MATCH PROMO "Eye-to-Eye." — Voltage I

Ms. Extreme

The Red Queen. 👑
I'm still speechless, man. Did we do it? Did we win War Games? Did Team Voltage do the unthinkable and defeat Team Dynasty and Team Showdown? It seems like a fucking dream. If it is, please don't wake me up. I can't remember the last time that I cried tears of joy. I had not been as happy and on cloud nine since getting cleared back in January. I wasn't as this emotional since winning the PURE Championship that same month. I never believed that I would experience a similar feeling until Andrea got the winning pin on Darkane. Just seeing my teammates get emotional made me cry. I'm never a crier. I don't like to cry in front of people. However, I ended up crying in front of 66,000 people in that stadium and probably wiped the stigma of me being a tough bitch all in one night. :wow: I'm still speechless talking about the match. There was no denying how much Raven, Andrea, and I wanted to win this match. We had no other option, but to win, and people are calling it an "upset." I don't see it as an upset; I'm aware of the capabilities of Andrea and Raven, and I know how fucking good I am. I don't want our victory to be looked at as some upset because the better team won at Territorial Invasion. It's upsetting for those the other teams that made their pathetic jokes from calling us the Powerpuff Girls and the Sanderson Sisters. It's upsetting for someone like Charlie Marr, who tried to throw away the key (literally) for Team Voltage before we all were in that structure. It's upsetting for someone like Veena Adams, who put us in this match to fail and yet, we didn't give her that satisfaction.

What's next for the Voltage Queens? Not sure how I feel about the name. I like four horsewomen of Voltage, but I'm not going to stop people. Raven has her briefcase and a future cash-in calling her name. Andrea is on her way to potentially surpass the record of the legendary and iconic Brody Sparks. What about me? I've been enjoying the ride. Despite Veena and Charlie, this has been such a fun ride. I would love nothing more than to get onto the champion's circle again. I am not going to deny facing any top tier competition. I'm also not going to deny facing competition that's a bit beneath us. Andrea and I have gone from facing former World Champions to... facing Provencal and Shortfuse PAKA.

I'm not crazy looking at this match on paper. Do we look like jokes? Do we look like someone who deserves to be facing these two? If so, might as well teach them wrong. I'm familiar with Shortfuse PAKA. He and my sister Consuela clashed several weeks ago. From what I got into the match is that he loves to fight. He will do anything to beat the shit out of people. It seems a bit like me, so we have that in common. For sure, PAKA is going to do everything in his power to make sure the Provencal is in shape going up against two of the women who won War Games (I'm probably going to brag about that for the next week). One of the women is the Specialists Champion. She is the prime definition of having a heart in the ring and the other one as extreme as they come. Together? Both of us will continue on that no taking prisoners mentality and prove that what happened at Territorial Invasion wasn't because of luck. It's because we're fucking good and it's about time that all these people begin to see it. I've been telling people over and over again about how fucking good I am. They all laughed and thought I was delusional, but look at me now. PAKA was unsuccessful in Divide and Conquer. As much as he wanted to beat the shit out of people, that didn't work out for him. Instead, he had to head to the back and watch someone take the New Breed Championship away from him. How is he going to make us "regret" for taking the punishment we endured during the War Games Match? I'm very interested to see what he means when he says that? Am I supposed to be scared? I'm not afraid. I'm not worried about going into this match. PAKA can bring his fight. He can bring as much of a battle that he has to offer in this match. We may be more at a disadvantage than both of them. They can attack our injuries. They can reopen our wounds. They can try to break us, but we cannot be broken. We cannot be backed down. If a fight is what PAKA wants, a fight is what he is going to get.

The concept of unity seems like the shit that Dynasty kept trying to convince all of us that they had. However, why do I get the impression that Andrea and I are more united than actual family? Provencal and PAKA are in-laws, and they don't see eye-to-eye. It sounds quite familiar. 🤔 Your brother-in-law has a stick up his ass too? Seriously though, you may think that if you and PAKA see eye-to-eye that you may stand SOME chance of winning the match, but do you know how you're facing in this match? That would be like my brother-in-law and me teaming up after War Games and hoping that everything ends up well for us. I mean, maybe if we looked aside from the bickering, disagreements, and arguments, we could have stood a chance, but it just seems like you wish for something to happen? You want that to happen and for the biggest upset in EAW to happen. Getting a victory over two women who won War Games would be fantastic for you and PAKA. It may make you believe that you have a shot in this tag team thing. It seems like you had a more eventful night as you managed to pin Lance Blackfyre in the middle of the ring, but it's Lance Blackfyre to me. It's nothing special to me, but if that gave you a confidence boost, good for you, Provencal. "Don't count me out yet!" is what you're going to be telling Andrea and me. I'm not going to count out you yet. I want you to look at this match as the biggest match of your career, take it seriously and help PAKA put out the best-united front as possible. Will it be more united than Andrea and me? It seems like we'll have to wait and see.

We aren't a "put together" team. This team wasn’t built in one night. This alliance with Raven and Andrea has grown over time. We’re not family. We weren't even friends going into this season, but that all flourished over time. It flourished due to our common enemies and them doing everything in their power to knock us down. It always continues to grow. Our respect for one another continues to grow, and it has made us stronger as Elitists and as Queens. Voltage will be no different as Andrea, and I take down Provencal and Shortfuse PAKA. As soon as this match is over, they'll realize that they have a long way from being a united force like us.

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