MATCH PROMO Easy pickings ( Dynasty vs Gates & Hart promo 1 )

Ryan Wilson

Le Vilain
Montréal, Québec
( The scene opens up on a view of the luxurious interior of a private Jet, we hear X Gonna Give It To Ya in the background faintly as the camera moves to a seat where Ryan Joseph Wilson is seated and reading a book on an unknown subject with a glass of Scotch on the rocks by his side. Dressed in a sharp-looking business suit he closes the book as the camera settles in front of him. )

It's been a long time since I've been working on the Red brand.

Ryan Joseph Wilson is back on Friday nights, the last time I battled on it was during season 12 but things are entirely new and totally different now. The yearly proceedings known as the Draft have mixed everything up for sure but there is an extra twist this season: Disney is now on the scene with a heavy presence and a controlling interest which is going to make things very interesting. You can hear some of them wince, grind their teeth, or even whine and complain. Me though? I'm going to make the most of what can be a very profitable situation for yours truly. We are now entering Season 16, a new season, and a whole new roster of opponents to go through on my way to what you fuckwits will call an unsurmountable mountain.

( He takes a few seconds letting the subject linger for a short moment before resuming. )

I'm talking about the World and Interwire Champion of course, who has decided to put everybody on notice next week and is daring for anyone to step up to the plate. Will I? One day I will, this Friday? You'll have to tune in and find out. Walker and I had one of the best matches of the year back in Season 14 just before he relinquished the title I would make my own when we were part of a match with 8 other men at Battle of Egypt. He defeated me, clean and clear I'll grant him that but I feel there is unfinished business between us. No one can deny the goat run he's going through right now and I would love nothing more than to be the one to take either the World or Interwire Championship away from him in yet another match of the year candidate. Star power attracts star power and one day they will align and we will have a war on our hands. The season is young, very young in fact! Week 1 just got underway and I'm pretty sure Walker feels his opponent this week is one of the most underwhelming he faced in a long time. I mean, he went one-on-one with Impact on Draft day, he faced the Prophet for a title at Pain for Pride and now he has to face Joso? Feels almost insulting, doesn't it?

( From outside of the frame shows up miss Demi Knorr who excuses herself and hands a tablet to her employer. )

Miss Demi Knorr:
Mister Walker released a video not so long ago.

Good, let me take a gander.

( The Jerk on the mic takes his time to listen to the content before giving the tablet back. )

Thank you miss Knorr. It appears the Kaiser is actually looking forward to offering a life lesson to Joso and 'helping' him on his path to success. Interesting, his opponent though? Not so much.

Do you want to know what is underwhelming? The match I'm taking part in this week. I'm fine with having Amir Yusuf as a tag team partner, I won't even bother to dig back into the past between us because it's irrelevant now. Amir had a decent match during Pain for Pride against Jack Ripley but the 15th season of this great company is now over, the Disney Season is upon us and Amir you best hold on to your butt because I am not leaving Buenos Aires without my first win of the season. But but but Ryan! Will you be able to co-exist with the man who took the New Breed Championship away from you? Quick answer: Yes. Long version: I got no beef with Yusuf as far as the past is concerned, if he does his end of the work I will do mine and this match in Argentina will result in one of the easiest victories both of us have ever had. After all, we are only facing Shane Gates and Nick Hart.

There should be no doubt in anyone's mind who the clear winners of this bout is going to be. The skill level between the two pairs is simply too wide to do otherwise but makes Ryan Wilson and Amir Yusuf the obvious winners. Those thinking Shane and Nick have a chance are either stupid, thinking ill of myself or Yusuf or both. Let us revisit the past for a wee bit.

Last season during season 15 I had a title shot and match of the year contender. While losing it was one of the highlights of my career and it may very well be the key to a historical moment later this year when the EAW Awards roll around. On their end, Shane and Nick both were fighting on the Pain for Pride pre-show. Think about it here; The fucking pre-show! Shane was taken out by Abel Atami and Nick by De La Rosa.

Let's rewind the clock back even further: Season 14. One of the greatest matches of my career, a title-winning victory and feud of the year winner. Shane Gates? Once again relegated to be in the Battle Royale, and he got taken out by Lucas Johnson. Nick Hart was not a member of EAW back then. Farther down in history, in season 13 I was in a brutal hardcore fight against Hall of Famer Ahren Fournier. What about Shane Gates? You guessed it: He was part of the Battle Royale, this time eliminated by a joined effort by Ska, Christian Demarco, and Maxwell again a bunch of currently unemployed morons. If we go even further back, in season 12, I won the match I was scheduled in, a hardcore match, in spectacular fashion. Shane on his end? Once more part of the Battle Royal and eliminated once again. This time by Cameron Ella Ava. And then there was the first season I was part of the main roster, Season 11, the only year where I took part in the Battle Royal and I made my mark in it by finishing as part of the Top 4. You should remember this match Shane because you were also it, I'm willing to bet you forgot you were taken out by some guy who isn't even on the payroll anymore.

Shane, I want you to take a moment to look at what I just told you, rewind the video and pay attention to what I've said and if you are somewhat smart you will notice two very clear and distinct trends. The first is that year after year I have gone through better and bigger matches as the seasons went by this is yet another undeniable proof that I am constantly on an upward trajectory in terms of my progression here in Elite Answers Wrestling. Have you figured out what the other trend is yet Gates? This one concerns you, do I have to spell it out for you? Fine, I will: You never made it past the Battle Royal stage when it comes to Pain for Pride participation. Worse yet, your latest attempt was not even during one of the three nights it was on the pre-show that rarely anyone ever watches. That is synonymous with your entire career Shane, you haven't made any progression you never made the next step and when you were close to moving upward you ended up getting knocked on your ass over and over and over. Meanwhile, I am on the upward trend and I have been ever since I was first called up from NEO back in Season 11. I have surpassed you a long time ago and I don't think I need to remind you of what happened the last time we faced in the ring, fuck it I will refresh your memory: That was last season by the way and it resulted in a Ryan Joseph Wilson victory through tap out. I made you submit to me Shane, forcing you to admit defeat willingly through the use of a masterfully applied sharpshooter which I might use again on you this Friday night. You are no opposition for me on Dynasty Shane, you're just an obstacle I will easily jump over and your partner is not going to make things any harder for me let's be honest. Speaking of which...

Hello Nick Hart. Let's have a little chat, shall we?

Are we going to see another Patreon exclusive, Pepsi-sponsored video of yours this week? What are you going to tell us next, that so and so the shop is the best in the Citadel? That's a Mass Effect joke. Pepsi must be desperate for visibility if they dropped money on your sorry ass. You seem more the Raid Shadow Legends type though. Now Nicky, to be on the level with you I have no qualms nor beef or hatred with you, but I will be telling you things like it are: You are not a threat to me. Maybe after the match, you can ask your Patreon subscribers to send some donations to uplift your wounded ego because you are in for a reality check and the fact is things aren't looking up for you on Friday night. I'm the prick that will pop that balloon you call hope, ambitions, and dreams and I will bring you down to earth for you to touch grass face first. You are walking into an L you have no choice to take because the opposition on the other side of this fight is simply too strong. On my lonesome, I am better than both Shane and you combined but if you add Yusuf? Then this match is an uneven one no matter how you look at it.

You are still green behind the ears rookie, you have your whole career in front of you and while this is good and nice you still have much to learn. There will be a lesson, a painful one, for you through this promotional back and forth we will have you and me. There will also be some extra teaching once we step inside the ring together. I'm going to make sure you realize that your place is solely and exclusively under my boot heel and that there is nothing you can say or do that will alter your fortune heading toward my first victory of the season. You should count your blessing actually, the only reason you are featured this high up the card is that my name is in that match otherwise you'd be way lower. Don't overvalue the place where you are on the card now, because in actuality your real position on the ladder is much lower. You would be jerking the curtain, which is the level you belong to, rather than stand in front of me on the mid-upper card of this brand. But don't worry, I will be kicking you down the hill and sending you back to your actual level, you're welcome. How can I put this in terms you'll understand... I'm a first-round draft pick, you're lucky if you are picked at all. I'm a mid-game boss in any game, you are the first NPC we encounter. I'm a high-performance sports car, you're a stock sedan. I'm a mainstay actor, you're in the movie but your name isn't even in the end credit. I'm James Cameron and you are Uwe Boll. I can do this all day Nick, but I expect you get the point.

I encourage you to give me everything you've got in the ring though! Try to make it at least a wee bit challenging for me, I know I'm winning on Friday but I don't want to go against the equivalent of local talent if you catch my drift. Are you talent enhancement Nick? Because right now that is all you are to me. You're a little hurdle for me to casually hop over on my way to much bigger, better, and more relevant things than you. I'm on a trajectory to do more than I did during Season 15, I want my next Championship, that next stone to build my legacy upon and mark my name with white-hot iron into history. What will you do after I kicked your ass hmm Nick?

Miss Demi Knorr off-screen: Do you care, sir?

We both know I don't miss Knorr. Alright enough, cut it.


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