MATCH PROMO Embarrassing is an understatement.

Raeangel Guzmán

“El Oxígeno”
San Antonio, Texas

It seems that Nikki responded to the comments that I’ve made about her and Little Luna, as she should. And, there’s alot to unpack here. First things first, I’d like to say that NO, I’m not concussed. I’m fine, if you couldn’t tell already.

Man, where do I begin….

Let’s start off with you calling me “the stupidest wrestler you’ve ever seen”. Holy hell. Okay, I made ONE mistake in my debut, and now I’m stupid? The entire world saw what happened, that’s cool, but what lies have I told since coming here to EAW? I’ve admitted to everything that happened, yes. I failed to capitalize on the one opportunity that was brought towards me, and in turn, it made me lose the match for my team. Do I really have to go through what I’ve said in order to see what YOU claim to be false? No fucking way I’ll do that. You wanna talk about mistakes though? Let's talk about mistakes. You decided to become a professional wrestler and chose this to be your living; your main source of income was a mistake. You signing that piece of paper that has EAW at the very top of it was a mistake entirely. How about we get that trending on social media? “Nikki Kimura disappoints her parents before she even steps into a EAW ring!” Great ring to it. I mean, you said it yourself, you are an actual loser. You’re so terrible at your job at beating people up, it’s actually dreadful to watch. Your moves have ZERO effect on the wrestlers opposite of you, and you wanna call me stupid? You can see right through me right? You can see that I’m not good enough “clear as day”, right? “Lack of talent”? Give me a fucking break, will you? You barely hit 2 moves in the ENTIRE match and yet you say that I’m not good enough to be in the ring? Are you out of your mind? Did you take the Northern Lights Suplex by Luis wrong? Did you accidentally hit your head going back to the dressing room? I’m trying to get the answer, because there’s actually no way you call ME a moron, when, like I said earlier, you did LITTLE to NOTHING to help our team out last Saturday, but!…I already got into that well, I’m not going back into it.

You say that I’m in denial, but all I’ve done is admit MY own faults and MY shortcomings, whilst exposing yours for what they truly are? Very interesting. One thing that wasn’t a shortcoming was the fact that I almost put steel through your damn back. I never said anything about me trying to overshadow MY flaws in the match by hitting you two in the back with the steel chair. I did that because, well, I don’t want anything to do with the both of you after the match. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. I don’t like you, I don't like the way that you speak, I don’t like the moves you choose to use. Should I have said plainly and simply “Don’t talk to me” before our match? Would that have helped? I thought that was implied when I said that I was going to pretend that you never existed and we never crossed paths unless we are on opposite corners. But you are a valedictorian. LOL, okay. I ALSO never said anything about me beating you will propel me to the top, I said that me having the TOOLS PLUS MY SKILLS that I showed the entire world last week will. You should probably pay more attention to signings more because if I signed to EAW on one of the days of Pain for Pride Kingdom. Will I be ON THE CARD??? Get this everyone, if I sign to the company on one of, scratch that, THE biggest show of the year, I won’t be on the card! 😱 Woahhhhh! Let me ask you another question, if I keep claiming to have the entire industry in the palm of my hands, why would I lessen myself to selling hot dogs RIGHT BEFORE my debut? I have to ask, are you okay? Do I have to do basic fucking math next? If Cody Maverick had 3 apples and his mother took away 2, how many apples does Cody have? Did Brianna kick you THAT hard? Holy shit, I know to avoid those kicks, Jesus.

You say that you were working, but that’s what literally everyone has been doing to get to the spot that they’re on right now. Like, when I mean literally EVERYONE…you have zero idea. You also claim to have watched the biggest show of the year from the locker room…okay?? Do you want a cookie? Did you enjoy yourself watching everyone exit out of the dressing room to go out there and compete like their life depends on it? I bet you earned your spot of changing your clothes, huh? But, y’know what’s better than watching the show in the dressing room, snacking on Oreos like a complete dipshit, twinkling your thumbs? Actually being in something that’s more than a Battle Royale. Like I told you, you are an absolute joke, a disgrace, an unworthy individual to be called a professional wrestler. You’re out here calling me concussed when you’re out here literally spewing this garbage, thinking people will believe you. People haven’t believed in you ever since you and KASAI have feuded, and I’m pretty sure they haven’t believed you since BEFORE that. You got a quick laugh? You got a nice, healthy laugh? Were you entertained? You think you’re big and shit now because the laughing converted from you ever since you walked inside of a professional wrestling building, to me for just a quick little second. The laughing is back on you now, however, because if I go and look through your entire tenure here, I can laugh for literal days. I hope you had the time of your life, because all of that shit ends on Friday when I do what you claim you will “do” when I talk shit about you again; kick your teeth down your throat and make you shit root canals. YOU may have said that as a threat, but oh boy, that was a promise from me. But don’t worry! The laughs, the promises—, all of that is just external shit. What I want to give you is something that you haven’t gotten in a long time. An actual entertaining match that the fans can enjoy and actually give a shit about. I want to give them a match that they can watch over and over and over and over. I want to give them a match to ADD ONTO your pile of matches that they watch to get a good giggle out of, and they can easily rewatch to laugh at you again and again and again. But it’s nothing new, right? I bet it isn’t.

I want to thank you for at least something though, Nikki. Thanks for being an absolute kind woman and let me pick you apart piece by piece and show the fans who REALLY got concussed during that tag match.
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