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The camera opens on BRAE who was going on a morning jog, it was a different standard from what he had recently been doing. Not so much an intense workout, but BRAE had his headphones on as he went for the run. Eventually after a short period of time, it would cut away from his jog as he was drinking water. He looked at the camera..

I needed that one, I really needed that.

It makes me feel a lot better in the grand scheme of things. Losing sucks and it's not obvious that losing sucks badly, we are held back by the thought of losing a lot. I hate the idea of losing, because that just means I failed. This doesn't change anything, because I still failed at the penultimate goal, now I am just sitting here with this one. Is it a psychical victory? Yeah. It happened, and it happened. Yeah it did! Is it a moral victory that really makes me feel better about things as they come and go? No not really, because I am not standing here with the New Breed Championship hanging up in the air, I am not a champion, I am just standing here as your typical man. I have no title to my name, but I have a win that matters, I guess. This was a benchmark victory, I showed that I needed that one win of clarification, and I managed to pull that off on Dynasty. I don't feel better, but I feel just a little bit more justified. But there is still so much room to improve on, this is just one of those weeks. I gotta do better next week, and the week after that. This is the next week, and who is it that I am facing this week? A man I have beaten before, but since defeating him, he has gone on sort of a renaissance. MITSU, went from being an easy defeat to being a full throttle competitor, in these last couple weeks. It just depends on what MITSU you're getting.

When I faced MITSU, I said things that I felt were true at the time, but since then I can rightfully say that — none of them were true. Because MITSU has been the entire opposite, he has become a tough out for his opponents, and when you are facing MITSU, you are not really going to win the week. You are going to struggle and have a hard time, with that being said. I hope that's the MITSU that brings the fight to me this week. I want to fight the tough, hard hitting MITSU, but at the same time. You aren't getting the same BRAE that denounced you prior. I see what you have become, you have started putting in effort. But it doesn't change this, MITSU. I am feeling a lot better about myself after what we saw occur on Dynasty. It's a small step, but everything is a small step. A win or two here, and I'll be back on track. You have been on a hunt of your own haven't you, man? Chasing after the Interwire Championship spawns intrigue, Drake Armstrong is an interesting individual who speaks with such monologue. But hey let's look at it like this. The first time myself and MITSU fought, I came out victorious. But I remember what happened afterwards, back at Road To Redemption when my back was turned— boom. I was thrown over the top rope by MITSU, he was the reason I didn't go home victorious. I'll say it like this, he was the better man that week. And in a way, guess we're even. But now it is time for me to go ahead and break the tie, my stance on humanity is odd... right now. But you know what feels nice? This change of pace. It finally isn't some combination of Mig, Rory, Cody it's something freshened up for my liking. Even though MITSU and I have faced one another before, this one feels nice. It can get really redundant when you're surrounded by the same people. So you know what man, I am hyped from this match. Ecstatic to establish this rematch, we're going to need a bigger ring for what is going to go down, it will be a collision of two men who both want to come out victorious, and we call that a dog fight. Because we are going to be slugging it out in that ring, I hope you hit me as hard as you can, MITSU.

I heard the things that you told Joso, and those were interesting because you said they would need a bigger arena for the war you two were about to have. Well what goes down in that ring between myself and you will be considered a war as well. I feel a lot more motivated than prior to last week, as doubt crept into my mind, I didn't know if I was ever going to get myself back on track. But maintaining focus is the #1 goal to achieve what you wish. I maintained focus and I told myself what a win and a loss truly is, it's all just a bragging narrative. It doesn't make or break you, I have had enough situations where it could have made or broke me, now, I'm here. I know that you probably have pent up aggression for me due to the first time we fought, I was nonsensical and disrespectful. I can still denounce someone, but you have shown me growth, and learning from your mistakes. You started dedicating yourself to the game, and that was exactly what you needed. You defeated Shisui Tategami and you shut him down, that is the MITSU that is going to challenge me this week. I am going to be provoked thoughtfully – It's all going to be interesting, and I am ready for this week. I just need to get out of here with another win, however. I am more than a stepping stone for MITSU to climb the ladder and get closer to Drake Armstrong.

I don't know where my direction takes me next, but a win over MITSU you gotta think could get me near the conversation of the Interwire Championship, now couldn't it? But obviously I am not going to jump the gun and say all this here, it is more important that I try to get a win out of this first. 3 seconds is a tough outing to put someone down, and some weeks it seems to be a curse for me. I can't ever get anyone down, but I am improving, hopefully. I am getting better. I think last week really goes to show you, when idiots aren't holding me back and keeping me from maintaining my goal, I am able to accomplish anything that I set out to try. 2024 has been a year of oddities for me, I could say that it has already been better than the last one, but we are almost 4 months in, and I don't really think I know as much as I did, when I came in here. It's time for me to figure out where I really stand against MITSU. I am going to be bringing the pressure and don't think for a singular moment that I won't, this is going to be one that has you sweating MITSU. You are getting a more uplifted BRAE, but some might say that is the most dangerous version of BRAE. That is the one that hurts the hardest, and you know what — I have to just carve my path. We are too damn close to Pain For Pride to be struggling to find footing, we are too close to be horrendously failing. I have to keep this winning mentality, because it will mean a whole lot more for me as we get closer. I don't want to be left out of anything, that's a nightmare for me, I don't enjoy having that week off to train, because I want to be apart of the experience. I have taken my lashes whilst on Dynasty, I have had to find my way onto the shows. But I have to find my winning ways, they come and go in spurts. I am not letting this one get out from underneath me. I will give MITSU hell, and make sure that if he wants to walk out of that arena with something, it will be the knowledge that BRAE doesn't back down from what hits him. You thought I was a tough out the first time, the whole complexion has changed. The difference is though — MITSU. You want to get that win back over me, I am sure of it. But you just want to get a win in general, and I also want to keep winning. That's what wrestling is when you dumb it down, we both wanna win. But only the person who wants to win the most, wins. Still following along? I will show you how much I wanna win, on Dynasty. I am not just going to lay down and die.

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