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Eddie Magnum
Picture Base: Austin Aries​

The Real Deal, Bay State Bastard, the North Ends Own
Height: 5’9’’
Weight: 213 pounds
Hometown: Boston, MA​

Ruthless Heel
Gimmick: What is there to say about Eddie Magnum? If you listen to him talk you'd think he's the most well-connected man in the world, citing friendships with all sorts of celebrities. If you listen longer you'll think that he's been to the moon, broken multiple world records, and has a healthy relationship with his father. Newsflash: none of those are true. Magnum is a liar, not just in words. He sets up elaborate falsehoods, invests heavily in knockoffs, and so on. He is extremely arrogant in protecting his lies, so much so that he actually believes in the own hype he created. However, he is also still a tough Boston Irishman, never quitting and running. He will fight when disrespected and lives by the code "there are no rules in a real fight."

Motivations: While fame and money is a large part of Magnum's motivations, he also wants to do good by Boston. Despite being a huge asshole, he secretly uses money to put back into the city.​

Tendency to cheat: Frequently

Theme: Warrior's Code by the Dropkick Murphys

Regular Entrance: With an Irish flag draped across his shoulders, Magnum strolls out to the stage. He looks around to absorb the arena with a cocky smile across his face. He strolls to the ring cockily, hangs the flag on the barricade, and rolls under the ropes. In the ring, he kips up and with his arms stretched wide he yells "It's showtime bitches!"

Special entrance: Very similar to regular entrance, except Magnum comes down the ramp with a golden baseball bat with his opponents name on it.

Favorite Match Type: Falls Count Anywhere, Bar Brawl
Least Favorite: I Quit and Last Man Standing
Favorite Weapon: golden Baseball Bat
Achievements: multiple little league trophies, honorary degree from Harvard (probably fake)

Common Moves:
  1. Inverted Frankesteiner
  2. Snapdragon suplex
  3. Running Knee Drop
  4. Shining Wizard
  5. Enzuiguri
  6. Super kick
  7. Stun Gun
  8. Sole Kick
  9. Standing Elbow Drop
  10. Springboard Moonsault
  11. Dropkick
  12. Missile Dropkick
  13. Springboard cutter
  14. Sleeper Hold
  15. Fireman Carry Neckbreaker
  16. DDT
  17. Running Hurricanrana
  18. Slingshot Dropkick
  19. Reverse Back Elbow
  20. Eye poke
  21. Eye Rake
  22. Frontflip Piledriver
  23. Super Falcon Arrow
  24. Diving DDT
  25. Backstabber
  26. Tope Con Hilo
Signature moves
  1. Fuck You O'Clock - Running Corner Dropkick
  2. We All Fall Down - Spinning Brainbuster
  3. Don’t Look Up (diving famouser)
  4. Point of No Return (springboard double foot stomp)
  5. North End Souvenir (top rope brainbuster onto turnbuckle)
  1. Silver Bullet Kick (puts all weight into it like a claymore)
  2. Thrillkiller (STF)
  3. Boston Skyline (corkscrew shooting star elbow drop)
  4. Ultra: slides opponent through ropes so head is against corner post. Runs on the apron and silver bullet kicks head into corner post.
Strengths: - Is extremely intelligent despite his word choice and always looks for an opportunity to strike
- Will not run away or back away from a fight
- Considers the rules as suggestions
-Quick on his feet

Weaknesses: - Is not physically super strong, so relies on strikes and quicker moves
-Is very unlikeable to pretty much everyone
-Drinks, does drugs, and pays for hookers a lot
-Is wanted in some states for various crimes such as public nudity
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