Fire and Ice

Raven Roberts

The Bird of Prey
Atlanta, GA

Team Name:
Fire and Ice
Team Members: Rex McAllister and Raven Roberts
Picture Base of Each Member: Roderick Strong | Deonna Purrazzo
Combined Weight: 377 lbs.

Team Disposition/Alignment:

Team Gimmick: Opposites attract. Raven Roberts is the driven and fiery Bird of Prey from Empire. Rex McAllister is the levelheaded, cool as ice paragon of Voltage. After joining as late additions to the 2018 Tag Team Grand Prix, the two found themselves growing closer than ever, leading to a relationship neither expected. But they are competitors first and foremost, pushing each other to win and achieve more everyday.

Theme Music:
'Dark Horses' by Switchfoot

Entrance: As the opening guitar for ‘Dark Horses’ starts up the crowd in the arena stands on their feet giving a loud buzz mixed with cheers as blue and red spotlights shoot down into singular spots on the entrance stage as both Rex and Raven appear from beyond the curtain in their respective spotlights with the EAW Unified Tag Team Championships around their waists. Both manage to share a glance out at the arena crowd. Rex plays to the crowd with different gestures that encourage them to get louder. Raven watches him with a smile and high fives a few fans as they walk down the ramp before zeroing in on the ring, focusing on the task ahead. The spotlights follow them both down the ramp and up as they enter the ring. Rex on the second rope as Raven enters the ring and then they both climb up in opposite corners with their respective spotlights still on them gesturing to the crowd and holding the titles high before stepping down as the lights come back on in the arena and they both stand in their corner focused on their opponents.

In-Ring Attires: Rex comes to the ring in his ‘Rex Effect’ t-shirt - removed for matches and traditional old-school short wrestling tights and matching boots. Raven wears a long legged tights and a matching top in various two tone looks, usually a black base with some type of sparkle along the trim.

Entrance Attires:
Rex - see In-Ring attires.
Raven - typically a cropped version of one of her merch shirts, often enough wearing a shirt for Rex as well.

Segment Attires: Regular street clothes (Blue jeans, khaki shorts, regular t-shirt or merch kind for Rex. Fitted jeans and a comfortable but fashionable top or a semi-casual dress for Raven.)

Tendency to Cheat: If Needed - meaning when the opposition is trying to use an unfair advantage first because both have proven time and again that they don’t need an extra advantage with their overall and undisputed talents both individually and as a unit.

Motivations: To reach the top of their profession.
Passion – they both share a love of the ring that keeps them coming back
Glory – they are both driven competitors who have a desire to win and reach the top

Wrestling Training:
Where were the characters trained/by who? Raven - Vivian Marshall and Shayna Jackson in Las Vegas.

Wrestling Debut: The two have their own singles debuts but the team first debuted in the 2018 Tag Team Grand Prix

Rex - stamina, in-ring awareness at all times - always thinks a move or three ahead even in the moment, overall experience in the sport (9 ½ years)

Raven - Submission specialist, tactically minded

Together - Unique level of chemistry for two who operate differently, Understanding of each other’s movements in the ring to stay on the same page

Rex - looks too often on the positive side of each experience without feeling the need to acknowledge his true emotions, especially when he fails but deep down he hates to fail. Another weakness of Rex as was just experienced with his protege, he doesn’t do a very good job of diffusing situations when the going gets bad. Otherwise, physically, Rex doesn’t have any major weaknesses in the ring.

Raven - Can attempt to take on more than she should, her passion drives her to never quit even if it’s to her detriment

Promotions: EAW Exclusive

In-Ring Achievements:

As a Team:
EAW Unified Tag Team Champions (1X)(Reigning)

Rex McAllister:
(Showdown) EAW World Champion (1X), (Voltage) EAW World Heavyweight Champion (1X), (Showdown) EAW National Elite Champion (1X), (Showdown) EAW New Breed Champion (1X)
New Breed Scramble Series winner (Showdown): 2016
World Heavyweight Champion of the year (Voltage): 2018

Raven Roberts:
New Breed Chamion (1X), first female New Breed Champion
Universal Women’s Champion (1X)
2019 Cash in the Vault Winner

Common Moves: Minimum ten (10)
- Double team clothesline
- Double lifting knee
- Raven hurricanranas the opponent into a Rex DDT
- Rex powerslams the opponent for a Raven moonsault
- Twin knife edge chops
- Dropkicks in stereo
- Irish whip opponents into each other
- Rex Irish whips Raven to run faster and dropkick a cornered opponent and Rex follows with a clothesline before they fall
- Twin Big Boot
- Raven locks in a tarantula lock and Rex punches the opponent’s vulnerable head

Signature Moves: Minimum of two (2), maximum of six (6)
- 'Frostbite' – Raven bulldogs an opponents head into Rex’s knee

- 'Climate Change' – Rex sweeps the legs out from an opponent as Raven flies in for a running neck breaker

- 'Game Changer' – Rex grabs opponent in an elevated powerbomb position as Raven climbs up to the top turnbuckle, and then Raven grabs an opponent by head and does a reverse bulldog as Rex brings down opponent with a sitout powerbomb. (depending on who’s legal finishes with a cover, but this is a prelude to the finish of a Fire and Ice match - usually changing the momentum of a match in their favor.)

- 'Kicking It To High Gear' – Double Yazuka Kicks: Raven/Rex kick at an opponent’s head (Either or can perform from either position: kick by Rex/Raven from the front while the other kicks from the back of the head.)

Finishing Moves: Maximum four (4)
- 'Falling Star' – Rex performs an electric chair facebuster while Raven leaps from the top rope, catching the opponent in an eclipse stunner as they fall.

- 'Meltdown' – Dudley Death Drop

-Raven and Rex are both still singles stars, but take the chance to team when the opportunity is presented.
-They began a romantic involvement with each other in the aftermath of King of Elite 2019.
-They got married live at the Voltage exclusive show Shock Value after Rex proposed time Raven in the aftermath of PFP XII.

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