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These rules will serve as guidelines to know before creating a character and signing up. You can also check out our FAQ/About Us page for answers.

1. We’re open to all character types, but please note that we only accept original created characters. It’s cool to be inspired by your pic base, but please try to carve your own lane with it. When choosing a pic base, we ask that you use someone that has high-resolution pictures to work with so you can be featured on graphics. If not, you may not be accepted or featured on designs as much. Be sure to check out our taken picture base list and contract template.

2. You can have multiple characters of any gender(a max of 2) if you have been here for 6 months straight consistently active.

3. You are required to specify whether your promo is a match promo or character development with our tagging system. Do not control (physically attack or talk for) any character in your promos that isn’t your own unless you have permission to do so.

4. Yes, our RP/Promo rules are not like most feds. There isn't a limit or cap as to how many promos one can post throughout the week. The rule is that you can post as much as your heart desires as long as your opponent responds within the 24 hour time frame and if they don't you're free to post another one. This often gets misconstrued that this is a fed that puts quantity over quality but that is not the case. Running for 11+ years, we have always operated this way and have always fairly judged accordingly based off of the content of your promos and not how long they are or how many have been posted. Simply posting more promos than your opponent does not guarantee a victory. On the same token, we don't believe in putting a limit on one's creativity.

5. Your style of RP is up to you. Whether you want to focus on character development/storytelling or a direct straightforward style, all styles are encouraged, however, please at least try to make them relevant to your match and/or opponent.
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