MATCH PROMO Dynasty #001 - Stargazing.


Ruler keeps influencing the world.
The Reserved.
Connection begins.

Fatal four way is a decent enough challenge I suppose.

I think I made a very clear statement last week on Dynasty when I took out my absolutely atrocious tag team partner; Mercer McKay, and single handedly outwrestled the Off-Brand Amphetamines with relative ease. I am here in EAW for the challenges, I am here to do actual work, and I am more importantly here to face off against those who are a threat to my very name in the path of becoming more than god.. Just like Bronson Daniels was at Operation: Doomsday.. Just like Andre Walker was at the start of this season.. Just like how the risk of losing the EAW New Breed Championship was there every single time that I went out for a big time defense on free per view. I am not here to fool around with brain dead, shallow surfaced “Elitists” for any more time than I already have. It has become a waste, and I have become bored of it. I have truly become tired to the point of actual anger, and usually, I tend to try and stay as calm as I possibly can.. But you see; To attempt to Revolutionize those who do not even seem to be coherent enough to take part in their own matches at their best ability, it just is. Not. Worth it. It seems like younger stars are slowly starting to try less and less with making a statement, and so I will try less with them going forward. I have been past revolutionizing the new breeds anyhow.. Plus, I was very successful with bringing back the old Bronson Daniels a couple of weeks ago, so I think that it is more than safe to step away from trying to help the undoubtedly suffering lower card, and turn my attention towards those who I truly know have something in them, and that is including myself; Ruler. THE Monarch of Agony, and one of the biggest threats in this year's Grand Rampage.

That fittingoy leads me perfectly into this week's match.

My match to take.

I will be facing the likes of Solomon Stane, Shane Gates, and Axel Graves in a Grand Rampage preview, and I could not be happier receiving this match.. This match was made for me to take home. This match was prematurely booked so that The Ruler of Everything could prove himself worthy for the Grand Rampage before even stepping foot into the match itself, and to say that it will be easy? That should not even need to be a part of any sort of discussion. This is simply extra momentum. When you throw three absolute pieces of shit at me to tear apart, that is exactly what I am going to do and I will do it well. I did the same thing just last week even though it was advertised as a tag team match, because the results don’t say Ruler lost. It says that Mercer McKay lost after Ruler tore him apart, and Solomon Stane and Kirk Redwood beforehand. That choice of mine was the best outcome possible, as OBA didn’t deserve the fair chance at defeating me, (which was not present anyhow as we have seen before), and Mercer himself needed some sense knocked into him from a superior, as it was clear that had to happen to him. But Solomon, it is the same shit as it was last week in all honesty. There is no difference from what I am faced with now, and what I was faced with before just last week, as I will still be in the ring with three fools who are below me that all act like children and yet still attempt to treat themselves as main event caliber.

Truth be told, everyone in this match that isn’t named Ruler is not main event caliber. Hell, nevermind just the main event scene, let us take the bar down a little lower for the insignificant talents here. Everyone in this match that isn’t named Ruler is not even capable of being a credible part of the mid card scene. Solomon Stane and Shane Gates have not been able to keep a simple spot like that for more than a few weeks, and Axel whatever his name is has not done anything yet in his time as of now to even be seen as a potential kid to break out of the lower card. He has just made his way into the company, and he has somehow already taken a comfortable back seat shadow to the likes of Jamie Cross and Jay Jerry Johnson, two people who were even in the same exact match he was not too long ago at Operation: Doomsday. I am personally not surprised. I had warned him back when we faced off in a singles match that I was not the one who was ignorant, but in fact he was… Turns out that I was correct. Wow! Who knew that the far more experienced star in the match was right about such an already lackluster experiment who was destined to fail as soon as he started making such baseline, incurrent statements with no proof?? Crazy, right? Nope; Not really. It is just sad. It is sad that I have to do this again and embarrass you in front of others now, but hey. That is just how it goes. We will not be seeing you in the company in a year's time like expended, so I do not need to shove my point down your throat too much. I already did it once, and you will be sure to do it to yourself again by ignoring whatever you feel is necessary, most definitely a lot of things, so that you and your dick riding managed can maybe cough up a half decent reason as to why you MAYBE have single percentage of a change when it comes to winning this bout.

Shane Gates is Shane Gates. There is not much to say when it comes to him because… He is Shane Gates. He is just one of three of these fillers when it comes to Grand Rampage this year, but you know what? Good on him for keeping on getting these spots despite not deserving so in any possible way. Good on Shane Gates for having his biggest win of the last year, and season, being ending the career of an Elitist who was not even a third of the way established as a real member of the Dynasty roster. Good on good old Shane Gates for not drowning in this bottomless pool, but we all know that’s all he is good for; Barely staying afloat and not being able to do anything afterwards as he uses all of his possible will power to even keep himself somewhat noticed. Sorry Shane for what I must do to you again, but there simply is not anything plausible that allows for me to spare you at this moment or any future moments. You have had years to step up to the plate and resurface as something well threatening, yet the best you have been able to do recently is losing a United Tag Team Championships Match at King of Elite to SOSA and Viz… Your best leads to losing, and your worst is no doubt the same. Only makes sense. I recommend for you to stay low in this match, Shane, or else get crucified by me in the middle of that ring after getting caught in crossfire.

This is still Ruler’s World, and this match will be a platform for me to showcase that heading into one of the biggest events that the company has to offer. Solomon, Axel, Shane. I’m sure your efforts this week will be decent, but that will never, ever, touch my greatness.

Connection terminates.

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