break those fingers off their joints, and watch as you flick them around like a gas station blow up mascot.

Mention my ‘loss’ to Clou- err, Xerxes, all you want. If it makes you feel better about the disappointment you’ve cast onto these fans, be my guest. You’re the reason some people have doubts about champions, Terry. You’re the reason people don’t respect Dynasty like they fucking should. All because of you, and what you failed to do at Territorial Invasion. Had I been there earlier, you wouldn’t have made it to Season 15, and you wouldn’t have talked the shit you talk now. This ‘newcomer’ tournament that you oh so desperately talk down on will be your death, Chambers. You’re going to witness why I am a finalist, why I will win this damn thing even when you, of all people, decide to doubt me. You said that you didn’t come all that way to lose to Sheridan Muller, and yet you did. Now, you’re going to come all this way just to lose to me. The Heartthrob isn’t just a pretty face, he’s a double black belt with a desire to win and humiliate you. Hell, I’ll post your failures on the ‘gram for the whole world to see. You’re not the world champion you once were, Terry.

You may have retained it in the past with a rollup…

But I will roll your McDonalds Big Mac, Burger King Whopper, my three hundred pound life looking arse right off the ring and back into the gym. I am that guy, and I will forever be that guy. You will look back and know that this loss isn’t as painful, and won’t be as painful because in hindsight, you just lost to EAW’s future world champion. Take this loss on the chin, and wipe that cheese-whiz off yours. You want to end the season on a strong note, and yet— it doesn’t seem to be the case. Even if you do beat me, which is highly impossible, you’re going to have never held a title this season, even when you kept on saying that you would. You think that by reminding people of what you’re capable of, that everyone would just forget? One win at Pain for Pride isn’t gonna mean anything, especially considering who you might end up facing. There’s a million different people who would love to get a crack at ‘ya jaw, and there’s a million different people who will succeed in that. I’m one of those million people, but I’m not waiting for Pain for Pride. If I have to stop you in your tracks and remind you that you are capable of nothing, so be it. I just know how to make the win seem larger than it should. I’m a goddamn genius when it comes to the wrestling game, and the moment I beat you— lord knows the opportunities in store. Despite the fact that you are way in over your own head, you are still a former champion. No matter how shitty and short your reigns might’ve been, you still held them. I’ll put you higher up on the rack of heads on my wall, and there’s an infinite space for more. There’s a space reserved for people who made Terry scream, and I’m going to sit at the round table with Viz and Bethany Blue when it’s all said and done. You’re a natural, sure. You’re naturally shit at what you do. This isn’t going to be some cliche exposing, some random new kid thinking he’s the shit— this is going to be a public announcement. I want Joso watching, I want everyone watching as I turn you into a statement. The Barbaric Carnivore will turn into a pussy vegan bitch by the time I’m done with you, and maybe after I’ve sent you back to retirement; you’re going to thank me for giving you eternal peace. You’re not the first giant I’ve slayed, and you certainly won’t be the last. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Can’t wait for the world to shake— quite literally— after I’ve dumped your head on the canvas. It was nice to meet and know you, and unfortunately this is the last time anyone will. See you on Dynasty, cunt.

The mobb got the bomb run out and tell a friend…

Drop a gem on em.

As everyone around him then continues playing, Harley stands up, the butler carrying the chips as they go in separate directions. The moment he sits on the limousine, Evan hands him a tablet of all Terry Chambers matches for him to continue studying. Harley yawns mockingly, as he hands the tablet back to Evan. When the butler enters with a duffel bag full of cash, they finally drive off into the background, ending the video.

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