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1) There is absolutely zero tolerance for any hate and/or discrimination of any form. This includes but is not limited to: racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. We also ask that you do not include any racially offensive, sexist, or unnecessary sexually explicit elements in your character and/or promos. Attempt to keep it mature. Being caught using such language or making a derogatory statement towards another in an ill-intended manner will result in a swift banning.

2) It is highly advised to not use this community as a way to fulfill your personal sexual desires. While we cannot punish two consenting adults, we can suggest to separate your personal desires from what is supposed to be a fun online game. If you are harassing members and soliciting any type of suggestive material from them, you will be met with severe repercussions. If you are a member who is a victim of this harassment do not feel afraid to contact a staff member, it does not matter how high in stature that person may appear to be, speak up and the matter will be thoroughly investigated and action will be taken.

3) Any questions or concerns about your character's portrayal can be handled by having a respectful conversation with your writer, if you do not feel that your writer is being reasonable then speak with a chairman. The key is to keep things respectful and not be confrontational. The writer is human just like you are so there may be mistakes made or something that you feel like he missed out on and as long as the communication is healthy there shouldn't be any problems.

4) Excessive trolling is prohibited. There is nothing wrong with being humorous and having fun, however if it becomes a nuisance to the community you should consider dialing back to avoid yourself from gaining a negative reputation.

5) It should go without saying that you shouldn't get into any arguments or fights here, but realistically, it happens. Try to avoid getting yourself into confrontations with other people (i.e. keeping snide remarks or personal insults to yourself). If you see two people are engaged in a personal argument on the forums, your best option is to try to help mediate the situation or contact a staff member for their help. Do not instigate or insert yourself into arguments that have nothing to do with you. We would like to promote a positive environment.

6) Unless you are a well established member whose identity is easily verifiable, under no circumstances are the use of proxies or VPNs accepted. No newcomer joining EAW is allowed to use either of those as there are people who are prohibited from joining and may try to hide their true identity under the guise of a proxy/VPN in order to sneak in. If you are using a proxy then we have grounds to believe you are one of those prohibited people and/or are hiding something that we should probably know. Therefore, if any relatively new members are caught using a proxy they will be banned with no questions asked.

7) We have no problem with members running their own E-Fed, however please be in compliance with our rules regarding advertising them. If you run your own E-Fed, we ask you that you inquire with an owner for permission before deciding to advertise it or link it to members of EAW. If it is discovered that you are advertising another E-Fed and using EAW to gain it's members for that fed's benefit without permission there will be repercussions.
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