MATCH PROMO Every kingdom in history falls, look at the history Holly. - Showdown III

Abel Atami

The Potentate Of Tomorrow

“My less than one hundred percent may have been one week damn near beating Jack Ripley.

And the next losing to Roberto De La Rosa at Dia Del Diablo.

I don’t have the words to express my despondency for the fact that Holly Arrow wants to try and flip the script on me. I get it, I see your side and my eyes have been opened somewhat to you, nevertheless that doesn’t change your one sided affairs. Holly, let me ask you…? Who are you to dictate who Abel Atami is today or a year from now? You’re trying to play the cards of an Xander Payne or Drake King but the factuality is you’re not them. You’re Holly Arrow and I’m your tenure you’ve proven to be an elitist to remember, yes. Have you been a Hall Of Fame act to twenty-twenty two? Absolutely not Holly, I’ve had to say this many times before. There’s levels to an elitist and at any point someone can breakthrough those levels when you least expect. I’m not saying that I’m on your level of relevancy or maybe even ability to this point. What I’m saying though Holly is since the start of the season, maybe even to the end of the last season I’ve been giving this my all. I’m also firmly aware of what my all is and that all beats yours any day of the week. I beat half these elitists any day of the week when I’m giving my all and you’re giving me the chance. I have that window of opportunity now, that’s what I’m saying. I don’t see how you don’t see your own insanity however when you speak, you truly do believe there will be statues made in your honor. You truly do believe Jake and you to be the cream of the crop, but even Jake being the performer he is now? He gets mopped in comparison to others, Holly I hope you truly do get your Hall Of Fame, your accomplishments… because there is nothing more that I want to see then everyone getting their shot. My shot could be now or it could be tomorrow but the fact that it’s actually on its way. It’s on its way because I saw a target and I hit that shit out of the park? That’s all that I need, you want to condemn me for my gratitude that I saw a way to work my way up for the New Breed Championship? Where was your championship victory? Where has been your reign, for such talented elitists you have the wins over the HOF talents I’ll give you that. On my best day I’ve given Jack Ripley hell and a questionable victory. A match that could’ve gone either way. I’m not going to sit here and act like that’s anything in comparison to the match against Drake King that you’ve mentioned. There is a huge separation in skill difference between those two men and anyone can see that. It doesn’t take a pair of eyes at that point to see the difference between them. And it doesn’t take 20/20 vision to see that Abel Atami is going to give his all against Holly Arrow and be damned if he doesn’t. There’s going to be a glimpse. I'm sure that I’m struggling against you in the ring because it’s been a year for me. A year of facing elitists I didn’t compare against and I mentally just collapsed everytime. Holly, I’ve fortified myself to a point where I don’t hold myself down, I don’t hold myself back. Antonne has taught me so many different commodities. He’s taught me how to treat myself like a true elitist and in the ring? That’s when I’m going to shine the most, you can sit here and play around in social media and make fun of Lucas Johnson all you want. You can make these movies and pop culture references sure, that doesn’t change the fact what you’re saying?

All this about me not improving myself when I’ve made my own shot at the New Breed title, I’ve made myself in a position where I’m facing Holly Arrow before going to Paris for the second biggest match of my career. I failed once in a high profile situation, I failed a few times in smaller profile situations. Now I’m here to watch myself reign victorious in those situations, a win is a win. Lucas gave me a fight like he gave a fight to Veena, Lucas has given elitists fights before. It’s nothing new, you may have struck an easier victory over him and I’m just exhilarated for you. This isn’t a match against Lucas and I can see the game you’re playing. You’re trying to compare me to him because I didn’t beat him in minutes. I have nothing over you? I think I have many things over you and it’s just the simple things. The most valuable of those things is having the common sense of a normal person. I don’t mean intelligence or the amount of times you can use big words and rhyme in your promos either Holly. I mean the basic understanding of knowing what you are and where you stand, who you’re facing and being able to give someone credit. I’m not asking you to kiss my ass, nor give me a compliment because I don’t give a damn about your opinion. You and every other elitist believe I care that you all look down on me yet if that was the case Holly I wouldn’t be stagnant still. I’d have moved on but where I am? My reputation is for losing and I’ve given a reason, I’ve given the proof and I possess the will to GET MYSELF somewhere. Consider me the kiddy table when I’m in a championship match, that doesn’t matter either does it? “That championship doesn’t mean anything 🤓!” When I can’t tell if that was a shot at me or the belt, the people that have held it or the current champion. The most ignorant thing for you to have said, yet I’m sure in the perfect mind and world of Holly Arrow… that made sense, the dots connected right? I mean I’m Abel Atami after all the point the finger at and laugh guy. Showdown this week is going to put things in a clear perspective for everyone, the finger will be shifted to you Holly. I don’t know what you’re going to want to take as the bigger disappointment, talking all of that shit or completely falling flat to the “guy who barely beat Lucas Johnson!!!”

It’s funny you mentioned the fact that I’d rather take the ball and go home? I can’t tell if that was a serious comment? I was made a joke for my lack of awareness and care for EAW. Now that I’ve fixed that and have fought through every comment thrown my way all of the sudden I’m taking my ball and going home? It’s almost like you should be questioning yourself, stop speaking for me right now… breath and think before you speak. You don’t take losses to people like me, you don’t take losses to people you consider to be below you. It’s simply not settling for anything less and I applaud you for that, you shouldn’t want to have Lucas Johnson of all people to be the one to dispatch you. To finally give you that embarrassing loss. Maybe, two months ago? I would have said to you that I’d be that embarrassing loss for you. Nowadays that’s not the case, you may consider it an indent on your record till’ the day you die. I consider it the pre-evolution of my career and what it’s bound to come. You’re meeting the fate of Alex Myers, you’re meeting the fate of everyone who gets in my path for that title and while I have that title. Not second-guessing yourself ever must be a big accomplishment for you, must’ve given you shit in one hand and gold in the other. This time it’s giving you two hands of shit. You don’t have to second-guess yourself to collapse, just remember that. I’m not painting myself to be a godly like figure, I’m not painting myself to be something I’m not Holly. You know what I am doing? I’m pointing a finger in the air and I’m saying I’m someone who can beat the living daylights out of Holly Arrow. Straightforward really, it’s not that hard to understand. You’re biting a piece of food that you can’t chew and you might take it as a joke before this match. I’m asking you to not, I don’t want to beat the worst version of Holly, because I’d rather lose to the best version of Holly. Comparing myself to your boyfriends career doesn’t give you an edge either, no cash in the vault but soon to be #AndNew New Breed Champ. Your boyfriend has done well for himself, and soon I’ll be doing just that. Holly Arrow, the person I’m supposed to be talking about? Will be doing business as usual, talking shit and waiting for that title to come.

Unlike you Holly? I’d rather not just prove myself to be worthy in a championship match but actually walk away victorious in those matches. You talk so highly of being close to winning high profile matches, but what does it matter? Truly, why does my almost win against Jack Ripley or Cameron matter? And why do yours in your respective matches matter? The question is rhetorical because it doesn’t matter. The only time you caught my attention was when you were talking about how Jake would reach greatness but Holly Arrow? I don’t know about that, you are just there, you can’t argue that? You’ve been proven worthy in world championships matches, where’s your championship? I may not have almost beat a current world champion at this stage in my career, but I’m going to reach the glory of gold soon. That won’t just be a showcase either, that will be THE show. I’m glad you believe Hurricane Hawk sees something in you, I’m sure he’s not the only person to think highly of you. That doesn’t bother me if that was the needle you were trying to stick me with. You can keep mentioning the grey hair on my chin, that’s not affecting my abilities in the ring. Any of my stress throughout the days as they go by, have never been by Holly Arrow, never will. You don’t strike some sort of fear in me, I’m not worrying about a potential defeat. You’d have to give me a reason to feel that way… at the end of the day yours may be coming in soon anyways Holly, we know how unpleasant it feels to be in the shadows of Jake Smith, or… maybe that’s just you.

Let’s be honest with ourselves at the end of the day hoaloha, the biggest moment of your career isn’t your PFP win, it will be the moment your name changes from - Holly Arrow - To - Holly Smith.”

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